Poll: Who won the 2nd Arizona Republican Senate Debate?

Republican candidates John McCain, JD Hayworth and Jim Deakin squared off for a final debate on Saturday night. Sonoran Alliance would like to know who you think won the final round.



  1. @48. “That, my friends, is an example of the McCain campaign hard at work…”


    Also note how Deakin phrases his complaints:
    – Under McCain government grew 12 times.
    – Under JD government grew 400%

    Deakin needs to be tutored in statistics. Tell him that 400% is equivalent to 4 times. All we need is to fire a Senator who can’t tell the truth and hire one who can’t do math.

    Deakin also said, “of course we need immigration reform.” Nothing he said to enhance that statement made any sense. He is extremely inarticulate or he actually DOES support McCain’s immigration platform. See for yourself: 16min:17secs @ http://www.azpm.org/news/story/2010/7/17/204-election-2010-us-senate-gop-primary-forum/

    Deakin is running for U.S. Senate, not class president. These are big issues and a huge race. He does not get points for “sounding” sincere, and his nervousness is unbecoming. There is no reason to believe he is anything more than a spoiler for John McCain.

  2. This poll is so rigged there is no way Mr.hayworthless won this debate he hardly debated he just kept attacking McCain. Deakin won both debates he is the true conservative for US Senate. He gained so much support though these debates and his support will continue to grow

  3. Deakin is the one who needs to lead us. Its the worse of 2 evils with the other 2 idiots. At Least voting for Deakin wouldnt make me vomit afterwards because I know the state is doomed with Crook or RINO if either get elected!

  4. Dear Mr. Deakin,

    I am an independent. I very much like that you are not a political insider, and I like what you say. However, the polls show that you can not win the election and you are a spoiler that will guarantee Sen. McCain’s re-election. We simply must not have this. He is not a conservative and is a turncoat on the immigration issue.

    I ask with heavy heart, please drop out of the race and throw your support behind Rep. Hayworth. If he turns out to be a turncoat also, welcome back to the race next time. I will help to financially support you at that time.



  5. J-robert Granger says

    Saw the debate on KUAT…..am going out to remove the JDH sticker from my bumper……… Can Deakin get me a replacement?
    Came to Az the previous time McCain was running for Pres; thought I could support him; heard his speeches; said this sounds like he’s reading from the Dem platform.
    Don’t need another slick politician, need a real working guy to represent the workers of Arizona……………

    Remember in November; No Incumbency………….

  6. I am so disgusted with people and organizations who claim they want our “Constitutional Government” back and then still support people like JDH and/or JM…What is WRONG with the East Valley Tea Party for endorsing JDH? As a fellow Tea Party Activist in QC and a PC…the ONLY wise choice was and is Jim Deakin! You should have gotten behind Jim Deakin from the very beginning…now all I see is a bunch of RINO’s who pretend to be for what the Tea Party and Conservatives stand for. What a let down!

    For those of you who don’t know about Jim Deakin, that is your fault. You have had plenty of opportunity to get to know him and still do… don’t blame Jim for your lack.

    Jim is giving all of us true “Conservatives” a choice. Even if Deakin was not in the race, I would NEVER VOTE for McCain or Hayworth, so Deakin is giving me someone to vote for who holds MY values.

    So stop the fear-mongering by suggesting that my vote is a vote for McCain…no its not…my vote is for Jim Deakin and if he loses, I blame all those who made this race about two people.

    McCain and Hayworth you drop out…..you’re taking away votes from MY Candidate

  7. Michael Holliday says

    #Pepper Says:
    July 19th, 2010 at 10:32 am

    So stop the fear-mongering by suggesting that my vote is a vote for McCain…no its not…my vote is for Jim Deakin…

    Pepper, you should read my prior posts.

    By the way, I once had a cat named Pepper. Great cat!

    Look, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Deakin has to face some real political realities and get his act together, work on his rhetoric and build name recognition for the future.

    Jim also needs to learn strategy and how to politic with politicos.

    If you look at WWII you’ll see all kinds of wheeling and dealing (politics) taking place as alliances were formed and shifted, etc.

    Political races are no different. If you think so, you’re too much of a dreamer or idealist.

    Jim should be working on an “exit” strategy that will place him in the position of:

    (1) Getting more public/media exposure for a Congressional run in the not-too-distant future by throwing his support in for JD, to defeat pro-amnesty McCain would be a master stroke.

    (2) Ensuring that he does not alienate a large portion of the conservative (though not yet Tea Party members) block of voters who may see him as a spoiler if the race is that close and goes to McCain.

    (3) Politicking and forming alliances and trying to barter his support for JD for future support for a Congressional run. Perhaps Joe Arpaio, Don Goldwater and JD might step up for him in the future.

    If I was Deakin, I would quietly knock on JD’s door and begin some high-level talks saying, “hey, we need to defeat the illegal alien onslaught together. I will support you now if you and quality people like Sheriff Arpaio will give me support for a future run.”

    Use your head, man.

    Like I said and has been said a million times before. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    However, like the fall of the Roman Empire, we don’t have much time, with amnesty for millions of illegal aliens just an Obama and McCain pen stroke away!

    That’s why I’m voting for JD Hayworth. To stop the illegal alien onslaught.

    Jim Deakin should take a real, calm, cool look at history and have the flexibility and sophistication to adjust his game. All Tea Party candidates should begin to act dialectically, choosing the best option at the time.

    Dialectically, Tea Partiers can start to take more and more seats and affect the outcomes of races on the BIG issues like amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Once again, prove my analysis wrong!

    Here’s an article I wrote for “Commitment with America” on Obama’s situational ethics:

    I think I know what I’m talking about.

  8. After watching both debates, I have decided to vote with my conscience. Both JD and McCain were throwing insults instead of just stating the facts with some modicum of decorum. Jim Deakin stated the facts without the insults and name calling. He demonstrated his knowledge of the constitution and the original intent of its framers. If you are truly conservative, the only choice is Jim Deakin.

  9. After reading many posts on why or why not Jim Deakin should drop out, I have something to add that has not been addressed. Each of us has to make a decision. No one of us is in control of the outcome. Pray about it. Decide. Vote. Debate is healthy. In the end, each of us answers to our Creator for the choices we make. Jim Deakin will also answer to God for his decision. He is the only one who knows what God would have him do. This dilemma is exactly why the 17th amendment needs to be repealed.

  10. Jim Deakin has never been a threat to John McCain in the Republican primary. On the other hand, JD Hayworth is. McCain has been running negative ads about JD even before he was actually a candidate. McCain ignored Deakin until he could be useful for diverting some of the anti-McCain votes from JD. This fits in well with McCain’s attack ad campaign against JD. McCain is creating a situation where people who would vote for another candidate over him become disgusted with JD Hayworth and, consequently, vote for Jim Deakin.

    McCain’s negative ads are leveraged by maintaining Jim Deakin in the race and giving him equal status as a candidate (by allowing him to participate in the debates as though he had a reasonable chance of winning).

    McCain’s people could run negative ads about Jim Deakin if they wanted to. They could come up with something from his past to smear him with even if they had to exaggerate. This, however, would not fit in with the McCain strategy of causing the biggest split possible in the anti-McCain vote.

    If we had run-off elections in the primaries when no candidate gets a majority of the votes, then I would say to Deakin supporters, “Vote for who you think is the best candidate.” Then, in the run-off, we could all vote for the non-McCain candidate.

    However, whoever gets a plurality of votes wins. That means, in a three person race, McCain could win without getting a majority of votes. Given the polling, JD has more support than Deakin by a large margin. Also, JD will need every vote cast against John McCain in order to win if McCain gets around 47% of the vote as I expect he will.

    Deakin has no realistic chance of winning the primary. Deakin and his supporters really need to consider if they really want John McCain to be re-elected. If they do, then Jim Deakin should stay in the race. If they don’t, then Jim Deakin should get out of the race and endorse JD Hayworth.

    JD Hayworth has a voting history in public office. It may not be perfect, but it is very good and much better than John McCain’s. Deakin has no voting record in any office, so we have to completely take his word for how he will vote which understandably makes some voters nervous about supporting him.

    Keeping in mind that McCain is soft on gun rights, restricted freedom of the press with McCain-Feingold, wanted to close Gitmo, supports Cap and Trade for Carbon Dioxide emmissions (which would burden businesses and consumers with high taxes and ruin our economy and freedom), supported TARP and its earmarks, supported restrictions and increased regulation of vitamins (possibly at the behest of his pharmaceutical industry contributors), and supports amnesty for illegal aliens, I don’t see how Deakin can claim to be a conservative Republican if he would prefer McCain to Hayworth. Unfortunately, those are the only real choices we have this election.

  11. To Silvia Smart, do you really think that McCain is treating Hayworth with kid gloves? If Hayworth can make it past McCain’s negative ads and smear campaign, the Democrats should be a breeze.

    If McCain had campaigned half as hard against Obama as he is campaigning against Hayworth, McCain would be President and wouldn’t be fighting to stay in the Senate.

    The fact that McCain is more viscious to Conservatives than to Democrats is telling about where he really is on the political spectrum.

    Whoever wins the Republican primary will almost certainly win the general election.

  12. Michael Holliday says

    Good analysis Hunter.

    What interests me here is not only preserving Jim Deakin’s status but making sure all of his efforts were not in vain.

    I believe Deakin has a place in politics in the future and this was a great learning experience. But Jim has to deliver the goods on stopping illegal immigration or at least making a valiant attempt by supporting JD.

    I fear that if Deakin throws the race, not only is Deakin finished, but so are we. McCain is going for comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty without a doubt.

    McCain is hell-bent on amnesty and the poor guy doesn’t even realize why! He’s evincing the classic liberal “death wish” and I’m not interested in going on that joy ride into the abyss. No thanks!

    The 80/20 rule says 80% of the problem is illegal aliens and amnesty/comprehensive immigration reform. It encompasses so much: economics, national security, jobs, growth, education, benefits, language, culture, borders, etc.

    Like I said. This election is Poker combined with Chess and we can combine the Jim Deakin Hand + JD Hayworth Hand and beat McCain’s hand with a few strategic moves and reasonable political compromises.

    Jim Deakin knows McCain wants him in the race and shouldn’t allow himself to be used.

    Believe me, if McCain thought Deakin was a threat, he’d be attacking him right and left. He’s not! Wake up!

    And don’t be absolutist. You can’t have it all in one fell swoop. I’d like to see Jim go for a Congressional seat first. Then build his way up.

    I’m sick of saying the same “DANG” thing over and over.

    Gawd almighty!

    Pick up the phone, call the JD campaign and tell them, “The Eagle has landed! The eagle has landed!” They’ll know what to do!

    It’s time that spy came in out of the cold…

  13. Jim Deakin is a liar. Here he tries to pin all of McCain’s bad votes on Hayworth! HE is DISHONEST and doing McCain’s bidding.

    Jim Deakin out and out lied about Hayworth’s record.

    Hayworth didn’t vote for the items, McCain did!


    I scoured the Library of Congress and could find no significant differences in the voting record of John McCain and John Hayworth.

    As a politician, it appears from the Library of Congress that Hayworth is politics as usual.

    Hayworth served for 12 YEARS. I cannot list every vote
    Amnesty laws and extensions passed during the Hayworth years in Congress. http://www.legion.org/documents/legion/pdf/illegalimmigration.pdf Page 14 and 15

    (too many to list)
    I did not look to see if JD actually voted for any of these Laws. However, he did not stop them either.

    Jim Deakin

    HE didn’t look to see if Hayworth voted for them!!! But blames Hayworth because someone else did vote for them???

    Deakin isn’t very smart, but he is dishonest.

  14. Michael Holliday says

    But here’s something else. The voters know what’s going on. They’ll naturally gravitate from Deakin to JD anyway. A good portion of them will.

    Only Deakin’s hard-core cadre of doctrinaire supporters will soldier on with him to the bitter end.

    So, Deakin’s got a small window with which to maximize the effect of his support for JD and try to reap some rewards for it. Otherwise, he’s like day-old Valentine’s Day candy on sale at Walgreen’s. I’m sure your girlfriend appreciates it, but she’d rather have it on Valentine’s day and not after.

    In the end, it’s the voter who’ll step up. I still have faith in the American people.

    Jim’s fading fast…what in the world will he do?

    Mr. Wizard! Heeelllppp!

  15. Arizona Luke says

    Ten of my reasons for supporting JD can be read at the link below:


  16. Michael Holliday says

    Perhaps you’ll like my article “Why John McCain Should Vote for JD Hayworth for the US Senate.”



  17. Jane 001 says

    If character counts, then take a closer look at Deakin. I first heard him in a radio interview, he was touchy and defensive. I believe it was the Mike Broomhead incident involving a Deakin associate putting personal contact information out on the internet for spite.

    I stayed open about Deakin, but it went downhill from there. It was ridiculous how he combined poll statistics to make himself look better; he didn’t even blink when confronted. We can’t afford a candidate who is lying right out of the gates. If that wasn’t bad enough, he hits the debates with misinformation about JD’s record and Democrat talking points. The looney idea that the problem with Al Queda can be solved with trade policies is Obama’s plank!

  18. Jane 001 says

    Three reasons why I’m voting for JD Hayworth:

    He is proven on the issues of no amnesty, no comprehensive immigration reform, and absolutely no pathway to citizenship. The time is now, if we get this wrong, there will be no protection from illegal immigration short of civil war.

    There are no blurry lines or crossing the aisle in his platform. Hayworth is crystal clear on activist judges, same sex marriage, abortion, and foreign policy. We’ve had enough crossing the aisle with McCain & Democrats on amnesty and everything else. And Deakin promises to cross two aisles: Green Party platform on foreign policy and Democrats on immigration reform. The conservative Tea Party platform is excellent and comprehensive, but he’s got one foot in and one foot out.

    While most here say they don’t like John McCain, Hayworth is largely responsible for turning Arizona’s attention to McCain’s betrayal of the conservative movement. After the 2008 election, JD drew attention to McCain’s Senate votes and his defense of Barack Obama. Like his personality? Who cares, he is squarely on our side.

  19. Didn’t know pigs were so much on McCain’s mind. In ONE pithy home-grown well-practiced off the cufflink “come-back” McCain invoked:

    1)”my old friend Bob Dole told me once ” = long-time Washington DC insider

    2) “Bob Dole” = the OTHER senator that thought he DESERVED the party nomination on the grounds that he’d been there forever, so just because.

    3) “Bob Dole” who because he sucked up all the GOP financing and air in the room even though he was not physically up for any presidential campaign gave the country the Arkansas wonder Bill and Hillary “two-fer” Clinton “Co-presidents.” Likewise, must we be reminded of which long-serving senator who didn’t have the stamina to run a physically strong campaign, but thought he “deserved the nomination” just handed the POTUS to Obama? Hmm let’s see… Mc … Mc something.

    4) “Bob Dole” = invoking the propriety of lending his senatorial prestige to promote a commercial product, a product which confirmed suspicions more than any thousand words that Dole had NOT been *up* for any presidential run.

    5) JD Hayworth may have been a goof to be the voice for “free gov’t money,” which every rational person knows isn’t possible, and changes the channel or hits “mute” until the show returns, can at least take comfort that he was smart enough not to have agreed to appear on TV all perky and happy from being revived from the dead as Bob Dole did, singing the praises of a … ah, *performance enhancer*. If Bob Dole had discovered his wunder product BEFORE his campaign, maybe the Clintons would have followed their Arkansas partners to the slammer instead of being installed in the White House, whereupon Bill fired all the Fed. District Attorneys nationwide and took 8 years to fill the vacancies.
    6) The Pig. Rolling around in cool, wet mud probably sounded pretty good to McCain’s pink fur pig that he left sweltering on the sidewalk as he debated inside in air conditioned studios.

  20. GO JIM!! you have my vote!! Out with the old in with the new.

  21. How can one vote for Jim Deakin on the basis of the debate? He didn’t say much and of that nobody knows what he said.

    It’s the RIGHT (as in starboard) thing to do!
    He’s …!!!
    Deaken! OMGosh!
    Tea Party! Constitution!

    Strangest logic sets of endorsements ever seen. This is bogus.

  22. Stephen Kohut says

    Two little debates and team JD is frothing at the mouth like lunatics.

  23. Out of 72 posts, about 36 are VOTE for DEAKIN, and pretty much all have some sort of the same “should” argument.

  24. So, what’s Deakin’s position on the Jeffersonian structuring of US military, national defense strategy?

  25. Stephen Kohut says


    To find out attend an event, a GOP club, a Tea Party where Jim is speaking and as him. Make sue you ask JD the same question in a similar setting and then compare the results.

  26. AZGOPgal says

    This poll is an utter joke.

  27. Jane 001 says

    Most of the time, I agree with Stephen Kohut, yet after all his discourse against the Senate candidate I prefer, it would never have occurred to me to lash out labeling him a lunatic. The most you can do on a public blog is make your case about a candidate. Where’s the gain in doing something less?

  28. Stephen Kohut Says:
    July 20th, 2010 at 6:19 am

    To find out attend an event, a GOP club, a Tea Party where Jim is speaking and as him.

    It’s also Deakin’s task to get his message out because not everyone is able to attend a meeting. In fact MOST voters aren’t able to do so with the combo of schedules and locations. If Deakin’s not projecting means that’s his fault, no one else’s.

    It’s a problem to be solved, not blame others for.

  29. Wanuba said “It’s also Deakin’s task to get his message out because not everyone is able to attend a meeting. In fact MOST voters aren’t able to do so with the combo of schedules and locations. If Deakin’s not projecting means that’s his fault, no one else’s.

    It’s a problem to be solved, not blame others for.”

    Actually Jim Deakin is willing to go to anyones house and do a cottage meeting, he has been to my neighborhood twice because we called and scheduled him. On his website he says he will go anywhere all YOU have to do is call….so whose fault is it really that you don’t know him?

  30. I’ve met Deakin and spoken 1 on 1 with him.
    When it comes to border issues, he knows NOTHING. He can pretend to, and say the right things, but in reality..he is completely clueless. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. As an example: as much as Ramos and Compean were in the national news a few years back, he had no idea who they are.

  31. Pepper Says:
    July 20th, 2010 at 9:41 pm
    On his website he says he will go anywhere all YOU have to do is call….so whose fault is it really that you don’t know him

    Blaming the voter again.
    I said this up there, posts ago, but I’ll re-present it:
    Deakin is a stereotype of a Conservative.

    So that my meaning is fully comprehended, Deakin verbalizes stock phrases, repetition with no elaboration, a shallow construct of a conservative.

    So, based on his behavior and rhetoric, actually I know damn well what he is.

  32. Devin Gray says

    It is obvious that if Jim Deakin stays in the race even though his poll numbers don’t improve, then even he will have to admit he is a spoiler. He has a right to run but when he sees that he can’t win but stays in, it will show his selfishness and that he was in the tank for McCain all the time like people have suspected or that he just wants to be the spoiler. He can deny it but everyone remember this when he runs again.

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