Press Release: Gibbons Endorsed by MPA

Senate Candidate Kevin Gibbons has been endorsed by the Mesa Police Association. Read the press release by clicking here.


  1. Leroy in CG says

    I am shocked. The forces of Senor Gascon, the import from the streets of the barrios in Los Angeles who protects illegals from Arizona Law, have decided to support the opponent of Russell Pearce. I’ll bet that they will not endorse Sheriff Joe, either.

    Be still, my heart. I am hardly able to understand why that would happen.

    This is not a press release, it is just a confirmation of what has happened forever.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Maybe they are more concerned about the fact that cuts in state and local taxes have decimated the wages of our law enforcement statewide. Pearce’s continued attacks on taxing and spending have affected law enforcement like all other government programs.

    It also might also have to do with the fact that Pearce supports using local law enforcement to do the work of policing immigration…when they have low resources and manpower…and even though it is the job of the federal government (yes, another government program).

    I supect that Gibbons must support police and they are problably aware that he may not have the same draconian policies that have adversely impacted law enforcement and other necessary government programs and policies.

  3. Leroy in CG says

    Since an internal memo from the Phoenix Police Department stated that over 80% of all new crime since 2000 was committed by illegal aliens, perhaps the Senor Gascon has created his own shortage by not doing his job under federal dna state laws.

    We now know that crime in the valley has coincidentally dropped to its lowest level since the turn of the century and that occurred concurrently with the ramped up enforcement against those who flaunt our sovereignty.

    Don’t go after the foxes that are killing hens by using that lame excuse for the actions of the pro-illegals. That dog won’t hunt.

  4. Renterjoe says

    The Police Association in Mesa is a Joke!! They pander to Chief Gascon. Why because they want his ear.

    Ask any of the police in the field who they support. The police association hasn’t represented the officers in a long time other than to give them lip service.

    They want something from Mesa and they will do or say what ever it takes to it.

    As a landlord I know first hand that they can not be relied upon when you need them. It is always somebody else problems to deal with.

    The fact that there is no money to do their job has no direct bearing upon Russell Pearce. It has everything to do with the City Council the fact they can’t spend less that they take in.

    The fact of the matter is the police have been given more over the years and crime has increase in my neighborhoods not gone down.

  5. Kralmajales,

    You keep saying that about how the GOP is cutting taxes, spending, and the salaries of police and firefighters, but is it really true? I know that property taxes have gone way up along with home values (and have not yet come back down), and sales tax in Phoenix is a nice, healthy 8.3%. State income tax rates have decreased slightly in the last couple years, but not enough to make up for years and years of the “bracket creep” that occurs because none of the brackets, deductions, or exemptions are indexed for inflation.

    Are we really underpaying our public servants compared to other states? More importantly, with the state budget spiraling out of control as it has ever since the Hull administration, is ANYTHING actually being cut? The current crop of Republicans may spend less than Democrats, but most of them abandoned fiscal conservatism a long time ago. (Pearce may be an exception, but how much of a difference could he possibly make by himself?) As a result, I haven’t heard about police and firefighter salaries for a long time–definitely not in this current campaign. Indeed, the MPA press release says nothing about salaries.

    I don’t think this has anything at all to do with salaries, and very little to do with immigration. It’s just a union doing what unions do–supporting liberalism and/or opposing conservatism. The only difference is that this year they have decided to cross party lines to do it.

    Just one more thing…I do support our public servants, but what the hell do I care who they support at any level of government????? Their job is to put out fires and catch bad guys, and that’s it. Their opinions on politics are no more or less important than any of ours. To me, it’s like choosing between two brands of ketchup, one of which is “police recommended.”

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