Press Release: Bouie endorsed by Paradise Valley Mayor

CONTACT: Tony Bouie, PHONE: (623) 551‐7557

Paradise Valley Mayor and community leader, Vernon Parker Endorses Tony Bouie

(Anthem, AZ) – Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker endorsed Tony Bouie, Republican candidate in Legislative District 6, today.

“Mr. Bouie has the business and educational background to understand and make critical decisions on the issues that are facing the citizens of Arizona,” Parker said. “He has demonstrated in his past the ability to lead and make sound decisions. I see a promising legislator in Tony Bouie. I wholly endorse his candidacy for State Representative.”

Tony Bouie, an Anthem resident since 2001, believes the endorsement of from Parker will speak volume to the citizens of Legislative District 6. “As the mayor of Paradise Valley, former Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights for the Department of Agriculture and as the Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush, Vernon Parker has proven that he knows what it takes to be a good leader,” said Bouie. “I am honored that he has seen it fit to endorse my run for the legislature.”

Bouie is the Chairman and CEO of Halo Cups, Inc. He holds a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University,a bachelor’s in media arts and masters in Language Reading and Culture from the University of Arizona. He played football and baseball at the University of Arizona before he went on to play football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four seasons. He is married to a former school teacher, Allison, and has two daughters, Natalie, 3 and Eboni, 1.

More information about Tony Bouie can be found at


  1. Civil Rights says

    Vernon Parker came out against the Civil Rights Initiative, which will ban racial and gender preferences in government. That tells you where his beliefs lie – as well as Bouie’s. Considering the vast majority of Arizonans support this initiative, Bouie is in the far left minority. He does not represent the voters of District 6, who lean conservative.

  2. Buddy Breon says

    Bouie is a Democrat. He is a sheep in wolf’s clothes. Why that doesn’t bother the rest of you in LD-6 is beyond bizarre. He is destined to lead us where we don’t want to go. My question is: Why is Doug Clark and Pamela Gorman doing this? Is power so important to them that even turning on the Party is a legitimate action? This candidate is outrageous. He may live in Anthem, but his heart is in the offices at Thomas and Central Ave.

  3. Grow up. Reagan was a democrat. Don’t we want to grow the party? Far left? Sheep in wolves clothes (actually Buddy the term is wolf in sheeps clothing) The guy was involved in a pro life group before he was ever in politics. Go look on the internet. As for the Civil Rights Initiative? Let me guess the fact he has a minority certified business despite according to the Yellow Sheet he has never taken or sought a preference leads you to that conclusion. Well let me tell you something, the leader of the Civil Rights Initiative, according to press acounts, took preferences when he was in California. So does that mean Connerly is a liberal?

  4. Bob in DV says

    A young man from my church attended UofA and played football w/ Tony Bouie. For years, he has bragged about Tony’s work ethic, academic intelligence, leadership skills and respect from everyone who knows him – all of this even BEFORE he was diagnosed w/ cancer. My friend said that Tony always has had a desire to serve and is one of the best examples of a young man who “has it together” that he has ever known.

    If nothing else, can’t we conservative Republicans credit Tony Bouie for filling his first 30+ years w/ THREE degrees from AZ Universities, a UofA Hall of Fame career, an NFL career, his own business, inventive patents, a wife and children and a Christian walk of faith. This is no small accomplishment – for anyone 30 something years old. He’s been busy.

    Many have evil/skeptical thoughts about this young man and he may not get much out of the LD 6 voters, but I’d bet the ranch that he’ll be around to stay in AZ politics. He’s had his roots here for almost 20 years.

  5. I too thought about the CRI connection when I heard about Parker endorsing him. Its a strange endorsement to trumpet, because Paradise Valley carries no weight in LD6, so all you do is raise additional questions on the affirmative action issue when you’ve been trying to duck it the whole time. A weird strategy.

  6. SA running a press release from the known liberal in the race? Let’s see…an article about Sam Crump or Carl Seel, both with actual conservative credentials OR life long Democrat Bouie. SA decides on a Bouie press release reprint. Wow! Not the SA I used to visit. Is SA promoting the RINO slate statewide?

    How conservative is LD-6? Last 0% error rate poll was the state delegates election rino slate against the conservative slate. Conservatives elected 88% of state delegates to RINO’s 12%.

    Bouie figures he is fine with the LD-6 PC’s because he’s never met them! In his 30 something years he’s made it to a District 6 meeting once. Of course, that’s much better than his attendance record at the Clean Elections debate where he no-showed after confirming he would attend.

    Mac Magruder and Jason La Vyuk had a great big reception for their new open borders soldier, Mr. Bouie. I don’t think Rep. Crump or Carl Seel have anything to worry about. Didn’t this used to be a conservative minded blog?

  7. I think some folks abuse that whole “Reagan was a Democrat” bit. Sure he was, but even as a Democrat he was also very vocal on a public stage for a long time, defending conservative beliefs. Bouie wasn’t. Reagan took public and controversial stands at great risk to his livelihood. Bouie hasn’t. Reagan re-registered as a Republican, continued his work, and only much later did he become a candidate. Bouie waited five days. In fact, the ONLY reason Bouie switched parties was to run in a Republican district. If not for that, Bouie would still be a Democrat today.

    So ease up on the “Reagan was a Democrat” parallel. It really doesn’t apply here. Tony Bouie is no Ronald Reagan.

  8. Relax Tom. SA always has been and still is the state’s leading conservative blog. There are a few different writers so once and a while one of us has a unique view on a particular election. Not to worry, your comment is pretty clear and will be read by plenty of people.

    No, SA will not be promoting the R*** slate statewide. We are working on our list of endorsements though so stay tuned for that.

  9. There are a few different “writers?” I was talking about the BOUIE PRESS RELEASE reprint. That’s reprint. Bouie and reprint. How about a few different copy and pasters that aren’t so fond of democrats like Bouie. I liked his tie in the mailer–probably bought it as a democrat. Whodda thunk?!

  10. Just Win Baby says

    He’s got a great resume. If you ignore the lifelong Democrat, pro-employer amnesty, pro-racial preferences part anyway… In all seriousness, Tony Bouie is a Democrat I could live with. In fact, he might end up as our favorite Democrat. He just doesn’t make for a very good Republican.

  11. Bob in DV says

    I’ll bet that Tony Bouie could be getting endorsements and invitations that other candidates haven’t because other well educated and intelligent hard working Republicans have seen something in Tony’s eyes that doesn’t scare them off. They might see his leadership and intelligence as traits that will help serve the people of Arizona.

    We have to admit that there are conservatives who frighten and turn off people because of their perceived potential for “going postal” or “commando”. No one wants Rambo as their representative, regardless of the sincerity of his belief that he’s doing the right thing.

    I looked up the LD 6 debate. You’re right. Tony Bouie wasn’t there but neither were more than 10 people. There are more people on this blog than attended that thing.

  12. Any candidate is welcome to send a press release to Sonoran Alliance. Of course, we reserve the right to post it.

  13. Sam Crump-Conservative-Secure Borders-check

    Carl Seel-Conservative-Secure Borders-check

    Bouie-life long democrat-signed up for preferential treatment by the govt. as a minority business owner, supported by Mac Magruder illegal employers crowd-no show for Clean Elections debate after confirming he would. Been to one Republican District meeting in his life. Disrespects Ronald Reagan. I don’t think so.

  14. Civil Rights says


    Bouie is not prolife. AZ Right to Life is endorsing Crump and Seel, not Bouie, because Bouie’s response to their endorsement questionnaire was not that of a prolife candidate.

  15. DSW,

    Post 15 is over the top and should be moderated. Strong opinions on issues is a keystone of this and other blogs. Changing it to this type of personal assassination is unacceptable.

    Bouie is being manipulated by larger than life power brokers in this state. His candidacy is an effect of their actions, not the cause of it. Regardless, his time line – cancer, life measured in months, changing parties and announcing his candidacy while still in the middle of his chemotherapy, etc. etc. – shows a lack of focus on priorities and the shiftiness of a broken field runner.

    Not the pre-requisites for the legislature at this time. Anyone whose main support comes from the LaVecke, Magruder, Click, Parker group should be viewed for how they will vote in the House of Representatives.

  16. Sonoran Sam says

    You guys are a hoot.

    Keep eating your young. You guys are far better than the Ds these days at forming a circular firing squad.

  17. By the way, Jack Doody has already received his Clean Elections money. Teri Conrad, the other Democrat is probably not far behind. Any word on these two candidates?

  18. Bob in DV says

    DSW, John, Civil Rights,

    Post 14 called Bouie a liar.

    Post 15 called the writer of post 14 a liar.

    Post 16 now wants to censor the writer of post 15 (me) for “personal assassination” without censoring the writer of post 14’s “personal assassination” of Tony Bouie.

    Don’t be a playground bully. If it’s free speech, then it’s free speech.

    This is a prime example of the “Great Divide” in the Republican party. Unfortunately, the 20+ YEARS of in-fighting and distention are ruining the Republicans, maybe forever.

    The most important things have become, “Who can be more: moral, righteous, Reaganian, anti-illegal, Christian, patriotic, extreme ‘whatever’, family centered, etc.

    These blog forums provide an place to express our dissenting views without coming to fisticuffs. I was a lurker around this blog for quite a while but finally had to speak up. I do appreciate that SA allows some “Point. Counterpoint.” here.

  19. Bob in DV says

    Ok. My original post (the first #15) got deleted. Not a problem.

    However, The first sentence of Civil Right’s post is libelous. CR is stating AS FACT that Bouie is not pro-life. CR goes on to indict AZ Right to Life as the source of his libelous statement. This IS a ‘personal assassination’; the type of which John preaches against in his post.

    Here, again, we conservatives are “preaching to the choir” in a way that only we can.

    I do not have nay knowledge of what answered questionnaire Civil Rights is speaking of but to RE-BRAND Bouie as “not pro-life” here in this blog, is profane.

    Tony Bouie has always been pro-life even before he was a candidate for office, according to his own words and those of his longtime friends.

  20. Seel is a failed candidate. Five races ran and five races lost. I detect a little desperation from the posters here which I suspect are probably Seel himself, and a few supporters. As much as it may pain you, the fact your boy is a five time loser should probably tell you something.

  21. This is about Bouie not Seel or Crump. I can believe that Bouie may be pro-life if he says so, but I have never seen him at a Pro-life rally, fundraiser, or annual meeting. Many other pro-life people have not done those things either. However, Crump and Seel, in contrast, have a long track record of active support of that issue and should be recognized in the voting boothby pro-lifers.

    Most candidates run away and sulk when they are defeated, I respect Seel’s willingness to persevere. It is a trait that will continue as he serves us all. Most candidates would do worse than follow the pattern set by Seel and Abe. I know, I know that may be a stretch, but the similar commitment to a cause is interesting.

  22. John QP,

    Go to Bouie was pro-life way before he ever ran for office. He was pro-life because that is what he believes in, not because he thought it would get him votes.

    In our popular culture, for a professional athlete to take a stand publicly on an issue that the liberal media is so opposed to says something.

    Ask yourself, how many athletes, movie stars, singers, etc…are willing to do that? Bouie did.

  23. Has Crump endorsed Seel?

  24. Bob in DV says

    I don’t know but Seel has endorsed Crump.

    Seel’s own website endorses Crump before it even begins to endorse Seel himself.

  25. Rep. Crump told me at the last District 6 meeting that he was endorsing no one in the LD-6 House race. He is running on his own; he said he is NOT running with Carl Seel!

  26. That’s what I thought. Says a lot that Crump won’t endorse Seel. But then again, I’m not surprised that Seel would try to hitch his horse to Crump and give that impression. If I recall correctly, Crump attacked Seel in the last race over using public financing and whether Seel was even fit to serve in the Legislature.

    Does Crump hold those same views now?

  27. Keen Observer says

    This was sent around some time ago from Rep. Crump:

    From: Sam Crump
    Sent: Mon 4/28/2008 2:28 PM
    Subject: LD6 election

    Dear Friends-

    I am contacting you to let you know of developments in the LD6 election that concern me. As you may know, Doug Clark has decided not to seek re-election. When I learned of this on April 1st, I immediately began contacting people that I thought might be interested.

    On April 14th I discovered that an Anthem resident named Tony Bouie had filed to run for Clark’s seat. I also discovered that Doug Clark was serving as his campaign chairman. This all came as a shock to me because, although Clark had mentioned Mr. Bouie’s name as a possible candidate, I had no idea how involved Clark was with Mr. Bouie. As it turns out, Clark was very involved and had not bothered to share that with me. This is unfortunate, inasmuch as I am the remaining incumbent who must campaign for re-election and serve with the other successful candidate.

    With regard to Mr. Bouie’s qualifications for office, I was surprised to learn that he has been a registered Democrat up until a few days before he decided to file for office. While I always welcome converts to the Republican party, I believe that District 6 needs to send solidly conservative legislators to the House; those who know their principles and have been involved in the party.

    Last Thursday, April 24th, I met with Mr. Bouie, at his request, to discuss his campaign. While he is a very pleasant person, I continue to have concerns as to whether he would be a conservative Republican for District 6. I base this concern on the following three issues:

    1. He stated he was a Democrat until a few days ago because his parents were and most African Americans are. I have difficulty with this since I was raised in a liberal Democratic home in the liberal Bay Area, but I knew when I registered that I was a Republican because I wanted to vote for Ronald Reagan. Again, I welcome Mr. Bouie to the GOP, but I am concerned about his recent conversion in terms of fitness for office at this time.

    2. When asked if he supported the employer sanctions law that we passed last year, he replied “I don’t know.”

    3. When asked if he would sign the “No New or Increased Tax Pledge” from Americans for Tax Reform, he replied “I’ll have to check with my consultant on that.”

    I realize Mr. Bouie is new to this and will have to develop his positions. However, these are two major issues that any conservative should be able to answer with ease.

    Therefore, I ask you to seriously consider whether you can support Mr. Bouie when asked for your signature or donation.


    Rep. Sam Crump

  28. Keen observer

    When crump was just starting out in az politics he endorsed clancy jayne over gorman. I guess under your standard that makes him suspect.

  29. Keen Observer says

    I don’t remember setting up any standards I just reposted Crump’s concerns with Bouie.

    Last cycle before session began there were concerns on how conservative Crump would be. Over the last two years Crump has proven himself as a solid conservative. If Crump has concerns with Bouie it should be taken under serious consideration.

  30. Just Win Baby says

    Bouie is very likely pro-life. That’s great. That’s not everything, but its a start. But like you see in Crump’s email, he utterly without anchor on a whole host of important issues. We don’t know where he stands and there is no reason to chance it with two reliable conservatives in the race.

    Look, if Bouie sticks around after this race and shows up at meetings and events, we’ll get to know him too and he can run again for an eventual open seat. Enough folks in that district want to go to Congress that you know they’ll open up soon enough!

    In the meantime, Seel and Crump are pro-life for sure, conservative for sure, solid on amnesty for sure, pro-2nd amendment for sure, and on and on. ‘Nuff said!

  31. Bob in DV says

    I’m listening to Tony Bouie LIVE on 1290 am KCUB right now. He’s been interviewed about his cancer for all of those curious. He’s talking about his faith. Tune in.

  32. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Bouie’s website says he’s prolife. That’s more than “very likely” prolife.

  33. Keen Observer says

    McCain also says he’s prolife but supports embryonic stem cell research. 100% Pro-lifers don’t support this research. Bouie likes McCain maybe Bouie is the same way.

  34. Bob in DV says

    Bouie and McCain each have a blonde haired wife. I wonder what that could mean? Are their campaigns being sectretly financed by Clairol? One can only wonder. ROTFLMBO
    (I don’t curse.)

    Do conservatives seek fertility treatments? Many I have known do. Has a conservative ever frozen an embryo? Yep, some couples at my own church. Isn’t freezing an embryo a suspended state of abortion? In my mind it is.

    I’m a conservative and I don’t support in-vitro fertilization. What is the position of the AZ Right to Life on in-vitro? What is the position of the pro-lifers here on SA?

  35. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    In vitro fertilization and abortion go hand in hand because several eggs are fertilized and/or implanted but only one is permitted to live. It’s like farming humans. The waste embryos are discarded either way. Some people think research on those discarded embryos is like organ donation. The rest of us don’t.

    There are plenty of hypocrites out there as well, and prolifers as a class of humans are no exception.

    So at least Obama is not a hypocrite. He’s “intellectually consistent.” So I’ll still vote for McCain, but only because I have no choice.

  36. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    I think the April 1 date cited in Crump’s alleged email is a dead giveaway.

    In defense of candidates, they get asked by dozens and dozens of groups to sign this and that pledge. Funny, the political parties don’t do that.

    Anyway, candidates are smart to hold off on commitments to this or that survey because of the number of crackpot groups that send that stuff out.

  37. Keen Observer says

    Dead Giveaway for what? If you think it’s not from Crump call him. He has a listed number for his business. (Boates and Crump)

    As to the “No New Taxes Pleadge” for any one who does their homework and is actually a conservative candidate they KNOW they have to sign that pledge or they will be attack on that issue. The Americans for Tax Reform is a well known national group that doesn’t even send it out anymore because candidates know they have to sign it.

  38. Keen Observer,

    You’re right. I just went to ATR’s website and notable liberal Republicans in the AZ Legislature who didn’t sign include – Eddie Farnsworth, Mark Anderson, Karen Johnson, and Chuck Gray. It’s time to attack. Because, after all, they should have done “their homework” and if they were “actually a conservative candidate they KNOW they have to sign that pledge.”

    When are we going after these liberals??

  39. Keen Observer says

    Call them and ask them why they didn’t sign. I would be curious.

    I do think it’s funny though that 10 out of the 16 (that’s 60%) of the Republican Senators signed and 21 of 33(that’s about 65%) of the Republican House members (including the Speaker of the House)have already signed.

    Remember that Karen Johnson and Mark Anderson are not running for re-election. But Karen did sign the pledge in 2002 & 2004.

    Chuck Gray signed in 2006.

    As for Farnsworth, thanks for pointing that out Verschoor will probably use that information to his advantage.

    Point is it is very well known. Even if it wasn’t and a small group no name group was just starting this cycle, a conservative wouldn’t have an issue signing it period.

  40. Bob in DV says

    Last thought of the day.

    K-E-E-N Observer,

    Your rhetoric sounds like the muckety-muck I heard from one candidate on the LD 6 debate video from the CCEC website. And, as we all know, it wasn’t Tony Bouie.

    As my Kentucky kin say, “That’s TMI!” or Too Much Information.

  41. This has nothing to do with Bouie….One point of clarification on the en-vitro fertilization. Not all embryos are always discarded. Many pro-life families make a decision to only fertilize the number of embryos they would implant and keep. It may mean expensive repeated attempts. They know they can never take part in selective reduction and don’t want to destroy fertilized eggs that were harvested and not implanted.

    One size does not always fit all and the same broad brush does not need to paint everyone in the same color. Hmmm….I guess that does bring us back to Bouie. He may not have taken the same road, or even been on the road as long, but does it mean he can’t have reached a landmark in the same destiny and exceptional abilities to complete the journey?

  42. Bob in DV says


    Thanks for the info. about the fertility treatments. I’m glad to hear what you said but It won’t change my mind. The words harvested and implanted should not apply to humans.

    Your last paragraph contains a good lesson for the far, far right Republicans. Under their definition, like the score card of the AZ AIMS testing, I only “approach” their standard, I guess. I never knew that until the 6 months or so when I started lurking around these blogs. I always thought I was “one of them”, just not uber extreme. I know now I’m not. My principles are there, just not the constant anger to carry them out. Same pitch, different delivery. And we can still catch them looking if we tried.

  43. Keen Observer says


    You just showed your liberal colors. Liberal go one the personal attack when losing a debate. (Though I should take it as a compliment that you might think that I’m Crump or Seel)

    Your last comment to me had no merit to the debate. It was pure intimadation.

  44. Just Win Baby says

    Bob, save the “far far right” labels for CNN and MSNBC. The only one spouting extreme rhetoric here is you. You’re also WAY off topic. Maybe go back and read the original post?

  45. Bob in DV says

    JWBS and KO,

    “One size does not always fit all and the same broad brush does not need to paint everyone in the same color.”, says SA blogger Ann in post #42.. That’s all I was talking about here guys & gals. I read the original post & just got caught up in the blogging exchange with you all. Point. Counterpoint.

    KO – you can be anyone you want to be it makes no difference to me. I’m glad I flattered you. I have no idea what I said that, by anyone’s intellect, could be interpreted to be “pure intimidation”. Now I’m confused and curious.

    If you’re talking about the quoting of statistics and relevant conservative trivia as being Too Much Information, don’t be offended at all. The TMI statement only suggests that, as my old coach once said, “You’re out of touch” and that’s my opinion, based on the immediate community I live in (DV). Not as a statement of MUTINY of my conservative life, opinions and political party. Throw your Liberal rainbow colors around somewhere else.

    Why don’t you, instead, use your entrepreneurial spirit and fervor to invent a gameboard, electronic game or interactive website to educate the less informed. Really, I’m serious about that. It’s a good idea. It could be a great tool that people could use all over the country.

    MOST importantly, I do apologize for not saying what I really meant, which is (and this is serious too):

    “Kudos to whomever for being well informed and so knowledgeable about so many subjects. You’ve spent a lot of time studying and I applaud that. But, it’s distracting for the majority of the listeners/voters/constituents who are on the receiving end of your studies and statistics. My college statistics professor once joked that HE might fall asleep during class.

    99% of people may be outraged by something you said but they will not, in any way, take action (which is unfortunate) nor will they understand or care what motivates you to be so well informed. They will not give you the respect that you deserve for the time, effort and conviction of your knowledge. That doesn’t make them BAD people.

    They don’t get it. That DOESN’T even make them (or ME!) a liberal by any stretch. That means that their priorities are different than yours. Their responsibilities are different than yours. Their “mission field” is different than yours. They are beat down. These are good conservatives that are raising children AND caring for elderly parents, trying to stretch their $$. Their houses are mortgaged to the hilt. They have gotten a pay raise in 8 years. Their employers have taken away 75% of their retirement benefits. They’re going into their “Golden Years” with a bag of coal. They’re heartbroken that their reality differs so much from the “Happy Face” they wear around wherever they go. They came from a hearty stock of people who fought World War II. Or fought themselves in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm or the War on Terror. They’re lifelong Christians or otherwise great people who’ve been loyal to God, church, family, friends, their employer, the conservative platform, etc. They’re grandparents who are raising their grandkids. They tithe more than 10%. They vote REPUBLICAN, always. They haven’t lost their Faith, just part of their spirit.

    That’s just the pulse of my neighbors, my men’s Bible study group, my family members, my friends, etc. And we always thought we were on the SAME side. I’ll be sure and tell them that they aren’t wanted by the conservatives anymore. I’ll tell them that they haven’t made the cut.

  46. Keen Observer says

    Now back on track for this Topic:

    The AZ Republic printed a story today about the PV Mayor.

    It seems that the mayor may have some trouble in his future.

    Here’s the story

    PV mayor’s consulting firm falsely certified

  47. Keen Observer,
    It appears you are happy to have put the POSTS back on track? What Track? The PV Mayor Track?
    I agree the good Mayor may have some trouble in his future.
    He may have to get his wisdom tooth pulled in the future, or find himself in need to undergo a colonoscopy in the future. Do you think this or that may prompt him to withdraw his endorsement for Mr. Bouie? Or make that endorsement less favorable for the Candidate? I don’t think so. So what track are we back on?
    The only track I see is: The Mayor of a very well known Arizona Community has endorsed the Republican Tony Bouie, LD-6 Candidate for the Arizona House.

  48. Keen Observer says

    I find it interesting that Bouie is being endorsed by a man accussed of misleading the Government, but you can read the report.

    The report spells out what the government believes happend.

    The voters will have to decided how much weight this endorsement now holds.

  49. Just Win Baby says

    Sometimes I just have no idea what Horst is even trying to say. The guy is in trouble for falsifying reports, applications, etc. Why would this cause him to get his teeth pulled? And its been pointed out earlier in the thread, but why does an endorsement from a small town mayor from outside the district matter in LD6? It probably doesn’t. What’s Bouie going to do, a television commercial saying “Vernon Parker endorsed me!” just so 10,000 people in LD6 can say “Who?” in unison?

  50. Just Win Baby, dear,
    You don’t get what I am trying to say? You sound so innocent and I know Innocents is Bliss or is it Ignorance that is.
    Well anyway, what I am getting at is that you oh so righteous Conservatives are so quick to applaud to a hint from another poster that an endorsement to a candidate was given by a mayors who may or may not have future trouble. And you do that for no other reason but to diminish the magnitude or for want of a different word, the value of a political endorsement.
    That is all fine and good until your most favored Candidate lists himself an endorsement from someone who gets called out as a wife beater in the New Times. Will that newspaper article and the eluded affidavit from the wife somehow take the glitz out of that endorsement? Just like Keen Observer I am just dropping a hint. Call me an “Equal Opportunity Hint Dropper”.

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