Prominent McCain endorser Grover Norquist funneled money from Abramoff

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Monday, March 15, 2009

Abramoff pal Norquist endorses McCain

Norquist took the cash; guess who McCain blames

The favorite music of the “Inside-the-Beltway” crowd seems to be the DC shuffle.

Truth is irrelevant. Getting mud to stick on your opponent is the name of the game, and McCain plays this like a Stradivarius.

The “good” Senator who tells us that character matters, has attacked JD Hayworth over a contribution from the infamous lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. To his credit, JD dropped that $2,250 gift like the hot potato it was, and turned it over to charity. Good for him.

But what about Grover Norquist whose fawning support for Senator McCain has him lapping up endorsements like a contestant in a pie eating contest?

The Washington Post reported:

“According to an investigative report on Abramoff’s lobbying released last week by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, Americans for Tax Reform served as a “conduit” for funds that flowed from Abramoff’s clients to surreptitiously finance grass-roots lobbying campaigns. As the money passed through, Norquist’s organization kept a small cut, e-mails show.

A second group Norquist was involved with, the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, received about $500,000 in Abramoff client funds; the council’s president has told Senate investigators that Abramoff often asked her to lobby a senior Interior Department official on his behalf.

… in 1999, a year in which Norquist moved more than $1 million in Abramoff client money to Reed and Christian anti-gambling groups, Reed was working to defeat lotteries and casinos that would have competed with Abramoff’s tribal and Internet gambling clients.”

Norquist’s relationship with Abramoff’s gambling clients began in 1995 when Congress was considering taxing tribal casinos.

Abramoff was annoyed at the amount Norquist skimmed before sending the money on, e-mails show. “Grover kept another $25 k!” Abramoff wrote in a February, 2000 note to himself.

When the US Senate got involved, McCain was put in charge of investigating the scandal. Eventually McCain, probably seeing he could use the whole mess to his advantage, backed off on Norquist. According to one article,

“Senator John McCain has proved to be Jack Abramoff’s best friend.” Read that twice, and let it sink in.

McCain was Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee from 2005-2007, but suppressed evidence of Jack Abramoff’s role in directing illegal foreign payoffs to ranking members of the Republican Party.

Did Norquist, an anti-tax hawk, endorse McCain in spite of McCain’s terrible record on taxes, which includes voting against tax breaks, as payback for letting up on the Abramoff investigation? That is a very good question.

Listen to McCain play that fiddle! He gleefully accepts the endorsement from scandal ridden Norquist whose ties to Abramoff are slimy at best, and tries to hang Norquist – Abramoff style misdeeds around JD’s neck, knowing full well that JD walked away from that mess clean as a whistle. My friends, character indeed matters. McCain does not seem to have any.

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  1. Double Decaf Latte says

    So, you say “JD walked away from that Abramoff mess clean as a whistle.”

    Oh yah…that should be an easy sell!

    Harry Mitchell is in Congress today because of JD’s ties to Abramoff.

  2. Circular Fire Squad says

    Wow. Let the circular firing squad begin. This is the one stop blog though which is nice. On the same page I can find posts praising Lorg Norquist and villifying him as scum of the earth.

    And we wonder why independents are picking up registration numbers in droves.

  3. To commenters #1 & 2. You’re missing the point of the article. McCain is a hypocrite for claiming that JD has a problem due to a small contribution he received from Abramoff then got rid of by donating to charity once he realized it was tainted. Meanwhile, McCain brags about his endorsement from Grover, who was much more entangled with Abramoff. JD didn’t lose to his ties to Abramoff, he lost due to the Democrats targeting a few key races around the country and running a smear campaign, making the Abramoff donation into much more than it was.

    If JD’s involvement had really been terrible, then Norquist, whose involvement was much more profound, would not still be one of the most prominent, influential conservatives in America today.

  4. Pamela Mills says

    So what is new? McCain continues to distort his own record and criticize JD for much less. Abramoff should be a non-issue for JD just as the Keating 5 is a non-issue for McCain. I’m more concerned about amnesty for illegals. We know McCain won’t join Graham in co-sponsoring the bill, since he’s up for re-election and he knows most Arizonans are against amnesty, but we can bet he’s working behind the scenes to get another republican senator to help.

  5. JD did walk away clean, but because it was going on at the time of the election and the liberal media supported Mitchell it did affect the election.

    This is easy to understand. Norquist/McCain got the gold mine and JD got the shaft.

    Come on McCainiac’s let keep talking about Abramoff!

  6. Phoenix Felix says

    Couple of relevant links:

    Powerful GOP Activist Sees His Influence Slip Over Abramoff Dealings (

    Washington Tax-Cut Advocate Aided Abramoff (

    In Republican Washington, Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist worked all the angles. (

    Nonprofit Groups Funneled Money For Abramoff (

    The Cover-ups of John McCain – Abramoff & the GOP Foreign Money Machine (

  7. Double Decaf Latte speaks with authority of what he,she or it knows nothing about. The Abramof money went to charity and JD was completely vindicated. He lost because of these false accusations, the oodles of money he had to raise to clear his name, and the spineless Republicans who voted for the equally spineless Mitchell. People, get the FACTS before shooting your mouths off!

  8. Arizona Ranger says

    Whatever Mr. McCains relationships were (or are?) with Norquist is really not a big deal. We know that McCain is a double-talking politician who is LOVE with the power and trappings of being a Senator! Thats right…he will say and do whatever is POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT! He has lied out both sides of his mouth and then tried to cover it it by bringing out the time tested slogan: “Well, I am the maverick from out West and a war hero to boot!” Too bad John, but that little song and dance just doesn’t seem very credible these days.

    Do not be misled: McCain is a friend of the illegal immigrant because he is paid to be their friend by big business, e.g., the construction industry (or whatever is left of them), the hospitality industry, the farm block, etc, etc. BIG money is going to help McCain in order to stop any serious attempt at STOPPING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. As long as McCain goes to Washington, we will NOT have immigration control! We will get “comprehensive immigration policy”, which simply means EVERY illegal in our country gets a free pass and citizenship.

    Do you really want to see some GOOD CHANGE in Washington?
    JD Haywort will do just that-and he is NOT being bought out by big business!! JD is for us, the working man and women who are getting our income taxed and our freedom removed in the name of the Federal Government! It is time for a real guy, with real values, and real down home goals to replace the old senator.

    JD-JD-JD-JD-JD. Kind of has good ring to it! We WILL put JD in the Senator’s seat and have true representation again!

  9. nightcrawler says

    I wonder…

    Would this article have been written if Norquist endorsed JD ?

  10. Is this a comedy post?

  11. ……………
    nightcrawler Says:
    March 15th, 2010 at 9:46 pm
    I wonder…

    Would this article have been written if Norquist endorsed JD

    Don’t see how Norquist could endorse JD due to their fundamental differences on several issues. Guess they could both change their minds, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  12. Another Team McCain classic!

  13. nightcrawler says

    Let me clarify.. Look at the following names…

    Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist, Jon Kyl, John Shadegg.

    How were they thought of before and after their endorsement of John McCain ?

    All of a sudden they are radioactive ?

    First you invite Norquist to speak at local AZ GOP fundraiser and then you throw him under the bus ? Why not bring up these points earlier, say 2006 ? Oh that’s right, the was before he endorsed John McCain.

  14. Now it can be told says

    Guess who is a member of the Board of Directors of the NRA? None other than Mr Norquist. Now I understand why McCain was an honored speaker at the NRA Convention in Phoenix last year….This after being vilified by the NRA for his attempt to end our 2nd amendment rights by closing gun shows. Now the whole sordid affair makes sense. Norquist was able to get McCain reinstated in the good graces of the NRA, as though history does not exist, as a pay back to McCain.

  15. I have been finding lots of things to do with my time..good things, productive things…not indulging in the garbage fest that has taken over what once was a great blog. But I thought I would drop by to see what the crowd was up to.

    Obviously, nothing much has changed. The McCain Delusion Syndrome is as bad as ever, with the retreat from previously held values immediate as soon as it has any connection to either propping up McCain or somehow revealing the unflattering reality that is JD.

    The HUGE log in the eye has blinded the entire JD-RAH-RAH crowd.

    Yep…rope, more rope. Give JD and his duplicitous doers of all deeds “truly conservative” enough rope and they all will be left hanging with nothing but the tales of their abuse of power, position, and pompousness.

  16. JD lost his election because McCain had the Justice Dept start a probe into the Abramoff donation that turned out to be a dud, and the investigation was dropped as soon as JD lost. Another dirty trick from McCain, and what did McCain do to JD about a month ago? Get him fired from his job at KFYI, oh ghee, is a sitting Senator that paranoid that he has taking the livelyhood away from JD twice now?


  17. Radical American Patriot says

    Ann, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SMOKING!!?? I suspect you are one of the 50 or so people who believe Deakin has a chance or possibly one of “The Messiah’s” worshipers!

    OOOPs! That’s it! You are a fellow Marxist (BHO’s fellow, that is) You want government to control everyone’s life. You and your fellow 5% losers can go to Cuba or Venezuela if you want to be enslaved by the Government. If you want ME to be enslaved by the government, well then, YOU CAN GO TO HELL!

  18. Dear Radical,

    I confess…I have no idea what in the world you are talking about or what it is you think I said.

    But, have a great day!


  19. Annie Oliver says

    Regardless, JD is linked to Abramoff and he’s a bad dude – taking money, stealing, lying. He’s not Senator material to say the least. I’m still voting McCain, no matter who endorses him.

  20. Stephen Kohut says

    Annie Oliver,

    I am not an JD fan but compared to McCain’s involvement with Charles Keating and the Lincoln S&L scandal, Abramoff was junior league and JD was cleared. McCain was not cleared in the Keating scandal. I’m sure that if Obama came out, endorsed and campaigned for McCain you would still back him.

  21. If McCain had such a terrible record on taxes, please explain why he just earned the National Taxpayers Award for the THIRD MOST CONSERVATIVE MEMBER IN SENATE???!!!

  22. I believe JD lost this election already for one simple reason. He is not the better candidate. The endorsements are a small part, if peers are unwilling to stand up for JD then why on earth should the voters of AZ stand up for him. Remember this AZ, he left a terrible reputation upon leaving Washington last time…and I am not just talking about Abramoff, I am talking about the job he did, or failed to do!!

  23. Stephen Kohut says


    Pro-amnesty (McCain-Kennedy) = RINO
    Pro cap and tax = RINO
    Anti-first amendment McCain-Feingold) = RINO
    Anti-second amendment = RINO

    If McCain is a conservative so was Teddy Kennedy. McCain conservative? No by a long shot no matter how you spin it.

  24. ………………..
    “Why not bring up these points earlier, say 2006 ? Oh that’s right, the was before he endorsed John McCain.”

    Norquist fell out of favor of a lot of Conservative people across the country about 2006 because of HIS behavior, no one else’s. It could be argued that more Conservatives would drop him if they knew more about him – it’s a work in process as more and more people trade in their generous assumptions of what he stands for for the reality.

    McCain has found it useful to be aligned with him with him DESPITE that.
    That then reflects on what McCain values and doesn’t value.

  25. ConcernedREP says

    I’m sick of all the tired rhetoric!!! @Arizona Ranger you say this and I quote: Do you really want to see some GOOD CHANGE in Washington?
    JD Haywort will do just that-and he is NOT being bought out by big business!! JD is for us, the working man and women who are getting our income taxed and our freedom removed in the name of the Federal Government! It is time for a real guy, with real values, and real down home goals to replace the old senator. WTF are you talking about? How the heck are you getting your freedom removed by the fed gov? What the heck are “down home goals” and what does a “real guy” consist of? My “friend” what you need to start doing is reading, researching, and observing. Not just those who tend to agree with your viewpoints but everyone. Then weigh those things against your “beliefs”. All this bullsh** about down home and real guys and everything else is just annoying and repetitive. This is why the GOP is in the crapper. WAKE the **** UP!

  26. People like Annie Oliver should stop drinking the Leftist CoolAide! another ignoramus who can only make personal attacks because they have the intellectual capacity and honesty of a gnat!

  27. Nightcrawler and wanumba:

    Yep, no doubt McCain and Norquist differ on several issues but they are one, along with the Goldwater Institute’s Clint Bolick, in opposing anyone serious enough about protecting the border and conducting immigration through law!

    As far as they and most importanly, their benefactors are concered, it’s cheap, unskilled labor Uber Alles!

    The rest of the public and taxpayers be damned!

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