PR: 2010 Dean Martin Campaign Kicks Off

Dean Martin for Governor


2010 Dean Martin Campaign Kick-off
The speculation is over, it begins TOMORROW!

Join Dean Martin and the rest of the team at his announcement tour across Arizona covering six cities in two days. Join us at one or all of these locations and look for “Common Cents Express” bus! Feel free to invite your friends. Keep track of the events and breaking news at To Volunteer for the campaign in 2010 please email us at or call Mark at 602-367-7999.

Wednesday January 13th

7:30am – Phoenix
3102 North 56th Street (between Thomas & Osborn)
Phoenix, AZ 85018

11:15am – Prescott
120 W. Gurley
Prescott, AZ 86301-3634
Former Creative Interiors Store across from the Courthouse

4:30 pm – Tucson
El Conquistador Resort
10000 N. Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85704

Thursday January 14th

9:00am – Yuma
Chili Pepper Restaurant
1030 West 24th Street

1:00pm – Casa Grande
550 N. Camino Mercado
Casa Grande, AZ 85222

6:30pm – Marana
Northwest Republicans’ January meeting
Heritage Highlands Clubhouse
4949 W Heritage Club Blvd
Marana, AZ 85658


  1. I wouldn’t vote for Martin for dogcatcher…much less Governor. He’s another career politician like the rest of the bunch (with a few exceptions).

  2. Miss Tomato says

    Am I missing something? It still doesn’t say what he’s running for! Lol.

  3. Antifederalist says

    I think you’re entirely wrong. I’ve known Dean for 10 years. He’s a statesman, not a politician. It’s most of the rest who need to be thrown out, not Dean.

  4. Steve Calabrese says

    PDP sounds like a plant. “Career politician”? More like career number cruncher – just the type of person we need in a budget mess like this. Plus, he remains the only politician in Arizona history to actually provoke Ja-No into totally losing her temper in a public forum. “No, governor, we can’t do that, that’s against the law.”

    Any conservative who has read Dean’s little red book of political translation phrases will understand that this is the type of man we need for governor.

  5. Steve:

    My bet is that PDP is one of the usual hacks who infect the party!

    They’re scared stiff that Martin is the type who will govern as he campaigns!

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