Pro-Abortion Democrats funding “Moderates” front group.

20weeks.jpg      An independent expenditure committee has targeted Al Melvin with a hit-piece mailer. It says that it is paid for by Moderates for an Accountable Democracy. The group was registered on September 29, 2006. The chairman is Peter Hormel and the treasurer is Diane Diamond.

     The front group, Moderates for an Accountable Democracy, has received a few individual donations. Diane Diamond  $100; JoJene Mills $1,000; Thomas Chandler $500; Don Martin $1,000; William Risner $250; and Terrence Jackson $200. By far the largest contribution, $5,000, came from Arizona List. On their web site they call themselves “A Political Committee for Pro-Choice Democratic Women in Arizona.” They sound more like partisan activists than moderates. What is it about their abortion on demand agenda that causes them to fund attacks against Republican’s through front groups instead of directly. The top five names listed on the Honorary Board of Arizona List are Janet Napolitano, Raul Grijalva, Rose Mofford, Terry Goddard, and Gabrielle Giffords.

     One recent supporters of Arizona List is Lena Saradnik who is currently running for the house in LD 26. Another big supporter is Steve Quinlan of Long Realty. Steve is also a major contributor to Arizona Together and has given them over $20,000. Arizona Together is the anti traditional marriage group chaired by bi-sexual state representative Kyrsten Sinema. Barbara Lawall is another Arizona List supporter. Molly McKasson, Francine Shacter, and Don Martin. I wonder if that is the same Don Martin who gave $1,000 directly to the “Moderates” front group. Moderates is the last word I would use for this gang.

     Melvin may end up laughing all the way to the bank because this independent expenditure could trigger more matching funds from Clean Elections. To date Al has already received $21,952 in public financing just for the general election and more may be on the way. Another point in Melvin’s favor is that a huge part of the electorate has already voted days before the attack mailer was sent.

Wednesday 10-25-06, 10:00 pm


  1. Randall Holdridge says

    I’m not sure why you keep calling these people a “front group”? By the evidence you present in this post, they identify their party, their purpose, their supporters, and their donors. This hardly seems like subterfuge or dissembling.

    The donors you list are local people, wel-known and visible in the community, and their names are associated with some of the most generous private service agencies for the needy in Pima County.

    They’re exercising their right to participate as citizen advocates in the LD-26 legislative race. I don’t see anything under-handed about it at all, and I don’t really understand why you think this is such a big deal.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    If they had called themselves Trial Lawyers against Melvin or Democrats for Pesquiera then they would not be a front group.

    Their title, Moderates for an Accountable Democracy is very misleading. Al Melvin is very accountable. He is facing the voters in an election. You don’t get more accountable than that.

  3. Randall Holdridge says

    Oh for goodness sake. The name of your blog then is very misleading, too, and you all post under pseudonyms. You don’t get more accountable than that, do you?

  4. OV Dad’s point is that the voters would never buy a can of “Pro-Abortion-NO-restrictions-whatsoever candidate” off the shelf. These groups always have to use some euphamisn to sell their extreme views and the average voter does not know it unless they take the time to dig. This Arizona List is a group of women who would do anything to protect a “right” to kill an unborn baby and frankly, that screams extremism to the average voter. So, voila! Give it a pretty name and the assuming voter buys it.

  5. Randall Holdridge says


    I know what his point is — it’s that anyone who disagrees with him is proceeding out of dishonesty and bad faith; anyone who disagrees with him lacks principles or faith; anyone who disagrees with him should just label themselves Satanists and have done with it.

    Meantime, he’s parading under the title Sonoran Alliance, as if he were in the least interested in an alliance of Sonoran interests, from the Gila to Hermosillo; he’s running a banner picturing free range cowboys, as if Oro Valley Dad weren’t a sure indicator of a late-coming, suburban soccer pop with no grasp of Old Pueblo history and culture, and as if Oro Valley might just as well be Orange County.

    Oro Valley Dad and his site are always spewing their conviction that immigrants should adopt American culture and values, while making it perfectly clear they’ve come to Arizona without any intention of adopting Baja Arizona culture and values.

    And you know what? On November 7, you’re going to get popped in the nose.

    Give Baja Arizona and the Old Pueblo a try; it’s not half bad, and it’s a lot more than golf courses and mild winter weather.

  6. And don’t forget that “Sonora” in the “Sonoran Desert” includes the state of Sonora, Mexico.

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