Pro Abortion Mob, Pro-Lifers Square Off at Arizona State Capitol

Watch as a mother of two small children takes a stand for the sanctity of life in the rose garden at the Arizona State Capitol on opening day. As a mob of pro-abortion activists chant her down, she is joined by other pro-life women and supporters who also stand courageous against the pro-abortion zealots. As you will see from their signs, several of these same pro-life women actually underwent abortions and have now come to regret their decisions. The lesson to be learned here is that pro-abortion activists chant themselves into a trance of blind support but pro-life women through the sacred bond of mother and child, have found the truth and compassion through their real life decisions.


  1. Love the video! And guess what….we women vote also….we as in pro-life women. So grateful for the pro-life supporters who showed up on Monday to counter Planned Parenthood. The pro-lifers did a great job! And love the new AZ Right to Life signs re life.

  2. Women with babies are ‘kryptonite’ to the pro Abortion protestors.

  3. Pro Life in Iowa says

    If a pregnant woman loses a baby in a car accident, it is tragic and the car at fault can be sued for loss of life.

    If the woman chooses to kill the child “by choice,” it was an inconvenience. Even tho my husband didn’t speak to me for 3 months after he impregnated me, I chose to carry Craig to full term.

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