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Pullen Announces Will Seek Second Term

Pullen Announces Will Seek Second Term


Pullen kicks off bid for re-election: Let’s build on our successes, says Chairman

Phoenix, AZ—Randy Pullen today officially kicked-off his bid for re-election as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, calling on the state’s 1,018 State Committeemen and State Committeewomen to join him in building on the successes of 2008 in the coming election cycle.

“In 2008, we cast aside internal politics and made our Republican candidates our party’s top priority,” Pullen said.  “As a result, we won larger majorities in both the State House and State Senate despite what the media, the pundits and our opposition both inside and outside the party seemed to think would happen.”

Pullen submitted his letter of nomination to the Nominations Committee on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008, but waited until after the holidays to officially begin his campaign.

“In the coming election cycle, we will work to defend an important Republican seat in the United States Senate, protect what I expect will soon be a Republican governorship in Arizona, elect additional Republicans to statewide office, and further increase our majorities in the legislature,” Pullen said.

“Our 2008 victories were made possible because of a combination of great candidates and a determined party working day and night to see them through to victory,” said Pullen.  “Of course, at the top of the ticket was our own Senator McCain. You cannot under estimate his impact on turning out the vote for our candidates.” Based on the outcome of the state elections, Pullen said, “we worked harder and we worked smarter and that has always made the difference.  Together, we can achieve great things in 2009 and 2010.”

“It has been a tremendous honor to serve as chairman alongside great Republicans from across Arizona’s fifteen counties,” Pullen said.  “Short of being a husband and a father, it is one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life.  I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving as chairman am grateful for the support I’ve received.”


  1. Go Randy!

  2. Jon Altmann says

    Randy has worked hard this past year. We have gained seats. Even with limited funds, he managed to get support to gain those victories.
    Randy has given a great deal of time and energy to the post – giving us full-time chairman – something we could not otherwise afford if we had to pay for the executive to lead the party.
    As a State Committeeman, Randy has my support. There are many fine people in our party, but at this juncture, it makes sense to stay the course with someone who has demonstrated hard work.

  3. Sherlock Homie says

    Hard work is admirable. So is talent. So are results. So why do we love Washington and Lincoln and hate Stalin and Hitler?

  4. West Valley Guru says

    I have neither the time nor patience for Homie. Something tells me, his parents didn’t either, and that’s why he turned out this way. In any case, winning counts for a lot in politics, so I’ll support Pullen.

  5. Not everyone be voting for Pullen. Some of us want to take back the U.S. House seats that used to be and still should be Republican.

  6. Duke the Dog says

    I think the way you start taking back those two house seats is not to get rid of Randy Pullen, but instead get rid of Nathan Sproul.

    The guy can’t win. He couldn’t win when he was the State GOP executive director, this year the state legislative and congressional candidate he was advising got trounced.

    His venomous attacks on fellow Republicans and efforts to undermine our nominees during the general election didn’t help.

    Does Lisa James have any connection with Nathan Sproul?

    I would like to see her publicly denounce Mr. Sproul and his tactics and promise that if she’s elected chair she will not use the services of the Lincoln Strategy group or Mr. Sproul.

    Until she does that, Pullen will get my support.

  7. Big Sister says

    Word is that Pullen will be pullin’ names off his endorsement list. Not accurate or approved but then, why should we be surprised? Lie, distort, misrepresent…. after awhile it comes so easy.

  8. Pullen hired a bunch of out of state hacks to run the AZ state party when he got elected last time. He ran on his message of “Pullen for grass roots” but he then goes out and hires out siders instead of local operatives? Why did he do that? You would think some of those “grassroots” people from AZ had some political talent.

  9. Some of those people barely knew who Goldwater was, didnt recognize Symington, and never heard of Mecham.
    I guess if you are a great leader, you bring in people from out side AZ so they can take months to learn the players and let the Democrats get a head start. I guess the real advantage is that if they move here and need that paycheck they wont get out of line, they dont have any other political connections so Pullen has total control.

  10. West Valley Guru says

    Big Sissy has spread rumors before, but I’m curious what list she’s referring to? Where is Pullen’s current endorsement list? Obviously there is one, if he’s going to be pulling names off of it. Help us out Sis and direct us to the list. Thanks!

  11. Big Sister says

    No problem…. I have not spread rumors but did fall for one and I admitted it, anything else I post is based on truth. This one is straight from the horses mouth… Pullen has an open facebook page and on it are plenty of names, at this point I have personal information from the person that no request was made or approval given to use their name and others are suspect. As Drudge says….developing.

  12. Joe – Two of those U.S. House seats were lost before Randy took over. In CD8, the day before the primary, we even had the State Party Chair, Matt Salmon, do a robo call for the candidate endorsed by Jim Click. Not a way to build unity.
    I think I will take Pullen over the old entrenched Party machine any day.

  13. West Valley Guru says

    Facebook page? Pleeeeese Sissy. Those aren’t endorsements, those are friends and contacts. Your “friends” are generally folks who link to your page. And listing people you like is nothing more than that. Why would you need permission to list people you like? Maybe we’re not looking at the same page, but why are you calling it an “endorsement list”?

    Now, if and when his re-election campaign ever finishes his website, it would list endorsements and that would be official. Until then, sounds like your work on behalf of the James’ campaign is up to its (and their) usual standard of quality and veracity.

  14. Big Sister says

    No, Guru. I understand facebook this is not the friends list it is a specific listing called ensorsements.

    Here is the heading as listed on his page with Sen. Gould topping the list…..


    • Sen. Ron Gould (LD3)

  15. Maricopa PC says

    Big Sis- Ron Gould openly supports Randy Pullen. What else do you have?

  16. Big Sister says

    You missed the point… I was answering the request to point out how the endorsements were listed. It had nothing to do with Gould specifically but he is the first name on the list. Which BTW, has shortened during the time we have run this thread.

  17. Big Sister says

    Voila! The entire list is now gone….. what was that about a “standard of quality”?

    This is just another sleight of hand by Pullen in hopes of never being exposed…the emperor is naked folks!

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