PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Right to Life PAC Endorses Schweikert

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Arizona Right to Life-Political Action Committee has endorsed Davis Schweikert for congress in the Republican district 5 race. Choosing from among a number of pro-life candidates, the Committee decided to endorse Schweikert in order to recommend to its base the candidate the Committee saw as the strongest and most likely to survive the primary contest and be able to defeat Harry Mitchell in the fall. “While Laura Knaperek and Mark Anderson have both served the pro-life community well in their roles as legislators, David Schweikert has the strongest and most compelling pro-life story of the candidates seeking office. We urge all pro-lifers to rally behind David and his campaign to support him through the primary and on to victory in November.”

The PAC was concerned that with three well known pro-life candidates in the race, the pro-life vote could be split. The Committee looked seriously at the candidates, their support throughout the community, their ability to raise money for both the Primary and General election and their overall effectiveness in getting their message to the public. The committee came to the conclusion that David Schweikert had the strongest campaign and given his long historic association with Arizona Right to Life, the committee felt strong in making this endorsement.

The Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee is Arizona’s oldest, largest and strongest political pro-life organization.



  1. How interesting. David’s original radio ad claimed he had been already endorsed by AZRTL. After it ran for more than a week he dropped that part — maybe that endorsement was from one of his previous races (which would be classic David) and someone finally called him on it. It’s still on his website in the revised version — so I thought he was distancing himself from the social conservative cause since he can’t commit to ban gay marriage with a Constitutional amendment.

  2. Well, the fix is definately in. If he’s got Club for Growth and RTL, he’s got the NRCC.

  3. Legislative District 6 House Race: AZRTL endorses Sam Crump and Carl Seel. Where are the rest of AZRTL endorsements?

  4. Have you thought about looking at their website? Maybe I can be helpful:

  5. “I left feeling sorry for myself — I have all this campaign debt I have to pay for, I have to rebuild my business, I screwed up a relationship because I was running,” Schweikert said.
    — East Valley Tribune, 11-4-07

    This guy is a joke.

  6. District 5 watcher says


    You sound somewhat bitter. Schweikert said that he was endorsed by AZ Right to Life in his radio ads because he knew in advance he was going to be endorsed by AZ Right to Life. They were just a little slow getting everything officially typed up.

    Take a chill pill!

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    Nice try Joshed. The quote refers to his 1994 loss to JD Hayworth in a run for congress. After that David ran for and served as Maricopa County Treasurer. He is a winner who got back in the game and did a great job.

    Here is a link to the whole article.

  8. SA- You need to stop defending this man. I read the article in November, again last night and again a few minutes ago. It sounds really bad. Cry me a river!He “got back in the game”? He did a bad job as Treasurer. It was a good thing for the State of AZ that he resigned last year.

    I sure wish that he couldv’e got his diesel tax hike bill pushed through. 5.00 a gallon isn’t high enough for Rich Folk like me.

  9. Joshed,

    I read the article too, and the bill you reference. What’s the big deal?


  10. Richard Licht says

    Schweikert may be right to life…but the dude needs to get a life. He’s quite creepy. Seems artificial.


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