Press Release: Susan Bitter-Smith Announces

Susan Bitter-Smith 

For Immediate Release: February 28, 2008
Contact: Brian Hummell, (602) 339-9203

Susan Bitter Smith Announces Exploratory for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District

Susan Bitter Smith released the following statement today:

Dear Friends:

After much thought, and encouragement from fellow residents and community leaders I am excited to announce the formation of an official exploratory committee for my potential candidacy for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.

It has become increasingly clear that the “change” of 2006 quickly became “business as usual” in 2007. And 2008? Well, it’s an election year – nothing will get done. What will the Washington DC talking points be this year?

We were told last year and will be told again, that immigration reform, balancing the budget and ending our dependence on foreign oil were and are the top priorities of our current Congressman. Predictably, nothing has happened on those fronts, except an increase in deficit spending.

We don’t need any more rehashed talking points from Washington DC – we need action points. The challenges facing the Fifth District require action, and leadership.

As a second-generation Arizonan, I can remember when we were a “small” state. It took great leaders to fight for Arizona’s interests on the national stage. We are fortunate that our small state was blessed with true, larger-than-life leaders like Barry Goldwater, Carl Hayden and John J. Rhodes. My introduction to Washington politics came as an intern for Republican Minority Leader Rhodes. It was a different time in Washington and in our country, but leadership is timeless.

As a tax-cutting member of the Scottsdale City Council; a consolidation advocate on a local school board; and a steward of our most precious Arizona resource as the President of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board, my record of leadership on vital Arizona issues is clear.

Over the next month I will explore within the framework allowed to determine if my brand of leadership and action are right for the Fifth District. I invite voters to share with me their ideas about how to make sure our interests are best represented in Washington DC.

About Susan:
Susan Bitter Smith, is the Executive Director of the Arizona – New Mexico Cable Communications Association. Susan is currently serving her second term as an elected member of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors. She was elected President last year – the first woman to serve as President of the CAWCD Board. As a member of the CAWCD Board, Susan was instrumental in working with Arizona’s Congressional Delegation in the settlement of the CAWCD Repayment Settlement dispute with the United States Department of the Interior and the federal finalization of the Gila Indian Water Rights dispute. She is a former Vice-Mayor and City Council member in the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, and was active as a Councilman in the areas of economic development, planning and zoning reform, water delivery issues, and budgetary reform. She is a Past Chairman of the Walter Cronkite Foundation, a Past President of the ASU Alumni Association, and the Honorary Chairman of the ASU MBA Alumni Council. She is a Past Chairman of the American Society of Association Executives, is the Past President of the Arizona Society of Association Executives, and received ASAE’s highest award, the Key Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2001.

Susan chaired the Arizonans for Bush campaign in 1988 and 1992 and was Chairman of the Steve Forbes for President campaign in Arizona in 1996. Susan is the co-host of the “Arizona Almanac” radio show, and was a Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona’s First District in 2000.

Susan and her husband Paul have two children.

The exploritory web site can be found here.


  1. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says

    I have known Susan for 20 years. She has been a faithful servant of the conservative viewpoint and a loyal Republican. She has proven herself in elected office. When she served Scottsdale, she made a yeoman’s effort to meet with people and stay in touch with the grass roots issues, especially those affecting taxes and the economy. She is a seasoned businesswoman.
    As a retired Navy veteran, I know Susan will not only represent CD5, but she will take seriously the economy, national security and veterans issues – and will do so with the demonstrated dedication to getting things done that she has over the past two decades. She is a proven leader and a person of integrity.

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