Poll: How will Arizona conservatives react to John McCain?

Nearly 44% of Arizona Republicans (and some Independents) voted against John McCain in the August 24th Primary Election. After John McCain’s “scorched earth” campaign against JD Hayworth and Arizona conservatives and TEA Party members, many voters are left with the dilemma of casting a November ballot for McCain, voting for someone else or not voting at all. John McCain should be concerned that he has now lost his conservative base. The question posed to our readers is what will you do?


  1. Are you so afraid of the Libertarian Candidate, David F. Nolan, that you can’t even mention his name?

  2. Just one more thought. Your poll seems to equate conservatives with Republicans, which ins’t necessarily so.

  3. I think this is an interesting question. You had 45% of the primary voters vote against mccain. I think many of them leave the senate race blank.

    I think we need an option like Nevada has… None of the Above

  4. I will do as John’s ,mother said, ‘hold my nose and vote”, except this time I will vote Democrt, I want him out, period. We know what a Dem will do, we neve know when Mccain will stab us in the back and twist that knife.

  5. Michael Holliday says

    This was a very important race that needed to be fought out. There was simply no other way to do it.

    It was important, personally and character wise, for JD Hayworth to confront his own past mistakes as well as McCain’s poor leadership and bring the issues to the forefront for Arizona and America.

    It was important McCain be reminded that he doesn’t own the Senate and he’s dropped the ball so many times and screwed up so much, people are going to hold him accountable.

    Both are better for it.

    In my estimation McCain’s made too many serious errors of judgment. He still hasn’t renounced his amnesty policies and fails to see the socio-economic, socio-political catastrophe engulfing the West and Southwest in particular and America in general.

    He’s just too insulated & oblivious. I’m baffled at his invincible ignorance and nonchalance.

    I hope JD is able to parlay his high-visibility and knowledge on the issues into something beneficial for Arizona, such as another drive time slot at KFYI or KTAR FM.

    I think JD’s got a lot of good options…

    Good fight!

    Had JD had half the money of McCain, say $10m, and no third candidate siphoning off votes…

    Such is politics.

    Avanti! (Forward!)

    It’s time to stop Maobama, John McCain’s favorite good American family man, in his political tracks.

  6. Dem – screw McCain. I’m so sick of him. I’ll vote dem now, and repub in 6 years

  7. Steve Calabrese says

    Politics is power.

    Whoever is in the office HAS the power.

    I am not sure that this nation can survive another few years of Obama-type politics.

    The only Democratic candidate for Senator I would have considered, ironically, was McCain’s arch-enemy, John Doughterty. I disagree strongly with his politics but think he’s anhonest guy.

    But, at this time, we need every “R” we can get. I hope people can put aside their anger and vote for John McCain.

  8. Mad Gramma says

    “The danger to Arizonaa is not John McCain but a citizenry capable of re electing a man like him. It will be disaster for the to nation in the support to Obama that will prevail but worse still how to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an Arizona electorate willing to vote again for the senator who has consistantly failed his state . The problem is much deeper and far more serious than John, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the flip flopper and his millions (used to buy the vote) should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their choice. The state may survive a McAmnesty or herald in a Democrat that would be the no different. As a state we are less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who would make him their Senator again.” Money talks and honor walks! –

  9. What part of NEVER voting for McCain again don’t people understand?

  10. I will for one will NOT ever place a vote for McShame – and I hope every single JD supporter does the same. McShame is a disgrace. 99% of the ads he ran were a flat out lie, and he knows it. In typical progressive fashion – win at ANY cost – the ends justifies the means

    I will either vote for another candidate or just write in JD if that is an option – but no way in heck will I ever place a check next to McShame!

  11. Pragmatic Conservative says

    It’s amazing how many Democrats are on this BLOG.

  12. LOL! Sonoran Alliance = BIGGEST SORE LOSERS EVER!

  13. No guts, no glory says

    McCain is still a loser and will always be a loser. That means we are all losers when the unprincipled individual represents us.

    In fact, I don’t believe he understands the word “represent”.

    We have all lost something with McCain’s primary victory. Yesterday was a very sad day for Arizona.

  14. “What part of NEVER voting for McCain again don’t people understand?”

    Probably the part about keeping the Democrats in control of the Senate….

  15. Sounds like a lot of the Sonoran Alliance readers and bloggers need the WAAHmbulance today!

  16. Voting for Dems? Looks like Sonoran Alliance has been taken over by RINO’s!

  17. I knew all the crying would be on here today, lets put it this way, 56% of the voters voted FOR McCain, that is a majority. Deakin siphoning off votes? Well lets give all those votes to JD and guess what? Same result, McCain wins. He wins by 12% instead of 24%.

  18. “What part of NEVER voting for McCain again don’t people understand?”

    “Probably the part about keeping the Democrats in control of the Senate….”

    What difference does THAT make VSB when we keep re-electing a virtual Democrat representing Arizona IN the Senate??

  19. Nolan is a good man, I am seriously considering him. I do not want to hear that I am wasting my vote, voting for McCain is a waste.

  20. I bet Angry Right Wing Housewife is really angry today!

  21. VSB – McCain is a Democrat – so no difference & once again no choice.

  22. catsclaw Says:

    “Nolan is a good man, I am seriously considering him. I do not want to hear that I am wasting my vote, voting for McCain is a waste.”

    It’s not wasting a vote if he truly represents you. If more Arizonans would think like you we would have rid of the liberal, self admitting lying RINO scourge.

  23. What the McShame win points to is an even greater problem – the uninformed and brainwashed voter

    Voting records be damned – if he can run 20 million dollars worth of ads saying he is a conservative and the other guy is a criminal – then it MUST be true!

    And I find it somehow ironic – here in a state with 70% approving of SB1070 and wanting something to be done about the illegal immigration problem – 56% vote for a guy who not only has done nothing on this issue for 28 years – but wrote amnesty bills with liberal democrats – and to this day aligns himself with the liberals in Congress and with Obama on creating amnesty for some 30 million illegals

  24. I now come to SA for a good laugh. Go ahead and vote for the democrat, you must really enjoy losing.

    Of course it is a majority of the people who are out of touch right?

  25. Jim's Shipmate says

    This year is the first time I put a bumper sticker on my car and more importantly, voted in a primary. Jim Deakin and I were shipmates on the USS Reuben James. After more than 20 years I heard him on the radio, then searched for him on the internet and found that his views were in alignment with mine. My wife and I told our friends and family about Jim, we donated time and money, but the people decided not to back my candidate. Now I need a new bumper sticker as I can’t support Pelosi, Reid and Obama getting one more vote.
    Take a deep breath, think about the big picture and do the right thing. Go John McCain.

  26. McCain only votes with the GOP when it doesn’t matter. When his vote does matter, he’s DEMOCRAT. He doesn’t tip the balance right now for the GOP in any way, even with the GOP voting 100% as a block, they are still outvoted by the DEMS, as the minority party.

    He lies to us all on Republican matters and then spends his time on bills that evicerate more of our freedoms, aiding the Democrats. What are we supposed to do with him? Oh, vote for him so he can continue what he wants to do.

    Only in Progressiveville can a person break the laws for decades and then get rewarded for it, based SOLELY on a Progressive Left bias for “foreign” status. Anything but American, evidently.

    An American cannot break laws for decades and not be punished for it, imprisonment, fines, loss of rights for years, black marks for years that scare off employers. Will McCain regularlize that injustice on his way to McAmnesty?

    Why should the voters be the ones placed in a dilemma McCain created expressly to benefit himself? Voters have simple requests, low taxes, respect for our Constitutional freedoms and national security.

    If McCain had a track record of actually standing up for his constituents, who would be complaining? It’s HIS fault, not ours.
    If he says he’s gonna be good THIS time, how do we determine THIS time ISN’T a lie?

    What’s that Libertarian candidate’s name again? There’s FAR more common ground between Libertarians and Conservatives than RINOs and Conservatives.

    Everyone ready for the massive Tax Hike in January? How many MORE home owners will be FORCED underwater on their mortgages after the first quarter 2011 ends, how many more business will fold?

    This country is being strangled. WHat no army of another nation could do is being done by our own people.

    “A citizen of a nation is the destroyer of that nation.”

  27. Isn’t it a lovely day today?

  28. ………………….
    57States Says:
    August 25th, 2010 at 9:57 am
    What the McShame win points to is an even greater problem – the uninformed and brainwashed voter

    Forty years of a dumbed down education system in this state, plus a state and national media that is partisan politically activist equals people are NOT informed.

    You haven’t lived until you hear a young woman out here say, “Egypt’s a pueblo, right?”

    NOT making that up. “PUEBLO.” Egypt! Not a joke, dead serious, and worse, she wasn’t open to the correction – she argued! When the map was presented to her, she dismissed it! In her education, she was taught her opinion was always right.

    Africa is an unknown blob out there somewhere called “South Africa.” Don’t even TRY Estonia or Uzbekistan. Can’t add, can’t read, can’t write. Never heard of Ben Franklin, can’t name 95% of our US presidents. Thomas Jefferson is totally beneath study by Progressive People because he might have dated his slave after his wife died. Nothing George Washington did was of any value because he was permanently, unforgivably tainted by being a slave owner. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a saint, everything he did was wonderful, Kennedy, too and Clinton, but the textbooks are ALREADY published and have been on students’desks since LAST year, with pages of praises for Obama.

    The roots of “for everything there is a season,” “stranger in a strange land,” “do unto others,” “let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no'” are UNKNOWN.

    Start there and voting patterns aren’t the least surprising. Until the drug turf shoot-outs start in the malls downtown there won’t be any outcry.

    But the conservatives who warned about this, trying to avert the train wreck, will be blamed for being “intolerant” and the “root cause” of other people’s bad behavior. “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

  29. Iris Lynch says

    There are other choices than McLame or a Dem! There is the Libertarian and there is the Independent Ian Gilyeat.

    Take a look at each and make up your minds TODAY! Then rally round and support your guy for all you are worth!

  30. SetUStraight says

    To every one of the 50% who say their will unite behind John McCain…

    John McCain thanks you. You are the reason he can flip-flop with inpunity and be confident that it won’t hinder his re-election.

    Only when people stop voting the “letter” will the caliber of candidates improve.

    Oh, and don’t forget the McDeakinites…they’re just as responsible for McCain’s re-election as those who actually filled the lines next to McCain.

  31. “Nearly 44% of Arizona Republicans (and some Independents) voted against John McCain in the August 24th Primary Election.”.


    With 56.85 voting for McCain. Your point?

    “After John McCain’s “scorched earth” campaign against JD Hayworth and Arizona conservatives and TEA Party members,”


    Selective amnesia is a wonderful thing. Guess you forgot that your boy started this slug fest with his ham handed attacks and cartoonish commercials as soon as he declared.

    McCain attacking conservatives is more SA bull. Conservatives know a freak show when they see one, which is why we didn’t vote for Hayscum.

    Tea Party members? TP’s can’t find their asses with both hands. They weren’t attacked, they were ignored because they’re dysfunctional and can’t deliver any worthwhile votes.

    “John McCain should be concerned that he has now lost his conservative base.”

    Really. He never did and never will.

    Let’s take a look at the real picture. Hayworth lost. Shane supported Hayworth with all means available. Shane now plays the sore loser, as he has with every candidate he’s backed who has failed.

    Who else does Shane support?

    Schwiekert. This will be a repeat of last election cycle. Psycho Dave will lose to Mitchell again…but this time will go bankrupt doing it.

    Montgomery. Sorry, Joe and Shane. Rotellini wins the general. People don’t want a Thomas clone. The State doesn’t have the funds to continue to support witch hunts.

    Horne. So far leads by only 373 with ballots still being counted. This doesn’t preclude a recount, but he still wins.

    What else did SA lose this election cycle?
    CD3. Vernon Parker? Please.

    LD4. Jack wins. Again. Not even a nice smear try.

    LD11. Adam wins. Again. Your smear campaign was defeated with 24 hours of you posting it. F minus.

  32. molly bitcher says

    I said it in another post, but if JD friggin Hayworth couldn’t beat McCain, then a libertarian with no $ can’t beat him either. We either stay home or vote for the Dem and really rally around him. I can’t believe McCain wants my vote after the way he treated my candidate.

  33. molly bitcher says

    Comment #31
    Montgomery is un-opposed genius. Rotellini will be running against Horne or Thomas. Another deformed voter.

  34. Steve Calabrese says

    LD17, I think the venom is uncalled for.

    I voted for McCain. That said, the first negative ad I saw was from his camp. It seems he learned a lesson from his miserable failure of a Presidental campaign.

    I’m not going to even touch the comment about Montgomery and its obvious errors.

    I voted for McCain because although I do not believe he is the best example of a conservative, and is from all accounts not a very nice man, he IS Republican, and CAN win the general. JD never had a chance in the general, as evidenced by the fact he couldn’t win even in a race where his base was very powerful. To me, McCain’s transgressions were offset by Hayworth’s votes to back Bush on non-conservative government expansion.

    That said, as for Shane, I wish to God I could feel as strongly about the candidate I supported (lukewarmly) as he felt about his man. Shane poured everything into this race out of principle, and I will not condemn him for that.

    Deakin might have had a future, but the last minute, shrill attacks from his wife have permanently turned me off. I think a lot of people feel the same way.

    Someone is going to make policy. In a year where we weren’t on the verge of national failure, I might indulge myself by voting for a principled Democrat who is honest even if I didn’t agree with him – or maybe the Libertarian. This year, when one vote could mean the difference between repealing government health care, I have no choice but to vote for McCain.

    But I sure am hell am not going to gloat over the Hayworth supporters, who are rightfully angry, energized as hell, and desperately needed in Novemeber.

  35. Martin Sepulveda says

    How about showing just a little class and admit that JD Hayworth wasn’t a good choice.

    For Sonoran Alliance to continue to whine about how the McCain campaign used “smear tactics” to defeat Hayworth is actually kind of funny.

    The McCain campaign merely chronicled Hayworth’s checkered past as a Congressman, as a registered lobbyist and as a budding late night infomercial star.

    All the hate and anger and the name calling won’t change the fact that JD Hayworth was nothing more than an opporunist who tried to ride the anti-incumbent sentiment, the coat tails of the Tea Party and others who are still mad at John McCain for losing to Barack Obama.

    He had sound bites, but no substance. For all of the McAmnisty talk, JD Hayworth’s only effort on Immigration was in 2005; the year before Republican’s in CD 5 fired him.

    His Enforcement First Act never made it out of committee, much less to the floor to be debated or voted on. That small fact was never made very clear.

    The McCain-Kennedy bill made it to the floor and debated, but was never voted on. Explain how this non-legislation could then become law or the “cornerstone” of Immigration Reform.

    One more interesting piece of trivia; in 170 pages of the bill, “Amnesty” never appears.

    So much for blind and uninformed followers; but one hell of a sound bite.

    Facts are stubborn things.

    If the goal is to make Arizona and America a better place, how do you do that by trashing the Republican Senator who has and will continue to oppose this Administration and their misguided views?

    I was in Fallujah and missed most of the Presidential Campaign. But what I do know is that Sen John McCain was the Republican nominee; yet there were many Republicans who did not embrace him for one reason or another.

    That was not only totally asinine, look how that worked out.

    The bigger issues of border security, out of control spending, too much government regulation and the war in Afghanistan are still real problems and need to be dealt with.

    Glassman is probably not the right guy to deal w/ those issues.

    So whenever you all are done crying in your beer, come on over; there’s a lot of work to do.

  36. WOW…who knew a dinner of crow followed by humble pie would cause such a bad case of heartburn and irritable bowels?

    John McCain will win with or without your help or hindrance.

    Last night was a great measure of the actual number of REPUBLICANS in Arizona who abide in the echo chamber. Not nearly the number they have exclaimed.

    If you choose to stay angry, stay bitter, and stay out of touch…that is your choice but John McCain will win the general in 2010 and you will still be irrelevant.

  37. You sychophantic McCainiacs are just so damn funny. Johnny Come Lately McCain is the best senator “money can buy.” $20 Million vs. $3 Million is almost impossible to overcome. I’m voting for the independent, Ian Gilyeat. If by chance the Dem wins (highly unlikely), have we really lost anything? Johnny is simply untrustworthy.

  38. “Steve Calabrese Says:
    August 25th, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    LD17, I think the venom is uncalled for.”

    Venom? Try payback. I’ve put up with these Kool Aid drinkers and their lies for as long as I can remember. Venom? Try Shane when Haywired started to lose. Every hate and smear campaign that I can think of was posted here.

    No, pal….I’m enjoying this. Just as Shane would kick me in the teeth if my candidate lost, I’m enjoying rubbing his nose in it.

  39. molly bitcher says

    I’m glad you’re enjoying it, but you better get back to making sure Montgomery beats Rotellini in the AG race. You stupid ass

  40. It’s amazing how so many of you piss and growl when politicians tow the party line, but when you do it, it’s okay. Can someone cite one difference between Glassman’s promises and McCain’s actual performance? No!

    To those of you running around like Chicken Little because a “REPUBLICAN” might lose, which is worse: a single Republican loss or the State of Arizona held hostage in perpetuity by a liberal in a GOP suit? If you hand that seat to John McCain, his roots only grow deeper…and he as he said last night, he will vote as he sees fit! Wake up and stay awake! It’s a fantasy that John McCain would be doing anything differently than Barack Obama. Don’t you remember a thing? It’s also a fantasy that McCain will perform any differently than the liberal he is. Anyone else in that seat affords you some options in six years. But you entertain confining the U.S. Senate and the State of Arizona for the rest of McCain’s life.

  41. molly bitcher says

    Look at how the McCain people on this board treat us hayworth people, in the same breath that they ask for our vote. Actually they don’t ask they assume they have it, or they lecture us as to why we have to vote for him. MAke no mistake I don’t have to vote for him, and he needs my vote. Considering all he had going into last night 57% isn’t that great of a showing for Mccryptkeeper.

  42. Hey “bitch”,

    Your boy won’t even grow a set and concede. JD Haywad, conceited ass to the end.

  43. Oh how cute, LD17 resorts to name calling – what a class act.

  44. “What difference does THAT make VSB when we keep re-electing a virtual Democrat representing Arizona IN the Senate??”

    What difference? LOL! Even if for the sake of argument, I was accept your absurd notion of McCain being a “virtual Democrat” (LOL! NOT!), the difference is a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY LEADER and REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE CHAIRS controlling the Senate’s agenda!

  45. …………………..
    VSB Says:
    August 25th, 2010 at 8:35 pm
    “the difference is a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY LEADER and REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE CHAIRS controlling the Senate’s agenda!

    Yah. So where is it? McCain’s senator right now and he’s worthless to achieve GOP majority. Gonna need way way more than just McCain to turn that around. And when we FINALLY get majority, he runs off and “reaches across” the aisle. We need a margin of SEVERAL GOP senators to offset ONE McCain and his usual drag-like contribution to any GOP majority.

  46. Michael Bailey says

    Ian Gilyeat is very conservative and has talked to several of the Tea Party groups around the valley. McCain only pulled half of the Republicans. If the other half swallows their pride, and the Deakin/Hayworth crowds work together as hard as they worked against each other, and especially contribute, they can push the independent through. Half of one party isn’t going to win it for McCain this time.

    50,000 voted for Deakin. If they and 50,000 Hayworth voters will pony up 5 bucks a week, and get back out there on the signs and in the neighborhoods, that’s half a million a week to work with, and an army of volunteers.

  47. Ian Gilyeat. Perhaps! Nine children, no birthright citizenship, no amnesty, limited government, heterosexual marriage, pro second amendment!

    He’s in favor of right to abortion (errrr). Specifically, he opposes abortion, but favors the legal right to do so.

    He opposes SB1070. Specifically, he says it’s poorly written and invites litigation, but adds “If the Governor or citizens of Arizona really want the border secure, we don’t need to wait on the Federal government. Let the Governor enlist and deploy an Arizona State militia.”

    His other ideas on SB1070 and immigrant labor give me pause. The problem is not exclusively a porous border. We have thousands of illegal immigrants in Arizona and most in Maricopa County who need inducements to return to their country of origin. The State must have laws in place to discourage their stay. As long as an enormous population of illegal immigrants remain, they will attract predators of one kind or another.

    That said, I’d be interested in a daytime townhall to understand his positions better.

  48. Libertarian candidate David Nolan deserves all of your votes. He is the only candidate to support the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that are enshrined in it. He is the only one with principled views. The others care absolutely nothing about individual rights including free speech rights. They support laws that stifle free speech rights with ridiculous campaign finance laws. They want government to harass citizens simply because they disagree with their statist views. Do you really want citizens harassed just for expressing their views in a peaceful manner?
    We need a Senator who will fight to restore
    common sence and principle to Washington. David Nolan is the only candidate for liberty, the only candidate who will fight for lower taxes and less spending, and the only candidate who cares about individual rights. Please join me in november in voting Libertarian David Nolan for a better future for America. Thank you.

  49. http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-08-26/meghan-mccain-on-john-mccains-primary-victory?cid=hp:mainpromo9

    Meghan McCain lecturing everyone on how John McCain wasn’t negative and didn’t change his positions. Prepare to vomit.

  50. Stephen Kohut says

    The US Senate primary, like the rest of the primaries, is over. We have what we have. We need to go forward from here. Wasting time on alternatives to McCain is kicking a dead horse. The horse doesn’t care and the only thing that hurts is your foot.

    We need to concentrate on 3 things:

    1) Doing the best we can with what we have in the 2010 general
    2) Taking control of the AZ GOP in the Dec/Jan leadership elections
    3) Working on 2012 by recruiting, vetting and selecting candidates stating in Feb 2011

    We need to go forward.

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