Poll: US Senate Race – Arizona


  1. Three of these candidates acquired new appeal this week! 🙂

  2. Some need to get out or McCain wins again. I figure here on SA the Independent would win, not many Dems read this site. Well except for the McCain opperatives. Libertarians are for Free Trade of goods and services, mass amnesty for all. We need to educate the people who would vote for them what the Libertairn Platform says.

  3. Tucson Vice says

    The readership of this site makes this “poll” completely meaningless. I can go pass a similar poll around the Arizona Democratic HQ. What do you think the results would show?

  4. Hmm.
    “Not McCain” leaves lots of choices.

    McCain can be the odd man out. OTHER states put in enough GOP senators and McCain’s one seat isn’t worth anything, just as it is right now, nothing that helps the GOP.

    McCain’s the one who’s manufactured this, put everyone’s backs to the wall, not the voters. Tired of it. Time for something completely different.

    Not going to be blackmailed into supporting a liar who won’t support us when he burrows back into Washington DC.

  5. SO, any reason JD Hayworth can’t run? Name recognition is way up, McCain’s $21 million plus needed to knock him out gets people thinking he’s the one to beat.
    Seriously, what’s the number now? $25 million against $3 million?
    It looks like a joke, not that Hayworth had only $3 million , but that McCain pissed thru $25 million on a PRIMARY.

    Oh, had he worked SO hard against Obama.

  6. sour grapes says

    You need to add Jimmy Deakin to that list. He would beat them all, just like he said he would beat JD and McCain. What ever became of the guy? Oh that’s right, he became the one man wrecking crew to TEA PARTY unity who guaranteed a McCain win. Way to go Jimmy. Course your mentor, McCain, is doing the same thing to the Republican Party. Maybe he has a role for you to play there.

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    Sour grapes,

    How long will you go on kicking a dead horse? No one “spoiled anything”. McCain got 56% and won by a straight out majority. He spent $7000 per vote, beat JD to death using his baggage and well crafted Alinskyesque ads and ignored Jim Deakin. Do I like it? No. I can’t stand McCain but he flat out won. The questions to be asked is why McCcain won and the combined challengers only got 44%.

    Conservatices and TPs have been very successful in other Senate primaries (UT, FL, NV, CO, KY) but it took: 1) a good, electable candidate; 2) unity behind one candidate; 3) effective fundraising and GOTV support. We had 2 challengers. One with baggage and upside down favorables/unfavorables who came into the race late and the other unable to get sufficient traction and name recognition after working hard for over a year. Palin, a big name like it or not, came out for the incumbant. McCain used his money and effective ads to beat back the opposition and played to his base of retirees that no one went after. That is why McCain won.

    If you want to be in politics then you had best be very objective in your anaysis or all you will have is a trail of failed candidated.

  8. Comment by JPD 19 hours ago Getting rid of McCain; a Donkey in an Elephant suit: wouldn’t a Donkey in a Donkey suit be easier to ride?

    The Senate seat is only one seat (1 of 100) where the real power/control is in the House under appropriations. We need to focus on GOTV for winning the US House races, putting the majority in the R column. Who cares about the Senate other than McCain doesn’t represent his party within so does it matter if it’s him or a D or an I sitting there? Get him gone at any cost!

    McCain wants our vote; demand that he sign the pledge to resign if elected and recalled – sign it by September 10, 2010.

    Ask the same of Glassman, where Glassman may well sign it– sign it by September 10, 2010.

    Ask Gilyeat to sign it.

    Will someone tell me what the difference is between McCain and Glassman other than age? Will they vote any different from one another on critical issues we are concerned about? Aren’t they one in the same? Do we really want to remove McCain?

    As there is no true difference between Mc and Glass other than the R/D Senate count, our choices are:
    1. get on the ball for Gilyeat as a write in, a long shot.
    2. hold the nose and vote for McCain.
    3. hold the nose and vote for Glassman.

    The easiest and surest way to remove McCain would be voting for Glassman.

    Do the math.

    Do YOU want to shove SHOVE the Republican Party to the right, bounce it off the left.

    The only thing we have to lose is not losing McCain.

    As I’m not voting for McCain and I will cast a vote, please decide who I’m voting for: Glassman or Gilyeat.


    19-221. Statement on recall in Arizona

    * A. Prior to a primary or any election, a candidate for the office of United States senator, or representative in Congress, may file with the secretary of state a statement addressed to the people as follows:
    * “If elected to the office (here name the office) I shall deem myself responsible to the people and under obligation to them to resign immediately if not re-elected on a recall vote”,
    o or: “If elected to the office (here name the office) I shall not deem myself under obligation to the people to resign if not re-elected by a recall vote.”
    * B. The secretary of state shall give the statement to the public press when made.

    19-222. Pledge to resign subject to recall

    * A. A United States senator or representative in Congress who has pledged himself to the people and under obligation to them to resign immediately if not re-elected upon a recall vote shall be subject to the laws of the state relating to recall of public officers, and may be recalled and his successor elected in like manner as a state officer.
    * B. The laws of the state relating to recall of state officers and recall elections are made applicable to the recall of a senator or representative.

  9. Anna Ables says

    You need to add another option to the poll… “none of the above”

  10. ……………………………..
    Stephen Kohut Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 7:58 am
    McCain got 56% and won by a straight out majority. He spent $7000 per vote, beat JD to death using his baggage and well crafted Alinskyesque ads and ignored Jim Deakin. Do I like it? No. I can’t stand McCain but he flat out won.

    With all due respect, of course he won. It is noticed HOW, with as you said, Alinsky ads, plus an open primary which is easy gaming by Democrats, as they have proved they will do, in the last fifteen years, plus the use of millions in POTUS campaign funds taken from Conservative and Republican voters meant to be used aggressively against Obama, but DELIBERATEY NOT USED, to name a FEW not “negative” but “abusive” factors. Can’t get much more “at all costs” than that. McCain’s campaign knows what % of the $21-$25 bazillion was used for purposes we didn’t see, because what we did see didn’t account for that magnitude of expenditure.

    But why does that mean anyone HAS to vote for HIM? If McCain needed that POTUS money then he KNEW his direct fundraising is off. The GOP has a lying incumbent candidate with a CONSISTENT Progressive Left legislative record who had no business running and LOST perhaps one of the most critical national races in this country, ever, giving us a hard-core redistributionist worse than indifferent to our national governance but hostile to it, and zero checks and balances on him.

    McCain boasted he “chose lying.” Alinsky dedicated his corrosive guide to “Lucifer.” Satan is identified Biblically as “the father of lies.” Lying is identified as one of the ten “deadly sins.” McCain has chosen poorly.

    Not interested. Choose TRUTH. Choose LIFE.

    Enough of “conventional thinking.” It’s usually wrong.

  11. Some of you people are just plain nuts. The Democrats couldn’t have better allies.

  12. Allies, ALLIES you mean McCain or those who vote for McCain.

  13. ………………………
    Joe Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 9:18 am
    Some of you people are just plain nuts. The Democrats couldn’t have better allies THAN JOHN MCCAIN.

    There, fixed it for ya.

  14. The real RINOS have finally been exposed!

  15. 44% voted against McStain. That bodes well for the upcoming recall campaign.

  16. Well, let’s see. If (R) McCain pushes Amnesty as in “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” or any other cutesy name he decides provides him a fig leaf of cover, then the GOP as a party goes down in flames.

    The (R)INOs betting their millions of new constituents who have an established pattern of illegality and false papers-ID-documentation-using and who will vote DEMOCRAT, will keep their (R)INO butts in office? These new voters will have been trained to vote for the Big (D), not mark ANYONE with an(R). Maybe then McCain will suddenly appear as McCain(D).

  17. So, which is it..wanumba(D), wanumba(I),wanumba(L), or wanumba(G)?

    It certainly isn’t wanumba(R) but it could be wanumba(RINO).

  18. voting for someone that doesn’t support the platform (like McCain) is wrong. Face it people McLame bought this election and will win the general. That’s a fact real Republicans don’t like but will have to accept. That doesn’t mean they need to be actively involved in the immoral act.

    We need to work on getting the House back so we can neutralize McCain’s efforts against conservatives. Maybe even a recall as some point, but even that isn’t realistic. Let’s suck it up and make him irrelevant. History will not paint him in a favorable light.

  19. ………………
    Joe Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 2:55 pm
    So, which is it..wanumba(D), wanumba(I),wanumba(L), or wanumba(G)?

    It certainly isn’t wanumba(R) but it could be wanumba(RINO).

    One of us is confused, but it ain’t me.

  20. Steve Calabrese says

    I am tired of hearing McCain bought the election.

    Yeah, he spent like a drunken sailor (no pun intended).

    Yeah, he fought hard and dirty.

    But hey, guess what? JEFF SMITH, percentage-wise, did BETTER (barely) against Jeff Flake than Hayworth did against McCain. And there was practically NO money spent in that race.

    I am a proud, fervent Jeff Flake supporter. There’s no way I would have voted for Jeff Smith in that race. But, the ultimate irony is that if Jeff Smith had run against McCain, I would have voted for Smith. McCain is a nasty piece of work and I will happily vote against him in any Republican primary IF THERE IS A CREDIBLE CANDIDATE offered.

    Hayworth was a deeply flawed candidate. Period.

    There’s no way he would have won the general.
    Too much baggage. Too much voting with George Bush’s government expansion policies to be considered a hard-core conservative.

    McCain WAS vulnerable to a decent candidate, and took the Hayworth challenge very seriously. A shame he didn’t take Obama as seriously, but I digress.

    McCain is the nominee. One more vote in the Senate standing against the Obama agenda.

    And, it appears that 60-70% of the voters have seen through the trite generalization that “immigration reform has to equal amnesty.” What a load of crap. For over a century Mexican workers have been coming over here to work. The difference now is that there is no way for them to do it, and we have at least 12 million, and maybe up to 20 million illegals here now. Is there ANYONE on Sonoran Alliance that wouldn’t flee Mexico or start a revolution if you had a chance?

    Granting citizenship to a bunch of illegals without provisions, and without locking down the border is AMNESTY. Allowing some of those people – many of which are hard-working, religious people (i.e., possible future Republicans) – to go through a process to get citizenship, while simultaneously locking down the border is SMART. And it would stop the Mexican government’s campaign to subvert American soverignty in its tracks.

    The simple truth is that if we had enacted immigration reform in 2005 we wouldn’t have had 5 years of skyrocketing illegal immigration and the poisonous, treasonous “Atzlan” theory beginning to take root in sections of the Hispanic community. McCain understands that. A shame that not only does 30% of the Republican electorate NOT, but that many of that same group is willing to risk everything in some mad attempt to back the Democrat.

    We are, as Americans, effectively fighting an undeclared war. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the traitorous conduct of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the actually ENCOURAGE the UN Human Rights Council to take action against the United States and Arizona. That is not hyperbole; it is simple fact. The President of the United States and the Secretary of State are asking the United Nations – a fundamentally communist organization, which is dedicated to taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots – to take action against the State of Arizona. And some of you hypocritical fools are actually talking about supporting the Democrat who has already pledged to support Obama.


    I can understand if certain people who worked on the Hayworth campaign or have been subject to McCain’s vile personal attacks do not wish to vote for the man. But anyone who calls themself a conservative and votes for the Democrat in this most critical of years is just a moron. Our nation is on the verge of collapse, our enemies are literally battering down the gates, and politics, as always, is power. One single seat in the Senate can make all the difference. Our Founding Fathers, in their wisdom and prudence, gave the Senate the power to grind the Federal government to a halt if need be. The choice is clear. Anyone who advocates for the Democrat because they’re just so angry at McCain is a fool.

  21. Hullo.
    WE HAVE a working system of legal immigration being administered by the United States government. Legal immigrants who do all the necessary are sworn in as legal citizens on a regular basis.

    What’s “broken”?
    1) Lazy government bureaucrats who take forever to process a simple piece of paper and who can’t be fired, but should be.

    2) A number of foreign nationals who can’t be bothered to do it the right way and want to dodge the fees, while availing themselves of all sorts of freebies, especially medical care.

    The “broken system” is a political myth.

    The other political myth is that “It’s not possible to just throw them out.”
    Nigeria booted out nearly 2 milllion Ghanians in a week’s time. Percentage-wise, given the population of Nigeria at the time, that would be roughly equivalent to the illegal percentages in the USA today.

    Other countries prove all the time when there’s will, there’s a way. Just ask the say, Senegalese. Ask the illegal Zimbabweans how the South Africans treated them.

    What’s disgraceful and manipulative is that the PEOPLE are articulating they don’t want to be pushed into a corner when simple enforcement of our current laws is sufficient, but our political class is ignoring them, in favor of promoting a corrosive political agenda that promotes one interest group over all others, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY LEGAL immigrants.

  22. ………………..
    “McCain is the nominee. One more vote in the Senate standing against the Obama agenda.”

    What a joke.
    McCain was the only one standing in front of Obama snarling that he wasn’t going to permit anyone to criticize the “family guy.”

    McCain gave us Obama, “Doing whatever it takes” to make sure John McCain was the GOP nominee for POTUS, NO ONE ELSE. He then sat on millions of dollars donated to his POTUS campaign to be used in his Senate race. He made a big hoo-hoo to “suspend” his campaign to rush back to vote for TARP. Gah.

    Where were all the same people arguing about JD Hayworth back THEN?

    There is no exaggeration to say: McCain was a “deeply flawed candidate” with “baggage” and “no hope of beating Obama,” “voted too many times with Bush.”

    Controversial McCain with a controversial campaign didn’t have a chance, but we all had to vote for him, just BECAUSE.

    JD Hayworth (R) could have been “the one seat in the Senate” too .. except that thanks to McCain, ONE seat isn’t anywhere NEAR enough to bring the GOP back to majority party. So, THAT argument doesn’t carry ANY water. Flip a few other senate races in other states, recover the majority and all we’ll get is McCain back to his usual habits of co-sponsoring with the Democrats more control-freak legislation that jacks our daily costs of life and reduces our freedoms.

    “Character matters.” How much does a person actually “care” about his constituents if he readily LIES to them? That’s a form of hatred.

  23. ………………..
    “McCain is the nominee. One more vote in the Senate standing against the Obama agenda.”

    What a joke.


    Well said Wanumba.

  24. Elections have consequences. A great piece in the WSJ sums it up nicely

    “I ask what so many voters are pondering: If Republicans win this fall, will they have learned the lessons from the overspending and corruption that got them tossed out in 2006 and 2008?”

    “In the House, John Boehner and the Republicans get it,” Mr. DeMint says. He’s not so sure about the Senate. “I think we’re in danger of doing the same thing we did before, where a lot of young conservatives come in who have been out there campaigning on the right issues, but then all the senior guys take control of the committees and it’s business as usual.”

  25. “Small strokes fell great oaks.”

    Term limits on Arizona senators. Start the term limits Constitutional amendment train across the country.

    With the devestating performance our US Senate has just turned in, and that our flags were dipped on order to half-mast for a half-century of a Democrat KKK, as if “Senate” means “Neo-Royalty,” the PEOPLE coast-to-coast are in the mood for freshening up the place with new blood, and making sure it STAYS fresh. Good time to initiate this long-talked about change.

    Few other professions have the luxury to allow people who aren’t conscious half the day, and need two people to prop them up, three to walk them up and down the stairs, to pull down six-figure salaries. The Democrats run dead people on the ballot, so they’ll do anything to hold a seat, but what’s in it for the public? The Congress will NOT reform itself.

    The incumbent senators will circle the wagons and fight tooth and nail, of course. “Whatever it takes.”

  26. I don’t trust John McCain. It’s as simple as that. But if I were the deciding vote, in order to keep the Dems at bay, I would do what Johnny’s mom suggested: Hold my nose and vote for her son. It’s highly unlikely that Johnny Come Lately McCain is going to lose, so I get to vote my conscience instead of pragmatically.

  27. Looks like Thomas will lose to Horne. In the case of AG, I will vote for Horne even though I supported Thomas.

    Creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens now = allowing them to vote in 2012. That’s what John McCain will do; that’s what the Democrat will do. In other words, keeping John McCain now will guarantee Obama wins in 2012. Plus, in six years, it will be easier to get a Democrat out of that seat than it will be to get John McCain out. Anyway, you look at it, John McCain is a toxic liability for this state and the country.

  28. Ponder This says

    Principles over party?

    Where? Not by looking at this poll.

    I believe now is the time to look deep into the hearts and souls of men and women and decide. Want to keep losing your liberty and Constitutional rights as US citizens, vote McCain back in.

    Not all Libertarians believe in amnesty or open borders, just like all Republicans are war mongers, or all Democrats are baby killers? It is wrong to mislabel or marginalize one another. WAKE UP and research the candidates for yourselves and turn off your TV’s!

    Which one understands the Constitution and will always vote to preserve and honor it? That is who I will be casting my vote for.

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