Press Release: Knaperek Calls for Energy Independence

For Immediate Release: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Contact: Lauren Barnett, (602) 326-3702

Laura Knaperek Calls For Increased Energy Independence
Proposes the 50% Doctrine, more domestic production

Tempe, Ariz. – Congressional District 5 candidate Laura Knaperek is calling for America to become more energy independent, and she has put forth a bold plan calling for the United States to produce 50% of its energy domestically.

Knaperek said, “Energy is both a national security issue and a growing economic concern. With oil and gas prices surging, Americans are increasingly interested in reducing energy dependence and diversifying energy sources.

“I’m calling for Congress to adopt the 50% Doctrine.  A new national priority must be to increase domestic energy production.  Specifically, America needs to produce 50% of our energy needs at home until future technologies match our energy demands.  If the Congress, White House and American people work together, we can realize this within twenty years.  But, we must start working now,” Knaperek concluded.

Demonstrating her commitment to researching, understanding and finding solutions to the looming energy crisis, Knaperek has been meeting with Arizona energy experts.  On Monday, Laura Knaperek toured the Scottsdale location of American Solar Electric, Inc, a company that specializes in solar-electric power systems for commercial, industrial and residential uses. 

After meetings with energy companies and energy industry experts, Knaperek has released a report “The Looming Energy Crisis – How Congress Needs to Take Charge.”  That paper is attached. 

Knaperek said, “The American people are expecting Congress to take immediate action.  The Congress must adopt a comprehensive plan of action for the short and long term while meeting the market demands in a cost efficient, environmentally-responsible manner.  I’m prepared to do the hard work to help resolve America’s looming energy crisis.”


  1. Great direction Laura, that’s what we need!! Thank you!!

  2. See, like that lame Ogsbury thing, here is another press release from a candidate looking for press. This time SA didn’t whack her like it did Ogsbury. Well done!

  3. cd5 is alive says

    It looks like the primary winner has emerged. She has always been on top of the issues of the day and this great plan has merit. Great job Congresswoman Knaperek!!

  4. Issues, answers, and a realistic plan. WOW! Not just self-aggrandizing pronouncements…how refreshing! Way to go Laura.

  5. Knaperek is such an idiot. “Energy independence”. Why don’t you just form GOSPLAN-USA?

  6. So many shills here for Laura. Or more likely one guy and a bunch of different names… Rah Rah Sis Boom Ba, go team go! Whatever… Until she raises even a minimum amount of money (which she hasn’t) this entire exercise is a waste of time. Mitchell kicked her butt before and he’d be happy to beat her again. “It looks like the primary winner has emerged”? From a press release on energy independence? What a joke…

  7. I am supporting Laura says

    Tim- Harry Mitchell is in big trouble.He is caught between the desires of his constituents and those of the left-wing of his party. CD5 electing Harry was a 1 time lapse of judgement caused by a major add campaign by the Dems in blasting Hayworth(saying he was a criminal etc.), the war and the FISA bill. Go to youtube and search Harry Mitchell. You will see the most negative and disgracefull adds he made spreading lies about JD Hayworth. Now finally, the voters can see what Harry stands for. It is easy to see- NOTHING.
    He ran to the right of Haywoth on immigration, yet he changed his vote on the floor of congress to actually give illegals tax payer money. He said more than once that he wouldnt support the fisa bill, but how did he vote? Ya you guessed he voted for Mr. Bush’s wiretap policy 2x!!!!
    Read this e-mail that features Mr. Harry Mitchell explaining why he turned his back on the left of his party and his promise of not supporting President Bush’s wiretap policy. That blog and it’s members are all left wing Democrats. It sounds like they aren’t getting what they paid for in Harry Mitchell.
    At least Laura Knaperek is a person of conviction. She lets her votes and her actions do the talking.
    Harry, in contrast, says what he thinks will get him votes at the ballot box, and than changes with the wind to avoid political heat from his leaders.
    Harry even said that the troup surge wouldnt help in Iraq. He has been wrong on every issue. He voted 5x against more energy independance for the US. Now Pelosi and Reed are taking a softer approach on drilling in the US. So, I bet Harry changes his stance again. Just watch.

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