Protect the Sanctity of Your Vote – If Not Us, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?

Fellow Patriot,

If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?

Earlier this year, we made history together by bringing together over 17,000 volunteers nationwide to do what has never been done before – individually verify each signature placed on a petition brought forward to a government body for an election.

We need your help again!  Click here to help Arizona Verify their Petitions

Our work created a national dialogue on what kind of checks and balances should be in place before a statewide election is held, on who should and should not be signing petitions, and finally whose responsibility is it to ensure free and fair elections.

With the technology developed to verify the petitions signatures for the attempted recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, True the Vote created the first of it’s kind platform that allows grassroots activists to get intimately involved in the checks and balances needed to ensure that what we to vote on has been legally and fairly brought to the ballot.

We need your help again!  Click here to help Arizona Verify their Petitions

We made history in March.  And we can make history again today.  Continuing on our crusade to ensure free and fair elections, Arizona needs your help in verifying the signatures on a petition brought forward to significantly amend Arizona’s Constitution. Your help is critical in sending a loud and clear message that with the now available technology, We the People are no longer going to accept that petitions submitted are valid on their face.  Instead, We the People will stand together to review each and every signature to make certain that what eventually ends up on the ballot was brought their legally and fairly.

Time is of the essence!  Almost 360,000 signatures were submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State for this ballot initiative, and with our triple redundancy system over 1 million entries will need to be made.  Verify the Vote Arizona has made a target completion date of Friday, August 24th.  They have asked us to reach out to you, as someone who helped Wisconsin, to see if you could help out again today.

We need your help again!  Click here to help Arizona Verify their Petitions
While so many groups are always asking for money, today, we are only ask for a little time.  You’ve done it before, you know how easy it is, and your experience and patriotism is needed again today.  For more information please go to:
Onward,Catherine Engelbrecht
President and Founder, True the VoteP.S. Arizona is running out of time.  Please CLICK HERE to help them enter in over 1 million records to ensure the petitions submitted for the “Top Two” primary initiative were brought forth legally and fairly.  Verify the Vote Arizona’s initial data entry is revealing a high rate of invalid signatures, enough to potentially bring forward a legal challenge against the measure’s inclusion on the November 6th ballot.  Your help is critical, CLICK HERE to join Arizona TODAY.


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