Press Release: Gibbons Between Barack and a Tax Increase

For Immediate Release: July 21, 2008
Contact: Rep. Andy Biggs,                                                                                     

Kevin Gibbons Trapped Between Barack and a Tax Increase

House Transportation Chairman Andy Biggs to Gibbons: Give Back Money from Democrats and Governor’s Transportation Plan Backers

MESA –  In the latest salvo from special interest-funded newcomer District 18 Senate Candidate Kevin Gibbons, he compared Representative Russell Pearce to Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama.  To that notion, House Transportation Chairman Andy Biggs replied, “Barack Obama and Russell Pearce have about as much in common as Kevin Gibbons and a real Republican.” 

Governor Janet Napolitano is a top supporter of Barack Obama.  Her top fundraiser Jim Pederson and his family gave over $1,500 to Kevin Gibbons and over $10,000 to Barack Obama.  Under intense scrutiny, Gibbons gave away Jim Pederson’s money.  However, Gibbons has not given back the other $6,660 that he has raised from Democrats and backers of the Governor Napolitano’s transportation tax increase plan.
“At least 13% of Gibbons’ donors are Democrats or supporters of Governor Napolitano’s TIME initiative,” said Biggs, “It’s tough to question someone else’s fiscal credentials when you have so many backers of expanded government and wasteful spending in your own camp.” 

Kevin Gibbons has claimed to be a proponent of smaller government and cutting back on wasteful spending.  However, he is supported by Democrats and those who are backing the Governor’s TIME Initiative, which raises sales tax rates nearly 18% for 30 years to pay for a litany of wasteful projects.  Her plan includes $1.7 billion in giveaways to environmental groups and billions more to light rail and inter-city trains. 

“Why hasn’t Kevin Gibbons come out against the Governor’s TIME Initiative?” questioned Biggs, “We know the Governor is willing to cut deals to get support for her pet project.  Has Kevin Gibbons been convinced that investing in a statewide train service is a ‘critical’ transportation need?”

From the budget borrowing to the transportation tax increase, the Governor and Senate and House Democrats have placed a lot of future burden on Arizona’s taxpayers.  Jim Pederson and others on Gibbons’ donor list have been helping push these initiatives. 

Biggs concluded, “If Kevin Gibbons wants to run as a Republican, it’s time for him to start acting like it.  Support from people who advocate for this kind of wasteful spending is unacceptable for a Republican legislative candidate.  He should give that money back.”

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  1. Mesa Man says

    More bad news for Gibbons. Perhaps Gibbons should think about the company he keeps before he starts attacking Pearce.

  2. Maybe he’ll show his true colors next time and run as a Democrat. Seems to work well for Dan Saban!

  3. First Trollman, next the Maricopa County Republican Party, now Biggs? I can’t wait to see who’s the next Russell Pearce lap dog. By the way, most lap dogs are chihuahuas. Ironic? Don’t tell Russell.

  4. It is a big deal… You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. In this case, Gibbons surrounds himself with people who want to raise our taxes.

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