Privacy in the Internet age



Sonoran Alliance went with a story and soon a lawyer was calling us. The issue related to someone’s privacy or expectation there of.

Note to the world. If you do not want people to know where you live DO NOT BLOG about it on the website of the states largest newspaper! If you want to stay out of the public realm then maybe PUBLIC relations is not the career for you. One more point – If you would like to be treated with some respect then treat others that way.

A quote from the blog article linked above:

I’m squarely between two of my favorite places: Biltmore Fashion Park and Scottsdale Fashion Square.

You tell the world your name with a photo attached, your line of work, that you have just bought a house, and in what part of town and you expect privacy.


  1. I don’t see an address. Does that mean the lawyer won?

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    We’re not going to post it out of respect for Ms. Bittner’s privacy. But we’re guessing the County Assessor and Recorder’s websites just got a lot more usage as a political opposition research tool. Any elected official, candidate or high profile individuals should be worried about any blemishes on their public documents.

  3. re: Comment #1,

    It would seem that the lawyer’s problem is the client, not some silly blog. She is the one exposing her life to the public.

  4. HOA dues in her subdivision are $180/month. With the lien at $816.14, she was 4.5 months behind in HOA dues as of 11/19/07 – a little more than a one month oversight.

  5. Happy Go Lucky says

    Just curious, what law, civil or criminal, has been broken by running this post?

  6. What a fool. She tells the world all about where her new condo is and then wants privacy. Amazing.

  7. Pay your HOA dues! And we said TAN not BEIGE! I’m sure Pay Day Loans is open weekends. Don’t forget your pay stub.

  8. I’m sure she wants a government bailout for her back dues…of course if she stayed in instead of going to trendy restaruants and mall stores…just sayin’

  9. mmm banana pancakes….screw the dues! Indeed, who can put a price tag on that.

  10. Buddy Breon says

    Who does she think she is?

    Isn’t this a public figure? I mean, she meets all the criteria, even to publicly complaining about House Speaker Jim Weiers.

    Can she really go on television and make political comments and expect any privacy? Give me a break!

    This woman is a mouthpiece for the Dems and has zero right to privacy about things that are a public record. She has displayed what a political joke she realy is.

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