Poll: Was the defeat of Russell Pearce a “green light” to comprehensive immigration reform including amnesty?


  1. It seems to be a stretch to take a recall organized by Democrats to take out one Republican, in one district based on a complaint that included “Fiesta Bowl Tickets” and “career politicians who needed humbling” as a “green light” for “immigation reform.”

    The logical follows, based on the rhetoric would be a “green light” for “Fiesta Bowl Freebie” reform and “humble pie for politicians training.”

    Would voters have voted differently had they been told it was about all about “immigration reform?”

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    With all the focus of the entire open borders / union effort nationally focused on a single race, its highly unlikely there’s enough spin once all the financial reports are filed, to make a case that Arizona is changing its course on “Illegal is Illegal”

  3. Parraz read to take on other “polarizing” elected officials. (according to the tribune)
    Why am I not surprised?

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