Prop 104: A $31,500,000,000 Tax

By Matthew Kenney
Chairman, Taken for a Ride – No on Prop 104

The Taken for a Ride – No on Prop 104 committee was created to inform voters of the proposed $31,500,000,000 sales tax (Transaction Privilege Tax). The sales tax (Prop 104), if passed, is calculated to give Phoenix, Arizona one of the highest sales tax rates in the United States. If Prop 104 passes you would be paying almost the same sales tax rate as the billionaires in New York City.

I am a United States Army Veteran and when I returned from the battlefields in the Middle East, my hometown of Phoenix led the country in kidnapping and poverty. At a time when my commute times are below the national average, Phoenix’s murder, robbery, assault and overall crime rates were on the rise (latest 2012 statistics). Phoenix leaders have lost their focus – it’s about badges not buses – they are getting it wrong.

Prop 104 Train Wreck

The ballot language is deceptive in that it only shows a percentage of what the tax would increase to. It fails to show that the
government has stuck the taxpayers with these small percentages so regularly that the city has one of the largest taxes in the country.

The truth is that this will cost everyday Phoenicians $31.5 billion dollars.

Worst of all, while everyday Phoenicians and small business owners shoulder the 31.5 billion dollar tax burden, the mayor cut a deal with big business excluding all purchases above $10,000. Is that fair, it is just or is it just wrong?

I urge you to vote NO on Prop 104 for the sake of generations to come.

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