Press Release: Bouie Endorsed by Phoenix Chamber

The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Republican candidate for District 6 House, Tony Bouie. Read the press release here.


  1. Again, why the fascination with press releases from this one race? Granted, the Phoenix Chamber loves Phil Gordon, so them endorsing Bouie isn’t exactly brag-worthy. But SA’s fascination with the minutia in this race is bizarre.

    Will you be giving us the entire list of Phoenix Chamber endorsements?

  2. John,

    By your use of the word race, do you mean the LD-6 primary or the BLACK race.

    Your comments in the ‘Mike Pence is a RINO’ thread last night leaves the question wide open again this morning.

  3. Bouie is really racking up the endorsements from the prime players in the community but the Republican party is reluctant to support him. He’s obviously got the right pedigree to be a viable political force and puports, at least, to be a true conservative. What’s up with the party?

  4. You’re a sad little man Bob. Go be ugly somewhere else.

  5. John – don’t get envious but I’m a big man.

    If Dissent = ugly


    GOP = History

  6. GlendaleGOP says

    Small inside Bob, small in heart, small in spirit, at least judging by the ugliness of your posts. Sticking it in a big body doesn’t change that. Argue merits and facts, but trying to inject race into a conversation where it doesn’t belong is small.

  7. Glendale GOP:

    Read the Pence posts from last night for your primer in GOP race relations. Read, if you can, and then quit finger-pointing. You guys really are your own worst enemies.

    Enough with the nanny-nanny-boo-boo cries from you and your ARA cousins.

    You guys really must have had some “Mommy Dearest” episodes in your past to have such inferiority complexes to recover from.

    The attempted intimidation tactics, hate and angry tirades that you and your partners engage in are your way of saying, “You REFUSE to submit to our authority over you.”

    Yes, G-town GOP, we do. We refuse to remain silent. We refuse to allow you all to crawl back under the rocks.

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