Press Release: Karl Rove to Visit Pima County

For Immediate Release: January 4, 2008
Contact: Paula Maxwell, (520) 321-1492

Pima County Republican Party Welcomes Karl Rove to Special Event on January 23:
Former top Bush adviser, architect of election victories to keynote Tucson fundraiser

TUCSON (January 4, 2008) –  The Pima County Republican Party today announced that former Bush Administration political adviser Karl Rove will keynote a fundraiser on January 23, 2008.

“We are honored to welcome such a distinguished guest to Pima County,” Pima County Republican Party Chair said.  “We are extremely pleased that Karl Rove will help our county party in our efforts to secure the critical financial resources that we will need in this important election year to take back our congressional seats from the Democrats and return a Republican to the White House.”The exact time and location of the event will be announced shortly.

Rove is largely credited as the architect of George W. Bush’s presidential election victories in 2000 and 2004 as well as with expanding the Republican majority in the 2002 congressional elections.


  1. Gerry Mander says

    Very cool.

  2. kralmajales says

    Excitement for this man is exactly why the GOP is going to be buried as a party for the next 10 years.

  3. Speak for yourself. Not everyone in the party gets excited about Rove.

    If he was responsible for the congressional elections in 2002 was he also responsible for losing congress in 2006? Or does he just get credit for the good things that happen?

  4. Most probably don’t know the extent of Karl Rove’s involvement in manipulating the NRCC into actively opposing our congressional candidate last year, but he certainly deserves the lion’s share of credit for dividing the party. His visit should generate a fair bit of attention.

  5. Republican Spartan says

    No Republican candidates for state or federal office should come within 100 ft. of the guy. He’s a lightning rod. All the Dems need is a picture of Tim Bee and “the architect” and I could see the attack ads now.

    Rove has outlived his usefulness and he is now a detriment to the party.

    To top it off they’ll probably want $250.00 a seat to see the guy which will solidify a low turn out.

    Good Republicans shouldn’t waste their money by giving it to Rove or the Party but strait to Tim Bee and our other candidates.

    The senior leadership must learn (and they already are) that we’ll quit support their funding when they quit support us. Regardless of what happened here in CD8, Rove was part of the “compassionate conservative” BS aka out of control federal spending and an expansion of federal entitlement programs.

    No matter how you cut it, that just ain’t Republican. Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

  6. Sonoran Sam says

    Republican Spartan is right. When Darth Vader visits the Planet Pima, the protesters will be out in force, having a fun time reminding everyone why they hate Bush and defeated so many Republican incumbents in ’06.

  7. Gimme a break!

    Karl Rove is welcome here.

  8. kralmajales says

    The GOP would do better by bringing down someone like Jeff Flake for a fundraiser.

  9. Rove is welcome by some.

    He does carry some baggage. There are other figures that could do a better job of uniting the party and attracting independents. That should be the focus because if the GOP in Sothern Arizona does not bring independents on board they can kiss CD-8 and legislative seats good by.

  10. Rove is malignancy distilled. A great photo of Bee smiling with the swine master would have the Giffords campaign cheering.

    Rove is anathema to Independents, who see him for the filth he is. Only die hard Republicans regard this soulless monster as anything other than everything terrible in politics.

    With no change in heart rate he could slaughter his own and eat them. He sold his soul a long time ago.

    But by all means, GOP candidates, snuggle and cuddle and give the dems those photos. Be sure to praise Karl and his tactics, “Would you vote for McCain if you knew he beat his wife unconscious and fathered black bastards?”

    Say a prayer for Karl in church tomorrow.


  11. Geez, are we getting testy? Name calling swear words.. of course it doesn’t count if you only put the first letter and *** after right? (on another post) What happened to all the love?

  12. Kudos Lynn.

    The guy wins elections and all this bile?

    Former Right Winger, Rove wins elections by expanding the base not by pandering to middlings and you call him filth? Sounds like a good case of jealousy.

    We lost 2006 because rebels in the House ran away from the President instead of defending him and the rogues were crushed. Go figure.

    If you people are really serious about ending the partisanship in politics, you would do well to cease fire on all the baseless name calling. I am often reminded of good ole Dick Nixon: “Those that hate you don’t win, unless you hate them back.”

    GOP 2008!

  13. x4mr,

    As a die hard Republican please do not lump me in with Rove supporters. I do not agree with everything you said about him but please count me out of his fan club.


    If you believe your own words please take that photo of Bee standing next to Rove and get it out on the internet.

  14. Republican Spartan says

    Mr. Bretney, with all due respect, do you remember what Huffy and Gabby did to Randy Graf last year?

    They killed him with the concept of “guilty by association.”

    Nobody is discrediting Mr. Rove’s ability or previous record of winning elections but the reality is he’s become the victim of a successful media and democrat campaign to paint him as the anti-Christ and it worked.

    Any candidate that thinks injecting any controversy into a race in a swing district with an incumbent of the opposite party has to seriously consider being connected to Rove.

    If he’s such a big help to Republicans why hasn’t McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Guilianni, Thompson or Hunter recruited him for their campaign?

    The reason is that much like the way the Hilldabeast is hated by 48% of Americans to the point where they say they will NEVER vote for her, an association to Rove, who is also hated by a similarly high number of Americans, will have the same result.

    A significant amount of voters in CD8 are “jump ship” Republicans, crossover Reagan Democrats, and Independents. While Rove was able to get many of them to vote for Bush in 2004, (probably more of a vote against Hanoi John than for Bush) 2006 clearly demonstrated the Dems took them back.

    If seeing Rove with Tim Bee ticks off just 5% of those swing voters in CD, the race could be lost for Tim. Why in his right mind would he even want to take the chance of being seen in public with Rove?

    That goes for any candidate for that matter when it comes to running in the General. It might give him a nice little boost in the primary against more moderate fellow Republicans but then in the General election they’re toast.

    I bet you even Rove would agree. Count on Tim Bee meeting with him in private. Odds are Tim will be “conveniently” busy with the budget anyway.

  15. kralmajales says

    X4mr reminds me of how much more I could have said. Well done.

  16. I’d actually like a picture of cj kralmajales with Rove posted on the internet.

    I don’t see this as being anything but a big controversy generator for Pima GOP at this point but what do I know. I also think that a few of the candidates may be washing their hair that day but I could be wrong On the other hand they’ll get some media and maybe even a “thorn” from the Star in their “flowers and thorns” section that they ripped off from that literary imprimatur, TV Guide.

    Hey, get Rovie in here and lets watch the libs go all apoplectic. Kralmajales may soil himself. Should be fun.

  17. Wins elections? Rove was good at raising money, but lousy at winning elections. Bush won in two squeakers against anything but impressive Democrats. In the meantime, his policy decisions weakened the party to the point of a massacre in 2007. Now the party can’t raise any money.

    Former right winger Rove? More like opportunistic Rove. Who would consider Rove a right winger?

  18. This is a fundraiser for the county GOP. People will buy tickets…whether or not they like Rove.

    ‘Nuff said on that.

  19. kralmajales says


    If I didn’t have to donate to the GOP to do it, I would LOVE to be in a picture with Karl Rove. It would be among my most cherished items. I might also get the chance to ask him how he helped Scooter Libby “out” a CIA agent who was in the field.

    As far as apopletic goes, I doubt. Even members of your own party think it unwise to bring him here and the Dems might just publicize it a little for ya to remind voters of just how “typical” the GOP really is when it tries to say things like “change”.

  20. Republican Spartan says

    Thanks Rex,
    I have total confidence in giving my money to Judi White; after all she has been so successful during her term keeping our local candidates in office and our congressional district safely in Republican hands.

    I guess if you’re Jon Kyl you’d be happy with Judi’s effort to support your campaign in 2006 but if you were any other candidate that ran for office in Nov ’06 I think you’d probably think otherwise.

    So bring in a polarizing guy that has helped wreck and divided our party so he can raise money for an incompetent local party that has wrecked and divided our party.

    Sorry, I’ll skip the Rove love-in and just mail a check to Tim Bee where it will do the most good.

  21. Kudos to Rex for his restraint.

    All this smearing and demogoguery of x4mr, cj and SS: reminds me of the school house lesson in totalitarian propaganda:

    1) repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth
    2) Big lies are easier to tell than little lies.

    x4mr, cj and SS are not republicans or conservatives. They want us to be divided. That is why they are here.

    We have heard a lot of talk about how Rove lost the 06 elections (Will). Karl Rove divided the party. (AZAce) Karl Rove is tax cut and spend Republican. (Republican Spartan) Rove is a divider and not a uniter. (Len) And we have heard from those that just don’t like Rove (Jen).

    I did not know who Huffy was until I read about him losing ground to Randy Graf in the Wall Street Journal. I liked Randy back then. I like Randy now. But at the time, he was running with Tom Tancredo – a man I consider a political adventurer.

    Pete Wilson used Tancredo’s tactics in California and handed the state over to Gray Davis. So I did not vote. Neither did my brother, mother and father – all of us good republicans.

    Randy had tied his political fortunes to Tom Tancredo. Tancredo recuited candidates to oppose Bush, Rove and Tom Delay called Team America.

    “Tancredo founded the Team America political action committee in 2004 in order to raise contributions for congressional candidates who opposed illegal immigration. . . . The PAC was noted for targeting incumbent Congressman Chris Cannon in the 2006 Republican primary.”

    Well Tom Tancredo dropped out of the Presidential race and is now running for the US Senate. Randy Graf like a one-time Presidential contender Pete Wilson is no longer in public life. Meanhwile Nancy Pelosi, who sits to the left of Gray Davis is the Majority Leader.

    The reason why Democrats smear Rove is because he can recruit blacks and latinos to vote for the GOP. Now we can weigh whether McCain’s plan or the merits of self-deportation and attrition. We have to acknowledge the unrest along the border by closing it with a Duncan Hunter double fence and 30,000 BP agents on the border armed with drones and SBInet. But we serve our cause no justice when we villify fellow republicans with whom we disagree.

    If anyone thinks I am soft on immigration or illegal aliens I would like you to contrast Silvestre Herrera and Tom Tancredo. Tom Tancredo supported the Vietnam and Iraq war though he has never served. Arizonan Silvestre Herrera lost both his legs and won the Congressional Medal of Honor in France. Because Herrera was a Mexican National, he did not have to serve. “They told us if we served in the Army, we would be able to get our citizenship,” he explained. “I knew this was something I wanted to do.”

    Herrera died recently at the ripe old age of 90, but if he were alive today: he would be an illegal alien that Tancredo would want to deport.

  22. Sonoran Sam says

    “The reason why Democrats smear Rove is because he can recruit blacks and latinos to vote for the GOP. ”

    That’s just about the funniest thing I’ve read in months.

    Thanks, James.

  23. GOP Man Fan says

    Karl Rove is hot…

  24. “The reason why Democrats smear Rove is because he can recruit blacks and latinos to vote for the GOP.”

    Yeah, I have to agree with Sonoran Sam on this one – this is a gut buster.

  25. Taylor Hicks says

    President Bush, Vice President Cheney and their executioner Lieutenant Rove have disregarded the values so cherished by the Republican Party. Their ideology have been to channel millions of dollars to those party members who have pledged total absolute loyalty to the Bush administration. This includes creating/channeling campaign funds for their elections, making appointments of the undeserving and/or unqualified boot lickers to high Federal offices and awarding large military/government contracts to thousands of companies that are owned directly or indirectly by his supporters. Many of these contracting companies are sham organizations and/or have no accountability.

    We in the “South Eastern States” have surely suffered the most from the presidency of Bush. We are facing a very serious dilemma; we have a new strain of government corruption that is immune to the antibodies of the justice system as defined by the constitution which incudes: (a) Election fraud, (b) political favors for illegal campaign contributions (large oil companies, Tobacco Companies, Gambling Casinos, etc.), ( c) corrupt Bush appointed U.S Attorneys that spend millions of dollars profiling high ranking Democrats so that their offices can be freed up for a Bush operative and (d) Bush appointed U.S. Judges that removes the threat of a political comeback by giving maximum sentences with appeal denials and highly restricted correspondence.

  26. Good thread. Rove will say anything about anyone to swing an election. Truth does not exist. Would you vote for Ann Richards if you knew she was a lesbian and had a lesbian staff? If you heard Hillary was part of a Satanic cult that slaughtered baby girls, would it affect your vote? I covered John McCain. Rove serves Rove and threw the GOP under the bus. All moral high ground and credibility are toast.

    Why do you think Ron Paul is generating such electricity? Rove lies. Bush lies. Cheney lies. They serve their own agenda at the GOP’s expense. The debates this weekend were about what? WHO IS THE GREATEST FORCE FOR CHANGE. Romney, McCain, Huckabee went at it over who was for change.

    Change from what?

    Mr. Bee, why not hire Rove? Would you vote for Gabrielle Giffords if you learned she was a meth head who used nine year old prostitutes to fund her habit?

    I can’t invent lies as well as Karl. He’s the commander of slander, the king of crap, the prince of puke, everything the country and the world has grown to HATE. When it comes to Rove, forget about love. There’s too much blood under that bridge.

  27. Klute and SS,

    From the desk of the LA Times, hardly what one would call a temple of conservative imperium notes:

    “Rove and then-Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman managed to help Bush increase his support among blacks, women, Latinos, independents and urbanites and defeat an opponent who got 8 million more votes than Al Gore. The Republicans held on to the House and Senate too — a feat not equaled since FDR’s reelection in 1936. Coming on top of GOP gains in 2002, it was a truly remarkable achievement. . . . Rove engineered Bush’s victory in 2000 by promising a different kind of Republican, a.k.a. a “compassionate conservative.” That meant generally staying mute on racial issues, luring Latinos into the GOP fold.”,0,1275195.column?coll=la-opinion-center

    x4mr: you need to start citing your sources.

  28. There have been two debates, a caucus, and countless other happenings on both the D and R side of things since this post originated and the debate continues over Karl Rove?

    Love him or hate him, that has to say something.

  29. Sonoran Alliance says


    Sorry, our staff took the weekend off in sympathy with the striking writers. Please see our Weekend update.

  30. I’d forgotten all about Rove’s slander of McCain’s wife that she was a drug addict (utterly false).

    google it.

  31. Yeah, a whopping 2% increase in 2004 from 2000 (88% to 90%), and that was before GWB decided to head to California while the Ninth Ward was being turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet for Louisiana’s alligator population- don’t think that’s ever going to be forgotten. Katrina lost the African-American vote for the GOP for another generation, and if Obama gets the nomination, the GOPs going to try to apply the Southern Strategy across the nation, so mark it down for 2 generations.

    As for Latinos, if Melman and Rove (and let’s be fair – Melman was trying a lot harder here) were making any headway, it’s gone now, thanks to the rabid anti-immigration-types.

    Rove’s moment was 9/11 – he was able to surf the wave of anger and fear for 5 year.

  32. You google it, you put it out there.

    Katrina? Bush’s fault for 4 generations of welfare, Ray Naugin has admitted some blame and who’s the governor now? And how come Mississippi and Alabama fared a lot better than NOLA though the damage there was a lot worse.

    I know I know blame Bush, you people are a one note chorus

  33. I could get into the hydrology of NOLA vs Pass Christian (Alabama was outside the core of the storm – it suffered about as much as Florida or Texas – which is to say “not that much”), or how Haley Barbour was treated vs Katherine Blanco (and how Rove set that up), or how Chertoff and Brown screwed up the response so badly they didn’t even know about the horror going on at the Morial Conference Center among other things, or how the affluent white sections of NOLA fared vs the poor black sections (Metarie and the Garden District vs. the Quarter and the Ninth Ward)…

    But James, the GOP is fighting perceptions. And they remember spending a week on the roof of their house and while Bush was having cake with McCain in Phoenix. Whatever Melman did (and Rove wasn’t part of that – Rove would sacrifice his own grandmother if it meant getting 51% of the vote) is to quote J.D. Kineticoworth, “vapor”.

  34. Klute,

    In the movie WATERLOO, Rod Steiger as Napoleon just escaped from Elba. Marshall Ney, Napoleon’s erstwhile second in command, told King Louis (played by Orson Wells) that he (Ney) would bring Napoleon back in an iron cage.

    King Louis replied after Ney leaves: “An iron cage? No one asked for that – these generals how they exagerate.”

    There has been a lot bloviating ever since the 2002 elections. Bush with a swastika, Bush with horns and a tail, Bush with the middle finger. I mean I can’t say that I was innocent during the Clinton years, because I did it too. I read Floyd Brown’s book. I got his autograph. I investigated Ruby Ridge and Waco when I was an intern for McCain. I was one of those guys – kind of like you are now.

    My point is you cannot prove anything you have said about Rove or Bush. All you are really doing is exaggerating and it makes your side look silly.

    I mean Katrina still has serious problems. From the working poor still living in FEMA parks living alongside the underserving poor who have dedicated generations to going on the dole to re-zoning. Blaming Bush, exaggerating and in most cases inventing weaknesses our involvement does not help America.

    “Never ascribe to malice what one can ascribe to incompetence.” Napoleon

  35. I’m not going to refight the Katrina situation here (which I *could* prove each point – especially the Brown/Chertoff thing, where apparently the buck only stops after the people are braying for someone’s head), but my point is the perception – Rove is seen as a monster by a good 35% of the population, and disliked by a good deal more (f the comments on this *conservative* blog are any indication).

    If I were Gabby, I’d put a picture with him and Tim Bee on a mailer and write: Gabby offers change, Tim Bee offers four more years of THIS. CD 8 is getting more liberal, as is the rest of Arizona, not less. I hope the State GOP is as ossified as I think it is, because that’ll make it even easier to elect Dems to the state house and senate before 2010, and then we can get our hands on the re-apportionment.

  36. Oh, and I forgot to mention… I’m not trying to divide the GOP here. I like intelligent political debate – and since all but two of my friends are left-of-center, it’s nice to have a place to do that.

    Now, the long con I’m pulling over at FreeRepublic, that’s another story. >:)

  37. Klute,

    Ossified? I don’t know about the state party but Judi White has the whole connecting with the youth thing under control for Pima County so not to worry. It is one of her “outreach” programs. There was even a recent event for Republican women 80 years and older.

    You could not divide the GOP if you wanted to. That task has already been covered. GWB did an excellent job by not enforcing the border and letting spending get out of control.

  38. Klute,

    What was Governor Blanco’s role in Katrina? Or Mayor Ray Naugin?

  39. By the way, I called Paula about this event today. I plan on going if I can.

  40. *sigh* Just so everyone knows, I tried not to do this here.

    Nagin, as mayor – and in occurrance with the Hurricane warning/watch system (which works – I’ve personally lived through Hurricanes David, Andrew, and Irene [which *was* a hurricane despite what NOAA says] in South Florida), Nagin issued a voluntary evacuation order on the 25th and a mandatory on the 27th. He failed in one aspect, he didn’t follow the city’s evacuation plan, which would have evacuated more, but still left tens of thousands stranded. His point has merit though – what’s he going to do, force the bus drivers to work at gunpoint? But, no, he’s not blameless. And I never said he was.

    And, as a side note, when most of your population lives within the flood zone, an evacuation of everyone is impossible. My father remained stranded on the 13th floor of his building after he sent the rest of his family north to Orlando because there wasn’t room for everyone in the cars during Hurricane Wilma… and they’re not poor.

    As for Blanco, she got the shortest shrift, because Bush/Rove played the media *very* well. On the 25th, she implemented the state’s emergency plan. On the 26th, she formally requested FEMA’s assistance acknowledging the state wasn’t going to be able to handle it. On the 27th, she got it and she mobilized the Louisana national guard, and requested (and got) help from Arkansas and Missouri. On the 29th – she requested even more help from the Feds and *could not* get the president on the line. Here’s why:

    She screwed up by not handing over the response to feds sooner – although in retrospect, God knows how many more would have died if Michael Brown had been involved sooner, so maybe she did good.

    Bush should have headed home as soon as he heard one of the greatest American cities was about to be destroyed. He could have offered leadership. Instead, he went west to eat cake and play guitar:

    I could go into more, but you’ve got my position. I do play the “blame game” as Tony Snow tried to minimize the responsibility due to certain people – Blanco, Nagin, Brown, Chertoff, Honore, Bush – they all should take responsibility. But Republicans have NEVER owned up to how their boy acted during the storm. I, for one, will never, EVER, forget how Bush played politics while people died – and frankly, unless he has a McNamara moment and owns up to it, I’ll never forgive him.


  41. Did she have any details? What is the cost?

  42. Paula told me to call back in a week. I am going to organize a Cochise delegation.

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