Pullen By 4

Results are in and the new chairman of the Republican Party of Arizona is Randy Pullen. After one of the most hotly contested races in recent history, Randy Pullen won by only four votes.

I’m guessing our staff of bloggers will have more details to report…


  1. honest abe says

    Evil, Nah …

  2. Abe, another end run on the bylaws? Is that what’s in store?

    You’re offering more of the same — say one thing, do another. And somehow that begets electability?

  3. Nightcrawler–

    Gravy Train? Gravy Train? You employ a staff of 10-15, you call that a gravy train? Last I checked, the state party always has interns from ASU (maybe you should spend more time down there stuffing envelopes and making phone calls like I do, instead of critiquing from a distance) as well as numerous senior volunteers.

    But if you look at the state party as a business, and as a business person, you would understand that you need qualified and competent people to run that business. You can’t rely solely on volunteers to run the business (or maybe you can).

    Also- I believe that the state party does not pay rent, since a donor gave the building to them sometime ago. But, from what I’ve surmised from these blogs, Randy has promised Pima and another county their own office space and rent (thus adding to the rent costs).

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    JC – Its always dangerous to “surmise” from these blogs. Too many fakes and folks who just don’t know… I’ve been around state parties in several states and I’ve never seen one that required a staff of more than 4-8 people, and obviously in the off year it would be towards the lower end. As election day approaches there will be some seasonal hires to assist with GOTV and stuff, but the basics of a party doesn’t require a huge staff.

    As for rent, all Randy has said is that he will help the counties that want offices to raise money for them, etc. He isn’t going to pay for it out of state funds. They’ll be like the Maricopa County West office in Glendale. By and large, the county raises the money and pays for it themselves.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    An interesting quote… Remind you of anyone?

    “The party is headed for the wilderness,” complained conservative publicist Craig Shirley, author of a book on Ronald Reagan’s insurgent 1976 campaign. “In some ways it’s a victim of its own successes, but it’s also been co-opted by folks from the inside with less than pure intentions: People who’ve come to party for power, money, access, celebrity.”

  6. Grassroots Girl says

    Craig Shirley is dead on… Our state party has now been co-opted by folks with less than pure intentions – power, money, access, celebrity… Haney’s intentions are to destroy McCain and get celebrity (nice way to treat another Republican), Pullen’s intentions are to get power, money and access so he can run for public office again – thanks for putting the party first, Randy.

    You doubt it? Why would Haney and Tuttle do a straw poll at the county meeting and then put out a press release (celebrity) with the results? That ain’t “party building” folks… this double standard is making me sick to my stomach.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    GG applys the quote to present leadership. It was actually to be applied to now departed leadership and their minions (yup, that’s you abe) who are so clearly in this for personal gain as opposed to ideological reasons or other healthy pursuits.

  8. I write large checks to the party,have for many years, when I see something I don’t like, I get involved and look for a solution. Randy and Rob are big problems, this according to many other donors and the entire delegation as a whole .I have mentioned this fact several times already. I was asked to involve myself in the process we are now engaged in .

    I can assure each person reading this, I have only one agenda, that would be to accommodate them in their pursuit to get rid of the entire Haney bunch which of course includes Randy. If they decide, at some point to stop, or feel it is not productive, I will as well.

    Honest Abe

  9. Reading these posts is like entering the Twilight Zone.
    Any of you who are interested in seeing the AZ Republican Party move forward, need to get in line and help us bring that to fruition.

    Honest Abe might be too busy eating freebie lunches at Costco, but there are many of us who will do our part.

    And for the Rob Haney bashers: He has done more in terms of organizing and recruiting in his district than any one person would ever hope to do. But, that is only ONE DISTRICT. Last time I checked, he did not control the state. If you are so unhappy with his Herculean efforts, duplicate them in your own district.

  10. Here is my post from Dec.1st
    Honest Abe Says:
    December 1st, 2006 at 4:05 am
    Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Haney had the support of the majority of LD11 elected precinct committemen to achieve his reelection bid. Certainly the votes reflect that theory, but then again, maybe not.Through exhaustive research I have uncovered the genuine, intellectual prowess of the newly crowned “King”. Perhaps, the most befitting title would be of course, ” King Haney”, since he presides over a kingdom of Haneyites. King Haney, by his own addmission, has single handedly recruited more than 400 Precint Committemen in LD11. This would be considered a remarkable achievment in its own right, yet for King Haney, pursued for a dubious outcome.

    You see, King Haney denuded the vulnerabilities of LD11’s ByLaws, which permits for the chairman to carry the Proxy vote of each and every precint committemen he recruited. Thus, allowing the King to converge upon his personally seleted Kingdom of followers, obtaining their proxy vote, to be cast in any way he personally deemed necessary to
    acheive a predictable outconme. King Haney essentially crowned himself in this election by voting a number of proxy votes that outnumbered his rival by more than three to one.

    The victory was a forgone conclusion eveidence by the speech Haney recited prior to the ballats even being cast Tuesday night.

    In the Kindom of Haney we see mostly court Jesters, and King has no clothes.

    Honest Abe

  11. Observer,

    Save you bullsh_t for someone else to read. Haney had the votes for this election just like he did for his own in LD11.

  12. honest abe says


    It sounds like food is about the only thing on your mind!

  13. No. Unlike you, “Honest” Abe, the future of the Republican Party is what’s on my mind.
    Also, unlike you, I intend to work to see positive results and not hope that the AZGOP fails because I didn’t get my way.

    Lisa James is a class act and will likely step up to the plate. (Oops! There I go thinking of food again.) We could use all good expertise to get rolling. Abe, why don’t you stop grousing and lend a hand?
    You do care about the Republican Party, don’t you?

  14. honest abe says


    If that were true you certainly voted the wrong way on Saturday.

  15. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I’ve never seen a district chairman win election without having the votes. Why am I finding it unremarkable that when Haney won election as district chairman, he had the votes…

    What I can’t figure out is, with less than 25% of the votes that Randy Pullen got coming from Haney’s supporters, how did Haney have all the votes for Pullen as well?

    Abe’s a nut… Poorly behaved, ill-reasoned, and eerily, almost violently, upset about the results of the election. Let’s just ignore this fool until heshe goes away, agreed? You wouldn’t argue about the Iraq war with Cindy Sheehan would you? You’d be wasting your time on a fool’s errand. Same thing here…

  16. honest abe says



  17. honest abe says


    Haney’s slate won in LD11, which gave him aprx. 130 votes or their proxies to vote in Saturday’s election. As a result of the LD11 victory in November, all 130 people likely voted the way Haney instructed , with few exceptions. . Now, you explain to me, how Randy would have ever won this race without Haney and his slate of 130 PC’s. If non Haney LD11 PC’s had been elected to state committeemen,in that election, in November,the vote would have been more than a landslide toward Lisa on Saturday .Your an absolute fool if you wonder why me and so many others have a disdain for this Haney-Pullen group.

    This is why Haney has a short leash on Pullen. So, for all you Pullen supporters, just remember, Rob Haney is calling all the shots .. Are you clear on this STS???

  18. Sonoran Truth Squad says


  19. Abe,

    I can no longer keep quiet. This blog has standards for spelling and grammar usage. Let’s look at the last sentence of your first paragraph.

    “Your an absolute fool if you wonder why me and so many others have a disdain for this Haney-Pullen group.”

    Your is the possessive form. You’re is the verb contraction. Several people have been making this mistake so let’s clean it up out there.

    Me is the objective form of the personal pronoun. “Oh, is that for me?” I is the subjective form. “I ran across the street.” So when talking about your disdain for Pullen you should write “I and so many others have a disdain for …”

  20. Sonoran Truth Squad says


  21. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    zzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz…

  22. Az Gnat:

    I, too, have noticed that Abe has a problem with both grammar and spelling. Perhaps he should sign up for Remedial English 101 and leave this blog for awhile?

  23. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Why are my posts posting BEHIND posts? I’m posting on the 30th in response to the posts on the 31st? Hey webmaster, fix this thing!
    70+ posts though, that’s still alot!

  24. Oro Valley Dad says

    One of the blog administrators decided to update the blog clock. Not a good idea when you have a story with over 70 comments.

    If everyone goes to bed and waits until tomorrow to comment then the issue should be resolved.

  25. honest abe says

    Ok, looks like you all agree Pullen won because of Haney and his proxy power.

  26. Everyone I know was concerned with that possibility prior to the election.
    Proxy Fodder or Ballot Fodder as it is sometimes called was invented by the Richard Daley machine in Chicago in 1960 when they not unlike the resurrection of Lazarus woke up many of the dead to vote for and elect Kennedy.
    Proxy Fodder is what tilted the result towards Pullen.
    And for what it’s worth Abe, when opposition posters critizise spelling errors you know they are out of substantive arguments to make.

  27. Horst,

    We are not out of substantive arguments. The words “me and so many others have … ” were just more than I could take.

    Back to substance. It does not matter where the proxy rule came from. It is the rule. Were there no proxy votes for Lisa? Of course some proxies were voted for her. As someone said earlier everyone is free to walk their precinct, recruit a bunch of PC’s, and then get elected to run the district. Go for it!

  28. Horst Kraus and his crew have used proxies themselves. What’s he talking about?

  29. honest abe says

    Insect man,
    You just don’t get it, Haney has been on a crusade to register as many PC’s as he could, filling up the precincts with people that would willingly give him their proxy to vote any way he wanted.He didn’t just work the streets in his own precinct, he went all over the entire district doing this. Many of these people have never, ever been to a district 11 meeting. This is why I have such a problem with this bunch.

  30. I have revised my comments below.

    As someone said earlier you are free to walk your district, recruit a bunch of PC’s, and then get elected to run the district. Go for it!

    The fact is who cares if you have a problem with it. What are you going to do to help move the party forward (that does not involve tearing it apart in the interim?)

  31. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Seriously folks, why even respond to Abe? She’s a whack job who makes stuff up… Treating her like she is making legitimate points only encourages her rants… If the rest of us want to have an intelligent conversation then fine, lets do that… But arguing on the street corner with the local crazy only makes us look crazy as well. Reason and logic won’t work with her, so just tune her out!

    As for Horst’s contention that proxies are somehow illegitimate or contaminate the process, that’s complete nonsense. But if he really and truly believes that, then why doesn’t he introduce a rule change? You know, do something instead of just whining about it?

  32. Helen Purcell read off the amt of votes/proxies by county and precinct. Anyone have the totals?

    Also, if D11 was such a pack of sheep (as some have argued) to just be proxied tools, they wouldn’t have had the largest group of seating at the meeting.

  33. honest abe says

    District 11 has around 400 PC’s occasionally Haney will request the presence of his followers.


    It’s very clear I finally found your hot button, your in for more so, stay tuned!!

  34. Why request someone’s presence when you can proxy and guarantee the result?

    Your leaky ship of logic just took another hit.

  35. honest abe says

    Oh, Now you think he didn’t use the proxies, huh?? Please don’t bore me with your drivel.

  36. Didn’t say that.

    Did you see the mob in the D11 rows? That was a lot of people not using proxies!

  37. honest abe says

    Joe Babe,

    The sinking ship curenltly sailing in unchartered waters has Randy at the wheel and Rob taking up the aft.

  38. And “Republicans” such as yourself firing the guns into our own deck.

    Consider your further blasts ignored.

  39. honest abe says

    Thank you!

  40. Smart voter says

    Joe Baby got it right!
    Why argue with this vile poster? Ignore him/her/it. He/she/it will shrivel without attention.

  41. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Amen Smart and Joe Baby… I actually proposed that back at post #68, but even if it took another 20 posts to figure it out, better late than never!

  42. If we beat this dead horse 8 more times we will have 100 comments. (I am not sure that is such a good thing but it may be a first for the blog.)

  43. You got a point az gnat and I am sure you won’t mind if I declare Abe the winner of the argument or won’t you?

    On a more serious matter, it is not to soon to get our minds aligned to at least, if nothing else, keep the White House in Republican Hands in 2008.
    No kidding.

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