Protect Arizona’s Future Uncovered

Seen all those ugly yellow signs in certain districts pushing anti-employer sanctions candidates? Well those signs were paid for by an Independent Expenditure committee called Protecting Arizona’s Future along with major funding from “Arizona’s Firefighters” The committee just filed their campaign finance reports and here is a summary:

Chairman: TIm Hill / Treasurer: Roger Wright

Cash balance at beginning of period: $14.26
Total Cash Recieved for period: $118,200.00
Total Cash Disbursed for period: $123,438.08
Cash Balance at end of period: -$5,223.82

Individual Contributions: $1,500

Political Committee Contributions:

  • Arizona’s Fire Fighters: $70,000
  • Citizens for Excellence in Education and Government: $25,200
  • AZ League of Conservation Voters Committee for the Environment: $5,000
  • United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 99 PAC: $15,000
  • Lewis and Roca Partners’ Political Action Committee: $1,500


  • Landmark Strategies: $1,328.68 – Pro Tom O’Halleran phone calls
  • Bob Ford: $20,306 – Pro Tom O’Halleran, Pro Andy Swann, Pro Kevin Gibbons, Pro John Zerby, Pro Pete Hershberger yellow signs
  • Pearson Internet Campaign: $802
  • Graphics Link: $45,741.70
  • Quiet Sun Enterprises: $5,259.70

Contributions to Other Committees: $50,000 to The People of AZ

Read the report here.



  1. Thank you for letting us know who the cheap labor and open boarder people are.

  2. For a supposed Republican to be supported by an extremely left-wing union (UFCW) and ambulance chasers, is simply likely to cause their loss in the prinary.

  3. Doesn’t look like our cease and desist order against outsiders using the elephant logo was obeyed.

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