Press Release: Armer Endorsed by Farnsworth

Contact:  Andrew Compton, Communications Director, 480.298.3421

Adam Armer, Candidate for AZ State Representative
Endorsed by District 22 Representative Eddie Farnsworth

Mesa, AZ – Adam Armer, a candidate for Arizona Representative has been endorsed by current Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth of Gilbert. Armer was also recently endorsed by Representative Andy Biggs. He is proud to have the endorsement of both incumbents who have become knows as “anchors of the conservative right.” Armer is proud to be known as the conservative running for the seat vacated by Representative Farnsworth, due to his term-limit.

Concerning Adam Armer, Farnsworth said, “Adam Armer believes that the ‘government which governs least, governs best.’  I know he will strive to guarantee the freedoms and individual rights that the people of this state value so highly.  He understands the conservative principles that will continue to make Arizona a desirable place for our children and grandchildren.
Please join with me in supporting Adam Armer for State Representative.”
State Representative Eddie Farnsworth



  1. Just Win Baby says

    I wonder if “governing least” is why Eddie can’t be bothered to show up for work at the Legislature? I hope Armer plans on actually voting. The district deserves that, for a change.

  2. JWB- Finally we agree on something. I hope that Thayer can beat Eddie in the general. Thayer is a much more accomplished politician,

  3. election, not general.

  4. Just Win Baby says

    Hey man, even a clock is right twice a day! 😉

    I guess my time had finally come…

  5. Richard Wayne says

    Armer says the right things, seems to be the best of the new people. Hopefully, Armer does not intend to follow the example of Mr. Farnsworth. Farnsworth is known for being against everything: against working with leadership, against working with caucus members, against common courtesy, against working for the best POSSIBLE outcome, even against showing up for work.

    As a lawyer who owns charter schools he was given committee assignments of Judiciary Chairman, k-12 Education, Higher Education, etc. by the Speaker that defeated him in a campaign for that office. He then showed how little he cares about representing the voters by missing forty percent of his Higher Education committee meetings and one sixth of Education committee meetings.

    Arizona deserves an elected official who shows up at his duty post with a commitment to actually work for his constituents. Farnsworth fails in that high stakes test and should not be rewarded with promotion to the next grade of his personal political career ladder. Maybe two years off to reflect on his responsibilities to the voters will create benefits for all.

  6. District 22 says

    If all of you Eddie Farnsworth haters would have actually commented on the substance of the quote, you would realize that Armer is endorsed by both incumbents who are proven conservatives. He is not running for Farnsworth but is happy to have an endorsement from the person he seeks to replace.

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