Press Release: Seel Blasts Bouie

PRESS RELEASE: July 28, 2008
CONTACT: (480) 818-9293

GOP candidate Seel blasts fellow candidate Bouie for liberal positions
~ Center for Arizona Policy voter guide reveals latest in series of liberal positions  ~

Republican candidate for the State House in Legislative District 6, Carl Seel, blasted his opponent and recent GOP convert Tony Bouie for numerous hard-left positions taken during the campaign, especially his most recent answer to the questions posed in the Center for Arizona Policy’s voters guide.
The guide ( features more than a dozen questions posed of candidates for various offices and in it, Bouie stated his support for adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in antidiscrimination law.

“This is a position that only hardcore liberal groups support” said Seel, adding that “Mr. Bouie’s positions on this and other issues show that it’s a lot easier to take the man out of the liberal Democrat Party than it is to take the liberal Democrat out of the man.”

Bouie was a lifelong Democrat until five days before filing to run in this heavily Republican district.

Bouie has already taken positions and earned financial support from open-border advocates, defended race-based preferences in awarding business contracts, and even defended his own company’s certification as a minority-owned business.  Bouie has also indicated his opposition to the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative that is championed by Ward Connerly.  The AZCRI would prohibit race-based preferences in state contracting.  Seel and current State Representative Sam Crump both support the AZCRI.

“Mr. Bouie has already reversed himself on a number of issues where he came out very liberal than changed his mind and became very conservative, all in a matter of days.” said Seel.  “It does not matter whether Mr. Bouie is a stealth liberal masquerading as a conservative, or a man who simply does not yet know what he believes.  In either case, we cannot afford to send Mr. Bouie to the Capitol.”

Carl Seel has been endorsed by Arizona Right to Life, the National Rifle Association, the PAChyderm Coalition, and numerous other conservative leaders.



  1. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    People, this is beyond weird. Take a look at Tony’s response to the survey. He and Carl Seel had the same answers on 14 of the 15 questions. Perhaps Mr. Seel is trying to make a distinction where there’s no difference.

    I have never seen a pro-lifer so viciously attack another pro-lifer. Seel should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Gee, I’d say men in dresses is a pretty big darn difference! Just being pro-life isn’t a free pass for advancing a gay agenda. Hey, I’m pro-life but I’m going to raise your taxes, take your guns, and make Catholic charities have to employ lesbians and transvestites.

    But Mr. I am out of ideas says “that’s okay, he’s pro-life”?

    No way dude. You’re also ignoring his positions listed in the press release.

  3. Iam out . . .

    Why not try “Sympathetic comprehensive immigration reform, not known for the quality of your character, but by the color of your skin supporter?”

    Weird is the ‘novel’ Bouie story of 2008.

  4. NValley Dude says

    How can a guy want to add groups like that to the list of groups that can’t be discriminated against and ALSO support discrimination in the form of affirmative action?

    So giving a contract to a less competitive bid because the owner isn’t white is okay with Bouie, but the Boy Scouts not letting transvestites become troop leaders for small boys is not okay with Bouie?

    Was he playing football without his helmet?

  5. Carl Seel ran for the Corporation Commission four years ago on a pro-life agenda. Smart.

  6. In any Republican primary, voters are going to want to know where you on life issues, 2nd amendment issues, tax issues, etc. If they voters want to know, you better be able to tell them.

  7. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Tony and Carl agree on 14 out of 15 issues on the CAP survey. What does that tell Carl? He’d better put out a press release, published nowhere but here, that takes that one difference and turns Tony into a goblin.

    It’s a great tactic, Carl, you just shouldn’t be using it against other pro-lifers.

  8. Truth Squad says

    To find the true Conservative in this race, as in any other race, just check his list of friends and endorsers. I understand Mr Kraus of Dist 6 supports Bouie. That might give you a clue. Bouie is also backed by the same people who are supporting Gibbons against Pearce. There is another clue. You don’t need many more.

  9. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Carl Seel is actively criticizing, above, another prolifer whom he happens to be running against. Ain’t that convenient and self-serving. Is that what conservatism is? Is anyone here defending that?

  10. Why do you keep repeating that blather while ignoring the responses. Bouie is pro-life, fine. Not pro-life enough to get endorsed by Arizona Right to Life by the way, but whatever. Call him pro-life.

    That does NOT excuse his liberal positions on discrimination or dudes in dresses. It does NOT excuse his unwillingness to sign the No New Taxes pledge. It does NOT excuse his collecting cash from the open borders lobby that want to overturn an employer sanctions that that he hadn’t heard of.

    This is a conservative website. Just being pro-life does not make you pro-life.

    Frankly, the way this flip-flopper handles these other major issues, I don’t know why we should trust him when he says he’s pro-life either? But I’m sure you’ll go back to campaigning for his pro-life credentials, so don’t bother.

    We’ll cede you his pro-life certification. Now defend the rest of his far-left platform.

  11. Should read “just being pro-life doesn’t make you conservative.”

  12. Cool Logo says

    Cool Logo!

  13. Alex,
    Whoever you are hiding behind a moniker, now that you have so prominently used my good name to spew your venom over another individual listen up:
    My Family and I are PRO LIFE. We are also for the Right of the Living, and that includes the Right of Women.
    Please make a note of that.
    While I got your attention, and if you know how to do it, look up Document 2008-0564778, dated 6/25/08 on the official Records of the Maricopa County Recorder.
    For the First Time in Arizona History, the “Always Conservatives” may have a homeless member running for a house seat.

  14. Bouie is the biggest thing Republicans continually complain about. He is qualified with City of Phoenix to receive special considerations by being a minority owned business–Bouie is the definition of “part of the problem.” He wants special treatment based on his skin color. Magruder & LaVecke are Bouie fund raisers. LD-6 voters know the differences between Seel and Bouie just fine. Seel serves with the Minutemen. Bouie would dissolve the Minutemen if he could.

  15. I understand why conservatives would want to know where candidates stand on the “platform” but I certainly hope that is not where the conversation and consideration ends. There can be some pretty incompetent candidates who happen to have the “right” answer on the platform issues. Is that all we need to know? Not me.

  16. Horst Kraus,

    I don’t know who you are or why you’re “spewing” in my direction. I assume you’re a supporter of Bouie’s and I’ll take your outburst as a general reflection of the type of supporters he is attracting.

    Coming on to a blog and slapping at random people does your guy no favors. Your attempted cheap shot at his property record also is pretty ugly politics. Having debt problems in today’s economy is hardly unusual. I’m going to assume you’re one of those older wealthy types who looks down at anyone going through a difficult stretch.

    As for Jack’s question, I’d say “No, that’s not all we need to know” in the case of someone who supports the platform, but if you know that a candidate stands in virtual opposition to the platform, that IS all you need to know.

  17. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Calling out that a candidate defaulted on a huge loan (mortgage) is not a cheap shot. Especially if it happened during the actual campaign.

    No matter how great an R someone is, if he’s in major financial trouble he’s not exactly going to be a good candidate for public office.

  18. I wonder if Seel used a mortgage company that got the business because it checked the minority box when getting the contract? That would be irony that Bouie couldn’t criticize.

  19. The Sonoran Alliance owes Tony Bouie an apology. I found the actual questionaire on the Center for Arizona Policy web site, and Mr. Bouie answered OPPOSE on Question #9. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ACTUAL BOUIE QUESTIONAIRE I’m sure this was just a typo on behalf of CAP.

  20. Good grief people! The press release was issued by Carl Seel not Sonoran Alliance! Contact the Seel campaign if you want answers.

  21. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    NOW you have yourself a story. Good work, Carl.

  22. We are aware that CAP has adjusted Mr. Bouie’s answer to their survey question regarding adding “sexual orientation” and others to the list of protected classes. We will take everyone at their word that this was Mr. Bouie’s original intention and note that his answers to the CAP survey now mirror my own. As such, I would not comment further on it and would encourage others to do the same.

    Of course, our differences on taxes (I have signed the No New Taxes pledge), border security (I favor it), Arizona’s employer sanctions law (I will not take money from those looking to pass employer amnesty), and racial discrimination (I oppose it) remain, and we will limit our campaign topics to those legitimate differences.

    In defense of Mr. Bouie, I would like to say that in reading many of these comments, there are many who seem to question Mr. Bouie’s credentials on the issue of Life. I do not, and I would encourage them not to as well. My impression of Mr. Bouie is that he has a pro-life heart. I was honored to receive the endorsement of Arizona Right to Life and would suggest that Mr. Bouie’s failure to receive that endorsement likely has more to do with survey questions that relate more to the periphery of the life issue than the core question of life itself. It is likely also a reflection of my many years working within the movement. As pro-lifers, we should embrace those with pro-life hearts and not berate them for not being 100%. Many of today’s staunchest pro-lifers began as “pro-choice” and gradually made the journey to the truth.

    Where Mr. Bouie and I have differences, let the voters decide which set of values and principles they support. I do not believe that our differences on the issue of Life are substantial enough to warrant such a tug-of-war, and I would encourage those participating in the debate to welcome Mr. Bouie as a pro-lifer and move on to our other, far more meaningful differences

  23. Bummer, that kind of squelches this thread. I thought we’d get to 50 posts. Oh well, on to the next one. Boring.

  24. Prolife Dave says

    For the record, Bouie turned in TWO different surveys to AZ Right to Life. The first did not qualify as prolife. Mysteriously, a second survey was turned in which was much better. His campaign consultant must have told him to wise up. Will the real Bouie please stand up?

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