Press Release: Gorman Endorses Bouie

CONTACT: Tony Bouie, PHONE: (623) 551-7557

State Senator Pamela Gorman Endorses Bouie To Fill Vacant House Seat

(Anthem, AZ) – State Senator Pamela Gorman (R-Anthem) endorsed Tony Bouie’s campaign for State House in Legislative District 6, citing his leadership skills and understanding of the district as being what House District 6 needs.

“Tony Bouie is a good conservative who has shown leadership on important issues to Arizona families. His proven record of commitment to defending traditional family values will be a great asset in the Arizona House of Representatives.” Gorman said of Bouie. “I look forward to serving with Tony at the Legislature and know that my friends and neighbors in District 6 would be well served by him.”

Tony Bouie, an Anthem resident since 2001, is hopeful that this endorsement will give the voters confidence in his abilities. “Senator Gorman knows the voters of this district inside and out, and I am honored to have her public support,” said Bouie.

Bouie is the Chairman and CEO of Halo Cups, Inc. He holds a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, a bachelor’s in media arts and masters in Language Reading and Culture from the University of Arizona. He played football and baseball at the University of Arizona before he went on to play in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four seasons. He is married to a former school teacher, Allison, and they have two daughters, Natalie, 3 and Eboni, 1.

More information about Tony Bouie can be found at


Senator Pamela Gorman was awarded various conservative awards including the Arizona Family Project “Friend of the Family” Award and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers “Taxpayer Hero” Award.


  1. Can Senator Gorman back up her statements with any evidence? Usually good conservatives are formed over years, not a few short weeks after switching parties. I’d like to see a little evidence of his “leadership” and “good conservatism.” The press release is so generic and out of touch with apparent facts that it reads like a press release delivered after a Jesse Jackson style shakedown.

  2. Leroy in CG says

    Like almost everything Gorman says, this was Chris-tened and half-baked using the cyclotronic reimaging machines at the North Scottsdale spin factory.

  3. Keen Observer says

    This is the second time Gorman gone against Arizona Right to Life and endorsed the other candidate.

    Gorman endorsed WishLister Peggy Neely for the Phoenix City Council in 2005 when AZRTL endorsed Mark Warren.

  4. GlendaleGOP says

    Its all about Gorman versus Crump. He doesn’t like or trust Bouie, so she does. Its going to be fun when those two run for Shadegg’s seat! Not really a surprise to see her parroting Shadegg in these early stages. Good point about the Life endorsements though.

  5. Richard Wayne says

    Glendale GOP has it right. For Gorman, this is all about positioning for a race to replace Shadegg when he vacates that CD seat. She will do almost anything, including jettisoning her family, to reach that goal.

  6. Richard Wayne,

    Twenty+ years ago, your last sentence would have been considered the words of a “male chauvinist pig”. Today, even school children would say, “Wow! I guess he’s just jealous!” if asked why you might make a statement like that.

    One thing is sure, you are a misogynist.

    For 10 short days in February 2008, when Shadegg announced he would not seek his seat again, our District 6 AZ Rep. – Sam Crump – was excited about the possibility of being a US Congressman.

    RW, how would you have written your paragraph then?

    Something like….”For Crump, this all about positioning for a race to replace Shadegg when he vacates that CD seat. He will do almost anything, including jettisoning his family, to reach that goal.”

    Not in this lifetime, would you have written a paragraph about Crump using that kind of pathetic and disparaging insinuation regarding his family/parenting.

    You most likely would have written, “For Crump, this all about being put in his rightful place at the top of the candidate list to replace Shadegg when he vacates his CD seat. Crump will do almost anything, including relocating his wife and four children to the DC area, in order to reach his goal of serving the people at the Capitol.”

    Let’s see. In just a few weeks, You’ve got a STRIKE against a conservative black candidate, a STRIKE against a conservative white female and a STRIKE against anyone else that crosses paths with Seel.

    3 K’s and you’re out.

    Batter up.

  7. GlendaleGOP says

    Big differences Bob, because Crump isn’t doing anything here that goes against conservative principles, while Gorman is. Crump is support the Republican, Gorman the Democrat. Crump is supporting the conservative, Gorman the pro-open border, pro-affirmative action liberal/moderate. And if the debate is about the candidates and their families, anybody who knows the situation knows that Crump is still happily married and home with his. I don’t know enough about Gorman’s situation and she might very well have been left with no choice but to leave her husband, so I don’t knock her at all for that. But trying to equate the two (Crump and Gorman) and saying that Crump would “jettison” his family doesn’t wash. You really couldn’t even begin to make that case in Crump’s case.

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