Press Release: Swann Endorsed by Chamber

For Immediate Release: August 14, 2008
Contact: Andy Swann, 480-430-5172Swann Endorsed by Greater Phoenix Chamber
Momentum Continues to build for Candidate for Arizona Legislature

DISTRICT 20 – In the hotly contested District 20 Republican House race, every bit of support counts. Retired DPS officer and legislative candidate Andy Swann announced another big boost today with the endorsement of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

“I am honored to have the support of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and its members,” said Swann, “I am proud that the business community understands that I am committed to promoting fiscal responsibility and supporting business at the Arizona Legislature.”

In an endorsement letter to Swann, the Chairman of the Phoenix Chamber PAC wrote, “Through the endorsement process, you demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues and challenges facing businesses in Phoenix. We believe you are committed to fostering a healthy economic climate in support of businesses in Greater Phoenix and we look forward to continuing to work with you on key policy issues.”

In addition to announcing the support from the business community, Swann also launched his latest YouTube video regarding fiscal responsibility. The video can be found at:

Swann concluded, “I am honored to have so many exciting endorsements, but the real excitement will happen on Election Night. As the time draws near, I encourage voters to take the time to go to to learn more as more content on issues is added in the coming weeks.”



  1. I’ve met and spoke with Swann. I like his background and the fact that he has experience getting things done in the Legislature. Having a law enforcement background definitely doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Who?

  3. Conservatius Maximus says

    The Arizona Chamber is now fully aligned with the illegal employers lobby. They claim to be all about the free market but, if you take a look at their list of endorsements, you will notice a couple of the most free market legislators in the state are missing. Pearce and Gould have fought against the cheap labor at any cost folks for several years and are now being “punished”. AZ Chamber free market or cheap labor at the taxpayers expence, you decide!

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