Press Release: Seel Receives MCRC Endorsement

Legislative District 6 House candidate, Carl Seel, has received the endorsement of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Read the press release here.


  1. So that’s the NRA, Right to Life AND the Republican Party? Pretty darn impressive, I’d say. Guess that kind of answers the “who’s the real Republican?” question.

  2. Maybe they would have endorsed Bouie if they had been given ten days to get to know him instead of five?

  3. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Why did they take so long?

  4. I’m in

    1. They need a compelling reason to get involved in a Primary.

    2. Since the last EGC Meeting the group that is opposing all measures to reduce illegal immigration became the major source of funds for Bouie.

    3. The endorsement by Shadegg in the Primary eliminated any concern about getting involved in this race.

    4. Every question about Bouie has been met with personal attacks on Crump and Seel by his main supporters. I kind of erases the “kind, compassionate, church going called by God” storyline.

    Simple enough??

  5. I'm In Trouble Now says

    What is the difference between the MCRC and the EGC?

  6. Bob in DV says


    Re your #4 reason:

    If you’re trying to “erase” a description of Bouie ‘as the kind, compassionate church going called by God’ guy……..then keep that eraser moving on over to Seel’s chalkboard.

    I was raised in and have stayed in the same church umbrella that Seel is a member of. That’s more than 4 decades Janelle. Right here in North Phoenix.

    The fact that Seel has “righteous core principles” does not make his delivery of THEM anywhere near kind, compassionate, church going or Godly.

    It’s too bad that Seel’s worthy convictions and his impassioned pleas, get lost in the manner in which he and/or his advisors choose to sling their mud. Election after election.

  7. Hey Trouble, I don’t think there is a difference. I think EGC is the board of the district chairmen that make up the MCRC. They’re basically the same. The MCRC is the company and the EGC are the board of directors. Does that make sense?

  8. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Sort of, so the district chairmen are like the governors of the states. But when the governors get together, they don’t call it Congress, they call it the the National Governor’s Association, right?

    So it’s more of a club, and less of a body of policymakers acting for the good of the whole, eh?

    Does Pima County have such a board, and would it be made up of the three or four legislative districts here?

    What is the difference between the county party structure, the MCRC, and the EGC.

    Is the MCRC the Maricopa County Party?

  9. Yes


  10. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Thanks. So when someone says they’ve been endorsed by the EGC, the MCRC and the Chairman of the Maricopa County Republicans, that’s really one endorsement, right?

    I’m just confused as I thought the party didn’t endorse in primaries, but I must have been thinking of the state party, the one that Randall Pulen is the head of. Does the state party indeed do primary endorsements, and if not, why does the county party get to do them?

  11. nightcrawler says

    In theory, the State GOP, MCRC (EGC is the board of the MCRC) and the individual district leadership should not endorse one GOP candidate over another during the primary. The EGC members do not necessarily represent the district member PC voting preferences. See LD6. The EGC in recent times has been an old boys club of the far right that uses its name to push certain ideological candidates in the name of the “platform”. Most PCs and the general public could care less about such narrow endorsements. It is more for the benefit of the insiders. It is like giving a moderate candidate the political finger.

  12. Crawler would be right to say that it is rare, but he’s not right to say that it should not happen. The MCRC has rules in its bylaws on how endorsements are to be handled, so it is clearly allowed. And the district chairs are all pretty darn responsible about their duties.

    Really, any endorsement isn’t going to dictate the outcome of an election. Its just a reflection on one candidate versus the other. If the NRA endorses you, gun owners can feel confident voting for you. It isn’t the NRA telling the whole world how they have to vote.

    The MCRC endorsement is the same thing.

  13. GlendaleGOP says

    You’re missing one other point Monk, although the rest of your stuff was pretty good. It is rare because its so tough to get an endorsement from the EGC. We’re talking about almost 30 party leaders who represent the whole spectrum from right to left. If you can get some sort of super-majority (it takes more than 51%) to agree, then it is really saying something.

    Just by comparison, the EGC endorsed Russell Pearce with one “No” vote (Horst Kraus, big surprise). And that race featured Gibbons taking money from the chairman of the Democrat Party! In the Seel endorsement, it was completely unanimous!

    Knowing the folks in that room, unanimous is pretty remarkable. They can’t all love Crump and Seel that much, so they must really feel that there is something fishy about Bouie’s candidacy.

  14. Glendale,
    The real reason is that neither I nor Braswell, Carrie Rauch, or Keith Diggs were there.
    Reason, Principals and Conviction were at other events that evening and Braswell was stuck in air traffic over Atlanta.
    It’s like in 1938 during my formative years. When Goebbels had a proposition to make and the brown shirts in the aisle seats nodded, there was no question on the outcome of the vote.
    There was no such thing as a two-way ticket to Buchenwald in those days.
    If it only wasn’t for those dreadful childhood memories, I could probably sleep much better.

  15. GlendaleGOP says

    You know Horst, you and Sproul are pretty casual with your Nazi inferences and accusations. Any memories you have of the real thing should keep you up at night in shame as you smear people with whom you have a simple policy disagreement. If you really do remember, then you have known true evil. Equating fellow Republicans with that evil is the ugliest form of discourse that we know. I see now why you consider 1938 to be your formative years. Sadly, I must agree with you.

  16. nightcrawler,

    You know just enough about the process to be dangerous. These members of the EGC have all been elected – most of them unanimously – by the Precinct Committeemen. The Chairmn of District Six is the odd man out, so to speak. He won an illegal coin flip for the office against a candidate who announced his candidacy just shortly before the meeting, but his slate of candidates for State Committeemen was overwhelmed by a three-to-one margin in his own district.

    For you to say that most PCs don’t care what these people say or do is preposterous on its face. They are the people the PCs elected to lead them. Should I say it again?

    If you go to a county or state meeting, most of the PCs look to their District Chairmen for leadership when voting. The position of the majority of the District Chairmen, nearly always wins, and if all of the District Chairmen agree on an issue, they have never lost in a vote of the PCs.

    To try to make it seem that these are people out of touch with the people who elected them, like the Congressional Delegation definitely are, means you either truly don’t understand it or you are trying to mislead others.

  17. nightcrawler says

    The EGC evolved in part to rival the state leadership. The thinking was that since Maricopa County has the largest population it should speak as one voice and that voice should be louder and more forceful than all the rest. Unlike Congress, representation is not population based, rather a Chairman from a very small district ( a dozen PCs) has the same vote as a Chairman from a large district, say District 11 (200+ PCs). This has caused some to “district shop” not only to reach district leadership but also to possibly run for office with limited opposition. The MCRC bylaws need to be changed with respect to district representation based on population and also to stop endorsements before the primaries.

    To your point about elected district leadership. In reality not many people have the time or patience to serve in that capacity, many times it is simply those who volunteer who are voted in uncontested. Each district has a circle of 20% of the people who do 80% of the work. Many times that 20% really is out of touch with the other 80%. Case in point, District 11’s poor performance in the general in 2006 despite a sizeable Republican advantage. We need to field candidates who can withstand the huge Democrat wave on the down ballot. Seel is not going to survive that test. I believe Pearce also is mortally wounded politically, not from that silly flier about his wife, but rather the second flier which will ignite the Democrats like never before. We need to put candidates out there that can win.

  18. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Horst Kraus, aren’t you the guy the newspapers reported as running a nudist camp for teenagers? I also remember reading an article in the paper where you praised Hitler’s approach to gays, while defending a convicted child molestor in Maricopa County courts.

    I guess what I heard you say in your nasty remark is that had you been doing your job and attended the meeting, you would have again voted against every other precinct committee in the state. Says a lot about you and nothing about Carl Seel.

  19. At the end of the day, one thing holds true. Neither Crump, Clark, Gorman, or for that matter Shadegg would endorse Seel. All conservatives…all rejecting Dopey.

  20. In my LD a majority pf PC’s are very unhappy with the ECG and are working to change the make-up of the membership that represents us.

    And Mike is onto something.

  21. I'm In Trouble Now says

    I think that gentleman’s Nazi inferences above had more to say about “democracy” and “leadership” and what can happen based on them. Some people invoke Nazism to show what can happen to powerful racists, and some invoke it to show what can happen with power.

  22. Nightcrawler has it understood as he says above:
    “Case in point, District 11’s poor performance in the general in 2006 despite a sizeable Republican advantage. We need to field candidates who can withstand the huge Democrat wave on the down ballot. Seel is not going to survive that test.”
    That is exactly my sentiment and my concern.

  23. One more thing,
    Mike #19 and Ann #20 are “Right on Point”
    “In Trouble Now” # 21 is also correct if he/she believes that we all can learn from the past, as we know it or as we experienced it, and hopefully how correctly we remember it.
    Racism, by whatever other name like “Shoot’m up on the border, crowd” or “Hang’m up by the border, crowd” harbors inherently the tenants of Fascism and Nazism.
    Just like Socialism, Communism, and Bolshevism all the Isms use peer pressure by those who deem themselves leaders on unsuspected good natured sympathizers.
    I prefer to be known as the odd man out, rather than a blinded or coward follower.

  24. There is a reason, usually, why perennial candidates don’t win. In the case of Seel, bless his heart for trying, but how many times has he run now? 4 or 5 and what has he gotten – all losses. Maybe he needs to look in the mirror and ask why? Why all the losses? Why did he get beat by two candidates two years ago and not just get beat, but get clobbered and one of those candidates (Clark) had never run for office before – ever. Through matching funds, he had the same amount of money as Clark did, if not more. And Clark cleaned his clock and for that matter, the only real moderate – liberal beat him too. The question is why? It’s not that his beliefs don’t fit a district that has given overwhelming totals to Gorman who is arguably one of the two most conservative Senators. It’s not lack of money. What is it? What is it about this guy that has good conservatives like Gorman, Clark, Crump, and Shadegg refusing to support him.

  25. What is it about Seel?

    It’s easy to answer that one Mike. I’ve got the inside scoop, so to say.

    Here it goes…..

    It’s all of the Hallelujah’s! and Amen’s! on Sundays immediately followed by all of the:

    1. Name-calling
    2. Mud-slinging
    3. Hate mongering
    4. Un-Christian like spirit
    5. Finger pointing
    6. Immature ranting
    7. Racial profiling
    8. Racist friends
    9. Short temper
    10. Clean Election $$ welfare
    11. Definitive pattern of trash talking
    12. Last place finishes

    WWJD with Seel? Jesus would most certainly say:

    “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. (NIV, Matthew 23:27-28)

  26. “Precinct Committee Man”
    To satisfy your thirst for sensationalism,
    I am the guy who is a Family Nudist, one of about 12 or 15 million families across the Western World. Here in the USA we have a National Organization that includes about 260 clubs like Shangri-La Ranch. Annually we have a convention held at one of the 260 clubs. As an adjunct to this convention we have a youth camp for the children of our [nudist] members. Five years ago the convention and the associated youth camp took place at Shangri-La. There is a chance we enjoy that opportunity again in any one of the next 255 years. If you are so curious about naked kids I will tell you where this year’s convention takes place. You got to hurry it started this morning and you will never make it in time driving.

    Next: During an interview with a free lance reporter who was hell bent on writing a hit piece on my persona the conversation turned about an old Weimar Republic law (paragraph 175) repealed in 1997. He didn’t know nor did he understand any of it in spite of how hard I tried to educate him. You probably won’t either.It does not really matter, do your own research if you are so curious, start with Wikipedia and come back to me if you have additional questions.
    It was I who called the cops (in 1997) to arrest a tenant who had lived at the Ranch for several years long since before we bought it. Not one other tenant here, not even the two former owners of the Ranch had any knowledge that the man had served time, as far back as 1983, for a similar offense. I was called in as a witness for the benefit of the court, the jury and the judge, because I was the landlord and also the person who made the call for the arrest to the cops, nothing more than that.
    The so called “free lance reporter” conveniently left this out of his story because, A.) The story in 2004 was designed to be a Hit Piece on me and B.) the “reporter” was in financial distress and the “Juice” in the story brought him a few extra silver pieces.
    I will not name the reporter here nor whom he presently works for, and neither will I list the case number of his bankruptcy, because I just recently answered a similar post, that almost looked like yours except it was asked by another moniker, and the gal that runs the seeingred thing scrapped my answer.

    Finally, had I been on the EGC meeting, representing LD-6 rather than on the AZ Delegation meeting I would have out of PRINCIPLE voted against any endorsement for any candidate in any other district in a CONTESTED PRIMARY. Pardon me, but notice my shouting.

  27. GlendaleGOP says

    I’m not sure why you all keep trying to list Crump as “anti-Seel”. Crump has publicly stated numerous times that he will be voting FOR Seel and that Bouie is “an unreliable vote”. That sounds like an endorsement to me!

  28. Glendale GOP,

    Until Crump needed a ‘Barney Fife’ type to compliment his Andy Griffith swagger, he had NOTHING good to say about SEEL. We’re talking years, here guys.

    Not until a few weeks after Bouie became a candidate, did Seel start looking appetizing to Crump. Rumor has it that Crump STILL has NOTHING good to say about Seel, but he will vote for him. Very scary.

    It’s no secret that in the strange Seel & Crump show, Crump longs to be the Alpha Male. An Alpha Male has to have someone to dominate – a subordinate. Seel fits the bill nicely. He’s SO willing to do anything for access. I hope they both are enjoying the ride.

    Bouie, on the other hand, is a self-made man who, I’m sure, doesn’t need Sam Crump to mentor him. It would’ve been nice for Sam Crump to show some civility to Bouie but I don’t think that happened. Why would Crump be scared of Bouie?

    Bouie seems to have the intelligence, motivation and conviction to do just about anything he sets his mind to.

  29. GlendaleGOP says

    Oh please Bob, you’re down to “rumor has it”? Crump met with Bouie and was immediately concerned at his liberal bent. Crump wrote about the whole thing in his emails that were widely distributed. And if you’re saying we should vote for Bouie because Crump’s former Barney Fife, Doug Clark is endorsing him, then that’s not much of an endorsement either.

    Barney Fife and Horst Kraus versus the NRA, Right to Life, and the Republican Party? Not a tough decision.

  30. Hey Glendale GOP,
    On the Seel side of the equation, between the right to life and the Republican party you forgot the “Right To Beat Thy Wife Guy”.
    Was this a Freudian omission ? Don’t panic, I am just kidding.
    On the Bouie side of the equation you forgot Congressman Shadegg, State Senator Pamela Gorman, The AZ Chamber of Commerce, Mike Stoops from the University of Arizona.

  31. Hey Glendale GOP,
    Getting back to your #27 and let me cite Representative Crump’s statement in the Capitol Times 8/18/06 regarding Mr. Seel:”I’ve observed his style with people, and I don’t respect it.”
    Now Seel tries to hitch his horse onto Sam’s wagon.

  32. GlendaleGOP says

    A two-year old quote from when he was running against Carl seems kind of weak compared to a two-week old quote when he says he’s voting for Carl. Looks like Crump likes Seel better than Bouie and I don’t see how you spin it any other way. And Horst, you sad man, I can’t believe that you’re relying on Mike Stoops from the U of A as some bombshell endorsement. Stoops? Nobody cares! And you just cost Bouie the endorsement of all the ASU folks in LD6. Nice job guy!

  33. Richard Wayne says


    You speak about your church membership and how seel is a bad representative of that culture. You go on to use these blogs to speak ill of your brother in Christ in a way that speaks ill of you. If you are a model for your church, I would not go there. It sure is not uplifting.

    Since you seem to like to shovel the dust and dirt off your Bible long enough to use it to speak ill of others, I would suggest that before you criticize the speck in someone else’s eye, that you take the log out of your own.


    As to Crump’s comment of two years ago, he said he did not respect Seel’s style. Fast forward to today, Crump says he does not trust Bouie’s motives or vote. Seel has substance while improving on style, while Bouie looks GQ stylish but has not substance.

    Many of the most liberal democrats are very stylish, but they vote wrong due to a lack of substance. Crump understands the importance of being able to trust and work with your seatmate. Obviously, Seel wins that comparison hands down.

  34. Bob in DV says


    Frankly, I was truthfully answering “the question” (from MY perspective) that has been asked many times over in different posts on the SA blog. It wasn’t easy to write & it’s not easy to read.

    The fact that you then try to rebuke me immediately while dodging the truth is a symptom of the “log in the church’s eye” and has no bearing on the validity or intention of my post.

    Neither you, nor anyone else on the SA blog, has rebuked ANYONE who has called Tony Bouie every name in the book, including a fraud – with “interesting” questions regarding his faith and cancer.

    The over-whelming double standard in the words on these posts is completely intolerable, to me and others. We spoke up. You don’t have to agree. You don’t have to like it. We’ve had a gentleman’s agreement before, to agree to disagree and move on. I appreciate being able to read why the things said here provoke us to write yet again.

    I never took an oath, promising not to disagree with a “Brother in Christ” (as you say). I expect people to question their “Brothers” if the “Brother” gives them a reason to inquire. In this case, there are years of reasons.

    Why does being a member of a church remove my 1st amendment rights to present my answer to a question? It doesn’t. Are you implying that it would be OK for someone who is not a believer to write that? Would that make it any more/less true or false? No.

    Other than the Republicans, the ‘Modus Operandi’ of Carl Seel is the proverbial “elephant in the room”. The fact, by his own admission, that his actions and issue positions are motivated by his beliefs leaves nothing on the table. Seel’s Modus Operandi then becomes a product of his beliefs.

    That, my friend RW, is where my foot comes down. You are free to leave your in the upright and locked position.

    Just so you know – my Bible is not dusty, it’s dog-eared.

  35. Richard Wayne says

    You have absolute rights to speak what you feel, it just seems hypocritical to beat Seel up for what you seem to be doing in spades.

  36. Richard Wayne says

    PS: I do not beat up members of my church in blogs with verbage that sounds very judgmental.

  37. Glendale GOP #32,
    Why do you have to call me a sad man? If you knew me you would know I am as happy as a lark. So is our whole family.
    If you do know me, then I have to conclude you feel the need to give your post this denigrating twist. That is what is sad and it’s in your court.
    What makes you think the voters in LD-6 make their choice by what college the candidate got his degrees? (plural).
    If that were the case, Seel finishes last. If you don’t like Mike Stoops, I’ll accept you see him and up you one State Senator Waring.

  38. Mike Stoops has to be appreciative that Bouie accepted his endorsement. No one wants to have Stoops on their side lately. As to Waring, the former McCain staffer knows how to keep his former boss’s temper in check.

  39. GlendaleGOP says

    Waring impresses no one, except Waring. He is very impressed with himself. I’m also not sure that a relatively unknown state senator from LD7 has much juice in LD6. But if it gets Horst excited (and really now, what doesn’t?), then its good enough for me!

  40. Why oh why won’t crump endorse seel. You’ve never answered that. Saying you are going to vote for him but not endorsing is either weak or an astute position by crump. I suspect he knows what endorsing such a goofball would look like. Really says something when politician makes no secret of wanting someone to win but is dare I say too embarassed to put his name behind him

  41. We Hold These Truths says

    I think Seel only lacks a top quality campaign consultant to transform him from dopey into a polished candidate.

  42. Conservatius Maximus says

    I know just the Guy!

  43. kralmajales says

    Damn…this Seel fellow must be a real threat to get all of this cyber-ink.

  44. nightcrawler says


    You have it backwards. This thread really isn’t about Seel, nor is the MCRC endorsement. It is about Bouie, who many on this thread perceive to be the threat.

    All things considered, I welcome him to the race and our Party. He has a real chance to win. Does it bother me he just converted to the GOP 5 days before running ? Yes, quite a bit. In the big picture, I’ll give him a pass on that (no pun intended, as Wildcats can’t catch one) as long as he upholds GOP values while in office.

  45. The threat Seel presents is not one of a candidate with credibility and a timely message to counter; it is the fear of another dull and divisive member with an R by their name and an empty head when it comes to ideas beyond crying foul about the Governor or blasting the Dems.

    This conservative Republican is voting for candidates that can do more than regurgitate the mantra taught them by their handlers and mentors in hopes of fitting in.

    Fit in with what? A House that can’t agree long enough to come up with an idea beyond the Governor is wrong…but what do you have that is right? The problem with the disagreement has nothing to do with a lack of option; it is all about ego and who gets to claim victory from within the caucus.

  46. Hey ladies and gents–maybe all of you have been drinking a bit too much Red Bull ?? Settle down.

    Remember ……….. at the end of the day we actually do have a general election to win. I don’t know about ya’all but last time I counted we didn’t have all that much of a majority to work with and we’re sort of under some pressure in many major districts. These sorts of street fights ( here and in Mesa ) hardly do much more than give our opponents locker room pin ups to fight against us all this fall.

    We need to be careful what we wish for …………. if we aren’t too careful we might actually drive ourselves into the minority and lose all relevance until we come to our senses again.

    Let’s begin to unify as Republicans.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

  47. Bruce,

    I applaud you for taking to task those like Nathan Sproul and his ilk who are practicing the politics of personal destruction against people like Russell Pearce and Carl Seel. People like Sproul are ripping apart the Republican Party with their abominable behavior. I hope you can influence people to settle down in all venues – not just in this blog thread.

  48. Tony Bouie lied to The Arizona Republic and to The Arizona Capitol Times. Bouie insisted he was a registered while living in Hillsborough County Florida–google it. Problem is, some voters got curious and called Hillsborough County Florida only to learn Bouie was registered there AS A DEMOCRAT. WHAT A LIAR! John Shadegg still endorsing the liar? Shadegg, Gorman and AAARC all lose cred by not withdrawing their endorsement of the biggest liar ever to hit North Phoenix.

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