Press Release: Gibbons Vows to Protect Free Speech

Contact: Kevin Gibbons

PEARCE ON CAMPAIGN WELFARE: Gibbons vows to protect Political Free Speech

Mesa, Arizona – Republican Kevin Gibbons, a candidate for State Senate in LD18, today issued the following statement.

Sunday’s August 10 edition of the East Valley Tribune has an article (Immigration key issue in Senate race in Mesa) in which Russell Pearce describes his tough stance on welfare recipients:

“People, especially able-bodied folks, need to get off their butts and go to work instead of depending on taxpayer money,” Pearce said.

“Pearce should take his own advice on when it comes to his dependence on taxpayer money to run his own campaign,” said Gibbons.

Pearce has been a vocal critic of the publicly-funded Clean Elections system and has run his previous campaigns with privately-raised funds.

“Pearce’s hypocritical taking of a taxpayer handout to finance his campaign is another sign of a politician milking the system. It’s an embarrassment to fiscal conservatives,” said Gibbons. 

Because of matching windfalls from the Gibbons campaign, the money to be received by the Pearce camp is about $60,000, an amount substantially greater than previous election cycles in District 18.

“It’s a big pet-peeve to District 18 voters. They feel it’s akin to receiving electoral food stamps. They’re bagging groceries at the checkout line while Pearce walks away with filet mignon,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons is a traditionally-funded candidate, meaning that he has to raise money from individual contributors. He believes that the Clean Elections System is flawed. A government sponsored “Clean Elections” candidate automatically receives matching checks from taxpayer money without lifting a finger. It puts the traditional candidate at a huge disadvantage.

“As a First Amendment advocate, I pledge to fight to reform the current system. We need to take the handcuffs off of political free speech,” said Gibbons.



  1. Actually Gibbons wants to silence those who disagree with him.

    Not suprising as I noted he refused to post a statement in the voters phamphlet.

  2. Check your facts says

    So Kevin, where did your $60,000 windfall come from?

  3. It looks like Gibbons forgot to say anything about free speech in until the end.

    This is how they taught me not to write in school.

    Oh, I forgot Gibbons is a lawyer.

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