Primary Voter Guide contrasts Kwasman and Tobin

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October 16, 2013


Primary Voter Guide contrasts differences between Kwasman and Tobin

Handout provides primary voters with crucial differences between candidates

Oro Valley, AZ – Adam Kwasman has released a Primary Voter Guide for Congressional District 1 that documents Kwasman’s proven conservative record versus Andy Tobin’s more liberal voting pattern.

The full-sized handout showcases Tobin’s support for the billion dollar tax increase (2010 sales tax increase), his willingness to compromise on the expansion of ObamaCare in Arizona, his opposition to Scott Walker style union reforms, his vote to impose Common Core on Arizona schools, and “Friend of Big Government” rating from Americans for Prosperity (AFP.)

The right side of the flyer illustrates Kwasman’s firm opposition to higher taxes, his efforts to keep ObamaCare out of Arizona, his support for sensible union reforms, his opposition to Common Core, and his “Hero of the Taxpayer” rating from AFP.

Kwasman remarked, “This race is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party. The voters must decide if they will send a proven conservative fighter, or another big government collaborator, to Washington.”

You can view a PDF file of the flyer or a JPEG image of the flyer at these links.

“The few voters in District 1 who have even heard of Andy Tobin are shocked when they see the truth about his left-leaning voting record,” added Kwasman.

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