Press coverage vs. delegate count

I watched several newscasts last night and the story line was that Romney had his first big win and was now leading in the delegate count. The press is very subtle in how they slant a story. Their line implies but does not actually state that Romney was previously not leading in delegate count. The reality is that on Monday Romney was in the lead with more delegates and by late Tuesday night he was STILL in the lead with the most delegates.

The other diversion was all the chatter that it was Romney’s first big win. The media certainly covered McCain’s performance in New Hampshire as a huge victory. There McCain earned 7 delegates to the Republican convention. The media all but ignored the Wyoming Caucus where Romney earned 8 delegates. So if McCain winning 7 delegates was big news why not the same standard for Romney winning 8 delegates? One word – bias.

The fact is that Michigan was Romney’s second win. His first win was larger than New Hampshire and he won Michigan by a clear margin. Some pundits were dismissing the victory as unearned because of his favorite son status. Some even said he can only do that once. Not true. He might well roll up Massachusetts based on favorite son status. Also, has anyone seen a poll from Utah lately? My guess is that Romney will be quite competitive there.

Where is Senator McCain a favorite son? He was actually born in the Panama Canal Zone back when it was under U.S. control. Not an issue but no help in the delegate count. Arizona has been his home for a few decades now and he may yet win it but not without a contest.

The next Republican primary is Nevada this Saturday. The latest numbers have Romney up by 7 points, and that is before his Michigan victory. Some pundits have speculated that Romney may hold back in South Carolina and let McCain, Huckabee, and Thompson beat up on each other. Not such a bad idea if he instead focuses on the closed primary in Florida.


  1. Mr. Conservative says

    Excellent post! Mitt is the choice for all of the conservavtives who want a well-rounded candidate.

  2. Do you want a box of Kleenex?

  3. Kralmajales says

    Holding back in South Carolina is very very unwise.

    The reason is that he has to show at some point that he can win in the south (THE GOP stronghold and Protestant USA), and I mean the old deep south, not Florida (no offense to my Floridian friends).

    Skipping out on SC looks bad, unless he hopes that he can end up winning in place like Georgia later after others are out of the race.

  4. Sonoran Alliance says

    It all depends on the delegate count and if the state is winner take all or proportional. Why kill yourself over 1st place if 2nd place gets you almost as many delegates? Speaking of delegates both South Carolina and Florida have had their delegate count halved for going before Feb. 5th. Therefore Arizona will have almost as many delegate at the convention as Florida.

    For an excellent list of the states see this Wikipedia article.

  5. I think Romney would be more likely to earn the title of *least* favorite son in Massachusetts. People there actually have to pay the taxes – oh sorry I mean “fees” – he enacted.

    And so for his two dozen million $ he gets Wyoming, Michigan, maybe Nevada, Utah.

    Yeah that’ll put him over the top for sure. No need to worry about any of the other states.

  6. Both Nevada and South Carolina are Saturday.

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