Press Release: Tim Bee Support Grows!

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Contact: Meg Econ, (520) 250-9548

Tim Bee Exploratory Committee Raises Over $300,000 to Date
Enthusiasm and support continues to build for Bee across CD-8

TUCSON – The Tim Bee exploratory committee today announced that its fundraising efforts have eclipsed the $300,000 mark, as the voters of southern Arizona are making clear that they believe in and support Tim Bee and want him to throw his hat into the ring for Congressional District 8.

Sen. Bee continues to travel the district and visit with voters under the auspices of a congressional exploratory committee. The committee has received contributions from over 600 individuals.

Sen. Bee has not contributed any of his own money to the exploratory efforts.

“I am excited and grateful for the level of enthusiasm our exploratory committee has generated,” Sen. Bee said.  “Clearly this outpouring of financial and grassroots support for my candidacy says the people of southern Arizona support the leadership I have demonstrated and how strongly the desire to change the partisan tone is throughout the district.  This early and unprecedented support and success will be a major factor in my decision whether to enter the race for CD-8.  I look forward to making my plans known soon.”


  1. kralmajales says

    $300K is all that the GOP establishment could get for Bee since early summer?

    Remember, Giffords had $1.2 million in September and that does not include the same reporting period that Bee’s apparent and additional $170K came in.

  2. Kral

    Tim doesn’t need to buy his support like Gabby did. He’ll raise plenty of money, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a check to write.

    Now, an eleven month general election cycle, it just doesn’t get any more fun than this. Great candidate in Bee, broad support from moderates and conservatives.

    Gabby’s upset people from all over the spectum of her party…as well as Republicans who fell for her “moderate” charade. She may need to raise four million.

    Have a nice day.

  3. blog reader says


    Just keep praying that Senator Clinton is not at the top of the ticket. Can you say high Republican turnout?

  4. No offense to Senate President Bee, but we need to stop with the puff pieces on his family and get more on his views especially foreign policy.

  5. SonoranSam says

    Spin all you want, Kral is right. This wasn’t a very impressive show of fund-raising prowess.

    I’m sure Jim Click and the guys will pony up more cash, but Bee has a problem. Unless he wants to flaunt the SPIRIT of state law, he really can’t raise money while the Legislature is in session.

    Now he might argue that he’s running for a FEDERAL office, so the restrictions don’t apply.

    That won’t play well in Peoria – or more importantly, in Casas Adobes, in Green Valley or in Sahuarita.

  6. I don’t often agree with my lefty friends Kral and SonoranSam, but they are right here. $300K in a normal race against a normal fundraiser would be impressive. But Giffords is up over seven figures. The problem Bee has is that fundraising takes an awful lot of time and effort no matter who you are and serving full time in the Legislature does not lend itself well to a race where raising $1.5 million will still see you outraised.

  7. The numbers are good for an Exploratory Cmtee. Out performed any other exploratory candidate in the state without any of his own funds.

    Giffords will indeed be a challenge. But, this Congress hasn’t performed at all & the people know it.

    With regards to fundraising while in session…the people understand that is the way of the world. All from Clinton, Obama, Mitt, McCain on down to our local candidates. People care about issues that make a difference in their lives & campaign fundraising is an issue, but not at the top of the list.

    This is gonna be a good time!

  8. Josey Wales says


    Will Giffords stop fund raising while in office? Why the double standard?

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