Predictions Anyone?

Here are my predictions on several races:

CD-1: Rusty Bowers
CD-2: Trent Franks
CD-3: Too close to call!
CD-4: Janet Contreras
CD-5: David Schweikert
CD-6: Jeff Flake*
CD-7: Ruth McClung
CD-8: Jesse Kelly

Attorney General: Andrew Thomas
Superintendent of Public Instructions: Too close to call
State Treasurer: Thayer Verschoor
County Attorney: Bill Montgomery

*This race will hinge on whether the TEA Party movement can get their people to the polls!


  1. Where’s your Hayworth/McCain prediction? No guts, no glory…
    Or you realize Hayworth is going to lose….

  2. I’m not jinxing the race πŸ™‚

  3. Kool aid…..OH YEAH!

  4. “CD-6: Jeff Flake*”
    “*This race will hinge on whether the TEA Party movement can get their people to the polls!”

    LOL! That race isn’t hinging on anything. Flake is going to crush the guy no matter what.

  5. CD1 – GOSAR
    CD2 – TRENT
    CD3 – WARING
    CD5 – WARD
    CD6 – FLAKE
    CD7 – MYERS
    CD8 – PATON


  6. Mr. Mustachio :{O says

    How ’bout a little poll widget? πŸ˜›

    I’m with David’s last four, but Romley might not have the numbers: there was one of those anti-1070 arrows outside my location (and the little Montgomery letters on the bottom πŸ™‚

  7. Romley???

    what an idiot…

  8. CD#3 is Pamela Gorman

  9. Jefferson Smith says

    DSW… let’s take #9 comment down please.

  10. CD 3 – Quayle

  11. living right says


  12. I predict a lot of heads exploding at SA when the results come in.

  13. Pop!

  14. chaos reigns says

    hayworth will concede within the hour

  15. Mr. Mustachio :{O says

    do they count as predictions at this point? πŸ˜›

  16. I predict JD will go looking for some free government money tomorrow.

  17. Steve Calabrese says

    I wish you could have been right about Thayer getting the treasurer race. That said, Ducey isn’t a bad candidate either.

  18. Mr. Mustachio :{O says

    Calling the AG race “tight” was an understatement of a prediction…wow.

  19. John Hokanson says

    I predict Horne will be declared the winner, but Thomas will sue everybody in the universe as a result.

    He’ll be disbarred inside of a year.

  20. SetUStraight says

    After looking at the CD-6 results with Flake beating Smith 2-to-1, it’s obvious that the Arizona Tea Parties are just an ineffective at getting their people to the polls as they’ve demonstrated they are with nearly everything else.

    When alleged enemies of the Tea Parties like Flakey and McJerk win by landslides, it isn’t necessary for political pundits to pronounce TPs ineffective; the Tea Parties do it to themselves.

    Incidentally, local TV news stations are eagerly announcing the defeat of TP candidates as well as their conclusion that politicians can ignore Tea Parties and fear no retribution.

    The new KFYI morning show host announced it as well, and of course Barry Young was gleeful at the news.

  21. Tucson Conservative says

    Well McClung took it away…Go grass roots!

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