Press Release: Pearce, Obama Trade Places on Public Financing

This just in from the Gibbons Campaign… We have to admit, this is getting pretty comical.

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Contact: Kevin Gibbons

Pearce, Obama Trade Places on Public Financing – Pearce runs on public money, Obama runs private

Mesa, Arizona – Republican Kevin Gibbons, a candidate for State Senate in LD18, today issued the following statement.

“Russell Pearce and Democrat Barack Obama share at least one thing in common. They have both flip-flopped on the issue of public campaign financing, only in this case, it’s Obama who looks like the conservative.”

Last month, Sen. Obama changed his mind and decided to raise and spend private funds for his general election campaign against Sen. McCain. Obama had previously said he was going to wage his campaign with public funds.  On the flip side, Russell Pearce has been a vocal critic of the publicly-funded Clean Elections system and has run his previous campaigns with privately-raised funds. This election, however, Pearce is taking public money.

“In the past, Russell Pearce has been a vocal critic of the use of taxpayer money (Clean Elections) to finance political campaigns.  Today, Pearce is a publicly funded candidate who will spend close to $60,000 in taxpayer money to fund his campaign,” said Gibbons.

“Pearce’s hypocritical taking of taxpayer money to run a campaign is another sign of politics as usual; candidates saying one thing, but doing another. It’s just another example of a politician milking the system. He knows better,” said Gibbons

Because of matching windfalls from the Gibbons campaign, the money to be received by the Pearce camp is substantially larger than previous election cycles in District 18.

“The average voter in my district has to work up to two years to earn the amount that Pearce will spend, in taxes, in less than two months. We need candidates whose message resonates enough that they can raise money the old fashioned way,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons is a traditionally-funded candidate, meaning that he has to raise money from individual contributors.


  1. By “the old fashioned way,” does Gibbons mean by taking money from Democrats, liquor (which is a no no in the primary in this district), and every other open border liberal in the state. I’d be a little less leery if any of Gibbon’s money was from his district but I’m sure that’s not the case.

  2. This from the guy who took money from Jim Pederson? Give me a break!

  3. What is worse a Republican candidate taking money from clean elections (clean money)or a candidate taking money from the Jim Pedersen form Chairman of Democratic Party and those who want cheap labor (dirty money).

    I would rather have the clean candidate and not the dirty one who beholden to special interest.

  4. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m just surprised Gibbons is so desperate so early!

  5. Who’s desperate??? I’m thinking it’s the guy who calls himself a fiscal conservative but is running his campaign with taxpayer money…sure sounds like desperation to me. Pearce says he’s prinicipled…right up until he needs some cash.

  6. Big Sister says

    Get off your high horse and keep the same version of “principles” from situation to situation. Pearce was scared out of his mind that he was going to lose last time out and he knows it could happen this time.

    He is the epitome’ of a blow-hard bully who couldn’t come up with a new idea if his life depended on it.

    Gibbons got money from Pederson and gave it to a domestic abuse shelter. Ironic.

    He gets money from the liquor industry. Who cares! OK, I get the LDS thing but last time I drove through Mesa there was no lack of bars and the stores stocked alcohol just the same. Keep trying, it ain’t gonna work.

    Pearce can’t get the money on his own and is trying to spin it. He has railed against Clean Elections…until it became necessary for him. What a hypocrite.

  7. I’m sorry to see SA devote space to anything this open borders race baiter has to say.

    Gibbons is financed by Jim Pederson because Gibbons is good for the future of the democrat party. Marion Magruder because Gibbons is good for exploiting workers, and Yuma Farmers (self explanatory. Curiously, Jean McGrath contributes to Gibbons. Sorry I bought her “vote for me” pleas in 2006. I’ll never make that mistake again.

    Gibbons is Jeff “open borders” Flake’s brother-in-law. At the Clean Elections debate Gibbons announced that he was the “immigration expert” causing loud laughter throughout the room. Then Gibbons attacked Pearce for having a career on the government payroll. Pearce reminded Gibbons that Pearce took bullets so that Gibbons and his family would be safe in their home.

    There is no contest here. Gibbons is another open borders “flake” put up by Marion Magruder and the other illegal labor profiteers that would sell out American sovereignty cheap! I don’t see Rep. Pearce losing to this Super RINO slime ball. I agree with the Maricopa County Republican Committee and endorse Pearce in the Primary!

    Rep. Russell Pearce addresses the conservative platform Republican organization, the PAChyderm Coalition, Thursday at El Paso BBQ. 7:00 PM. 4303 W. Peoria Ave. in northwest Phoenix. You won’t find Gibbons hanging around this conservative platform Republican group.

  8. Observer says

    Pearce is accepting money from Democrats. In fact, a large portion of his money will come from Democrats. Republicans aren’t the only ones who pay taxes.

  9. There’s no question that the money side of the question favors Congressman Flake’s immigration attorney brother-in-law. Pearce made exactly the right choice letting Gibbons do his fundraising for him. The choice was appearent the moment Gibbons got in the race. Smart move by Pearce. I have no problem with it at all. Pearce goes clean elections or he has to out fundraise the candidate of the profiteers of illegal immigration.

    Who’s finger do you really want on the voting buzzer in the Arizona Senate? I’ll take Pearce there, definitely.

  10. Food Stamps says

    By finger, do you mean that stub on his right hand? Pearce should now be more compassionate towards welfare moms. He’s walked a mile in their shoes.

  11. Conservative to the Core says

    Food Stamp,

    Your comments are utterly juvenile. To make a joke about the injury that Mr. Pearce sustain while a police officer is really showing your class. Mr. Pearce served with honor and was nearly killed in the line of duty as a police officer. But that probably means nothing to you.

  12. nightcrawler says

    Pearce is a patriot and a good Republican. Bottom-line is he ticked off the business community with his inflexible dogma. Perceived racism (whether true or not) is bad for business. Expect the chamber and other organizations to distance themselves for him. He had to go clean. Grassroots folk don’t have the dough. I believe this race will be very close.

  13. Too bad Gibbons doesn’t have any friends of his own to come to his defense. He has to do his own dirty work and try to slam Pearce. Its a weak effort at best and people will see through his rhetoric. This guy owned “immigration without barriers” what do you think he is going to do for immigration in this state?

  14. White S. Heat says

    I say we invite Gibbons to the next cross burning and show him how real men act. What an Open Borders sissy. By the way, I didn’t see Tollman at the last one. Is he still in town?

  15. As someone who thinks very little of Russell Pearce and does not want to see him back in the legislature, I have to say this attack seems quite unfair.

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Pearce is doing regarding financing his campaign. I am one of those Open Borders sissies who supports Gibbons, but this is a cheap shot. This is why people at all ends of the political spectrum hate electoral politics.

  16. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a sissy, I always thought it was derogatory for men who are unaccountably fearful — mostly of other guys.

    I would say people who are fearfully cowering at the arrival of immigrants are the sissies. Real men, not cowards, can deal with new people and change.

  17. Big Sister says

    Here’s a recap for ya’ Richard, two words….political expediency. As is his custom, he has been very public with his opposition to public funding.

    Now it is in his best personal and financial interest to go “Clean”. It would be the same as if he was found picking up an hombre’ at Home Depot to cut his grass for poquito dinero!

    Not quite like a factory full of illegals cutting chicken but not a consistent, principled choice either.

    Russell just moved into a glass house.

  18. Reflection, distorted says

    In defense of Pearce, he should not be ashamed that the elections rules he fought against now ironically are going to help him. It’s irony, not hypocrisy.

  19. Big Sister says

    It would be irony if it happened by chance; it’s hypocrisy when it is by choice.

  20. “It would be irony if it happened by chance; it’s hypocrisy when it is by choice.”

    And it’s hilarious either way. Everyone’s against socialism until they need a handout.

    I do hope if Pearce wins re-election, he’ll publicly go on record supporting publicly funded campaigns – it’s disappointing that Obama hasn’t followed through with and done the same.

  21. Novangelus says

    White S. Heat says: “I say we invite Gibbons to the next cross burning and show him how real men act. What an Open Borders sissy. ” and no Pearce supporters protests this overt racism! C’mon guys, I agree with much of Pearce’s immigration policies too, but when you fail to expel the racists amongst you it hurts the very thing you want to accomplish. This rhetoric is disgusting. Shame on all of you for keeping silent!

  22. Bob Yokum says

    Pearce is a bad Republican!
    He is for bigger government (more border patrol, new agencies, more red tape)
    More control of business (tell them who they can hire and how, his next agenda? make businesses stay in US and hire americans, no matter how costly or uncompetitive)
    Pearce supports Communist policies – Build a Berlin wall, micro manage businesses – or just have the govt control them completely and blame the mexicans for all the troubles of the world.

  23. Jell E. Fingers says

    You have to ask yourself, what if Dems had been the ones who brought on the heavy regulation of business a la Employer Sanctions? Republicans would be pissed. Plain and simple – its onerous regulation of businss.

    Businesses collect taxes and now enforce immigration laws. What’s next? Have your employer check prostates of men over 40?

  24. Reflection, distorted says

    Political money is like a narcotic. If you are injured, it will help you heal. If you are an addict, it will destroy you. Slowly either way.

  25. nice post…

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