Pressure builds on Bee to resign

Major players in the Arizona Republican Party are increasing their pressure on Senate President Tim Bee to resign and commit himself fully to the CD8 race against Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. With critically important races looming in CD1 and CD5, the chorus of voices is making it clear that Bee cannot wait until next year to begin his campaign, especially when that means he won’t be a full-time candidate until after the session ends, which could be May, June or even July. The whispers at the Capitol say that Bee’s window is already closing and that his refusal to commit to the race indicates a lack of desire to compete for the congressional seat. As one voice asked, “When was the last time a front-runner for Congress started talking about running for Corporation Commission instead?”

Eyes understands that it is only a matter of time (weeks, not months) before party insiders turn their attention from Bee to Rep. Jonathan Paton instead. “He’s got a great story, a great profile, and he is willing to do the work.” said one insider.

For great fun, play the guessing game for how all of the chess pieces move around if Bee does resign to run. But since that seems less likely every day, we’ll wait to play until we know who is going where. That’s all for now from a very quiet West Washington!


  1. Passionate Moderate says

    If I was “Republican” Senate President and put out a budget that more Republican Legislators voted against than for, I might be re-thinking my run for Congress also.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    You must not live in Southern Arizona. That is a badge of honor for Bee in CD-8. He is a good fit for the temperament of the district.

  3. Bee would be wise to serve one more session as Sen. Pres., then consider another office.

  4. PartyGuy says

    If he’s going to consider another office, he needs to let the party folks know, so they can quit waiting for him for Congress.

  5. The Arizona Report says
  6. kralmajales says

    First of all, good post and great work to Arizona Report for finding the bit about Bee leaving his post to run in…WHAT…2010????

    THIS…is a BIG story if the 2010 is true.

    Some comments. First, it makes sense to hold off on facing Giffords in 2008…she has a TON of money and will have more after this reporting period. She is also going to be running at a time that appears unfriendly to Republicans (although that can change on a dime as you all should be quick to note).

    The big deal here is the 2010. This really makes me wonder if he is REALLY thinking Governor. Most tell us that it is easier to beat an incumbent congressman/woman in the next election after her/his first election. That would be 2008. Facing her in 2010 would be serious suicide. She’d be entrenched.

    This REALLY makes me think he is thinking Governor. I will be honest…and don’t freak out…I would very much consider supporting him for statewide office.

  7. kralmajales says

    I read this again and am still wondering about the 2010 part. It just doesn’t make sense. Are you SURE its not 2008?

  8. Just to clarify things: as far as I see it, the Arizona Report’s story is a fraud. Did any of you notice the date on which the Arizona Report article was published?: June 19! President Bee made no such announcement of his intentions to leave the legislature. The news would be everywhere. In an interview he gave with the Capitol Times this last week he stated that he has no intentions or plans at this point to resign or run for Congress. I hope that clarifies things for you all.

  9. Further clarification on the Arizona Report:

    This is what their website says, “All rights reserved. The Blog is a political satire site. None of the stories on this site are real. All names are made up, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. All quotes are fictional and any similarity to actual quotes is coincidental.”

    I think that settles things!

  10. kralmajales says

    That does and thank you so much Kyle for saving me hours of confusion (grin).

  11. You bet, Kral! I was confused at first as well! There are some pretty clever posts on the Arizona Report, though!

  12. kralmajales says

    Indeed! That one beat them all.

  13. kralmajales says

    I still think he should finish his term as Senate President, continue helping Southern Arizona and our Universities (like he did this last time), and hold off getting beat by Giffords. It would really hurt his career for any other higher office. I can’t imagine a lot of support behind him if he loses to her…and the way things are looking…fundwise, etc. She is going to be seriously hard to beat.

    I still see him as a viable candidate for Gov. That is only a short wait after his term limit is up. Gives him real time to campaign..and run on his record as Senate Pres…and get those signatures really quick for Clean Election funding.

    I think, unlike the past candidates that have been put up by the Republicans (Matt Salmon, and who the hell was that last guy??? Sorry CAP folks…I’m kidding) Bee would have a real shot at winning.

  14. Bee is going to run for congress in 2008. He is not going to resign. He is going to win. Period.

  15. Oro Valley Dad says


    It is my impression that if he does not resign this summer that Paton will and have his party’s nomination sown up before Bee figures out which way is up. I have no special insider info on this just lots of chater. Oh, and the realization that the Republican candidate will need to start raising money yesterday.

  16. PartyGuy says

    Bee won’t ever be Governor. Its not just a Pima County thing, its that Republican primary voters don’t like politicians who negotiate with Napolitano first, then other Republicans. They don’t guys who oppose tax cuts. They don’t like guys who stomp out of fundraising dinners because the after dinner speaker urges more tax cuts. Now, Southern Arizona might like that just fine in a Congressman, but he has no statewide appeal. Frankly, I’m not sure he could win the Corporation Commission race that was mentioned.

  17. Oro Valley Dad says


    It’s not that we like it or not down here. It’s that CD-8 is not overly conservative. Tim Bee looks great after all the years of Jim Kolbe and Udall represented the area.

    As to Corporation Commission if Kris Mayes can win then Tim Bee certainly can.

  18. kralmajales says


    If what you say about Bee and your primaries are true then you have very little chance at all winning the Governorship. He would be overwhelmingly qualified, reasonable, name rec. etc.

    In CD 8, if he runs, I agree, he better quit and start now…he needs to raise funds and look like the kind of Republican most of you tend to like here (which would be an enormous shame for S. Arizona in my opinion as he can do a lot in the house).

  19. kralmajales says

    Tim Bee could easily win Corporation Commission but that is way below him in my opinion.

  20. I don’t understand why Paton would be such a good candidate. I know he served in Iraq, but what is he like as a person? Giffords is very charismatic. Can he compete with her?

  21. Oro Valley Dad says


    I don’t either but he has some strong support within the district and party insiders seem keep to unite early behind one candidate.

    I actually think that Gabby comes across as stiff and posed. Paton is great as a person and will do as well as anyone else.

    Even though we tend toward more conservative candidates like Graf either Bee or Paton would receive full support from this site.

  22. PartyGuy says

    Kris Mayes won because she was appointed and then ran as an incumbent (with Matt Salmon’s support?!) against Carl Seel, who couldn’t get his $5 contributions and ran without money.

    Bee still is relatively unknown in Maricopa County (or any other county not named Pima) where so many of the primary votes still come from. That would be his challenge!

  23. Passionate Moderate says

    The big question is if Pima Republicans like their candidates to act like Democrats, Are they really Republicans?

  24. Oro Valley Dad says

    While it is true that neither Bee or Paton is Ron Gould they most certainly are solid Republicans. Either one would enjoy broad Republican support in CD-8.

  25. PartyGuy says

    Yea, I’d say they’re basically good Republicans. Neither are superstars, but both are solid votes. I still prefer Randy Graf, but better Paton than McClure, Hershberger and Burns!


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