Press Release: Schweikert Has Another Successful Quarter

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Contact: Bill Connor, (480) 946-1125 /


(Scottsdale, AZ) – The David Schweikert for Congress Campaign announced today that it has raised over $160,000.00 for the second quarter and has now raised over $865,000.00 [year to date] since Schweikert first filed to run for Congress late last year. 

“We are extremely pleased with the outpouring of support we have received from donors all across Arizona”, said Schweikert.  “This will be an expensive race, but I am confident that the support is there to take our message of government reform, national security and governmental downsizing and efficiency to the voters of Congressional District 5.”

With over 1,500 individual donors, Schweikert’s campaign is in the strongest position financially to win against Liberal Congressman Harry Mitchell in November’s general election.

“Our message of reforming Congress and eliminating waste through earmark reform is resonating with donors”, continued Schweikert. “They understand that we need a Congressman who doesn’t just talk about change, but one who is committed to delivering change.  I brought change in the legislature and at the County Treasurer’s office.  I can and will bring change to Washington.”

David Schweikert served as the Maricopa County Treasurer before resigning the office to run for Congress.  Schweikert served as the Majority Whip in the Arizona Legislature where he sponsored comprehensive legislation reforming legislative ethics and curtailing lobbyist influence. In both positions he saved millions of taxpayer dollars through streamlining and innovative implementation of new technologies.  In both positions, Schweikert established a record of proven fiscal and ethical reform.

Schweikert Press Release 071508


  1. Did they list the cash on hand figures? I’m curious to see what the war chest is – because Schweikert’s spending a lot on signs and bumper stickers and office space if Scottsdale’s any indication.

  2. I’m guessing the costs of his TV time aren’t going to be on this quarter’s report either. I’m seeing the commercials on a bunch of channels so you can probably subtract a substancial sum for the real cash on hand.

  3. George of the Desert says

    Yes, by all means, we wouldn’t want a candidate spending any money on TV, radio, mailers, bumper stickers, signs or a campaign office. Whaddya think the money’s for?

  4. Even better, hoard all the funds until later after most people have already voted their early ballot.

    George, you make a good point in an amusing way. Voting begins in less than 3 weeks. Go for it now or lose later.

  5. Conservative to the Core says

    I’m glad we have a candidate like David in this race.

    David knows what he’s doing. He’s fiscal conservative that will spend his money (and the taxpayers) wisely.

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