Press Release: Knaperek Endorsed by Rep Adams

Contact: Lauren Barnett, Phone: (602) 326-3702

Rep. Kirk Adams Endorses Knaperek in CD-5 Bid
Another state legislator announces support for Knaperek

TEMPE, Ariz. – State Representative Kirk Adams today announced his endorsement of former lawmaker Laura Knaperek in the Republican race for Arizona Congressional District 5.

“I’m honored to have Rep. Adams’ support. He is a respected conservative voice in the state Legislature and understands the need to give government back to the people,” Knaperek said.

State Representative Kirk Adams has served in the Legislature since 2006 and was named Representative of the Year for 2007 by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Adams is also a longtime National Federation of Independent Business member.

“As a small business owner, I know that Laura Knaperek will oppose tax increases, support the business community and fight for the American family. Laura is not only a true leader; she is a principled and proven voice of reason.” Adams stated.


  1. I noticed Warde Nichols didn’t bring her tremendous fundraising success. Of course, LD21 not really being big in CD5 might have something to do with that. Well, that and the fact that no one knows who Warde Nichols is.

    Now she gets Kirk Adams from LD19? Snooze… Same result. No life, no buzz, no money, no difference. This guy’s less known than Warde Nichols!

  2. All I know is that Laura has my support. As does she of all the local politicians, unlike everyone else running.

  3. Good grief John. Kirk Adams is very well known and is respected as a conservative that gets things done. He led the charge for the successful CPS reform last session, and was recognized by Bob Robb as “one of the leading tax cutters in the House”. And Nichols is a solid conservative too!

  4. Kirk if pandering for Speaker of the House. Just look at who he is supporting.

  5. I think the guy from the McDonalds drive-thru just endorsed Laura Knaperek. Press release to follow soon…

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