Presidential Candidate Burn Rates

  The latest Presidential Candidate Campaign Finance Reports are now available and some interesting financial numbers are on display.

Here are the Amounts by Candidate 

Mitt Romney:
Raised: $23,434,634
Spent: $11,570,981
Cash on Hand: $11,863,653
Debt: $2,350,000
Burn Rate: 49.4%

Rudy Giuliani:
Raised: $16,623,410
Spent: $5,688,207
Cash on Hand: $11,949,734
Debt: $88,862
Burn Rate: 34.2%

John McCain:
Raised: $13,087,559
Spent: $8,379,214
Cash on Hand: $5,180,799
Debt: $1,812,636
Burn Rate: 64.0%

Here are graphical presentations of where the major candidates stand on their fundraising reports, including “burn rates.” (Clicking on each graph will provide a larger presentation.)

Presidential Candidate Financial Reports Graph

Presidential Candidate Burn Rates

Burn Rate: In reality, a rate is defined over/within a period of time. Because each candidate started at different times, it is difficult to uniformly gauge a rate of all candidates. Therefore, from this point forward until each reporting period thereafter, it will be more accurate to determine burn rates for the candidates. The burn rate defined in this post is equal to money spent divided by money raised.


  1. Bring back the old GOP says

    Rudy’s debt numbers are a stark difference from the other two. Rudy’s team, and therefore Rudy himself, may be a bit more fiscally responsibe. I think it says something about his promise to bring back fiscal responsibility to the GOP.

    Now if I caould only get over his views on gun control and abortion….

  2. Why would you want to “get over his views on gun-control and abortion?” They are fundamentally adverse to the platform of the Republican party and at odds with the majority of the GOP base.

  3. Bring back the old GOP says

    Exactly. I meant it sarcastically that fiscal responsibility is all he’s got. I’m still hoping Fred T. will throw his hat in the ring.

  4. I hear ya!

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