Poll: How will Arizona conservatives react to John McCain?

Nearly 44% of Arizona Republicans (and some Independents) voted against John McCain in the August 24th Primary Election. After John McCain’s “scorched earth” campaign against JD Hayworth and Arizona conservatives and TEA Party members, many voters are left with the dilemma of casting a November ballot for McCain, voting for someone else or not voting at all. John McCain should be concerned that he has now lost his conservative base. The question posed to our readers is what will you do?


  1. I disagree.

    And there is no reason for anyone to relinquish participation with moving the GOP to the right just because they don’t plan to vote for John McCain. He is only one candidate in a sea of other candidates who will be getting much deserved time and attention from involved conservatives. Besides, the GOP is the vehicle, not the goal. Truly going forward would actually exclude John McCain.

  2. I personally am going to vote for the Independent Candidate Ian Gilyeat. I am registered as Republican but can NOT vote for McCain. Check out Gilyeat at

  3. Comment by JPD 19 hours ago Getting rid of McCain; a Donkey in an Elephant suit: wouldn’t a Donkey in a Donkey suit be easier to ride?

    The Senate seat is only one seat (1 of 100) where the real power/control is in the House under appropriations. We need to focus on GOTV for winning the US House races, putting the majority in the R column. Who cares about the Senate other than McCain doesn’t represent his party within so does it matter if it’s him or a D or an I sitting there? Get him gone at any cost!

    McCain wants our vote; demand that he sign the pledge to resign if elected and recalled – sign it by September 10, 2010.

    Ask the same of Glassman, where Glassman may well sign it– sign it by September 10, 2010.

    Ask Gilyeat to sign it.

    Will someone tell me what the difference is between McCain and Glassman other than age? Will they vote any different from one another on critical issues we are concerned about? Aren’t they one in the same? Do we really want to remove McCain?

    As there is no true difference between Mc and Glass other than the R/D Senate count, our choices are:
    1. get on the ball for Gilyeat as a write in, a long shot.
    2. hold the nose and vote for McCain.
    3. hold the nose and vote for Glassman.

    The easiest and surest way to remove McCain would be voting for Glassman.

    Do the math.

    Do YOU want to shove SHOVE the Republican Party to the right, bounce it off the left.

    The only thing we have to lose is not losing McCain.

    As I’m not voting for McCain and I will cast a vote, please decide who I’m voting for: Glassman or Gilyeat.


    19-221. Statement on recall in Arizona

    * A. Prior to a primary or any election, a candidate for the office of United States senator, or representative in Congress, may file with the secretary of state a statement addressed to the people as follows:
    * “If elected to the office (here name the office) I shall deem myself responsible to the people and under obligation to them to resign immediately if not re-elected on a recall vote”,
    o or: “If elected to the office (here name the office) I shall not deem myself under obligation to the people to resign if not re-elected by a recall vote.”
    * B. The secretary of state shall give the statement to the public press when made.

    19-222. Pledge to resign subject to recall

    * A. A United States senator or representative in Congress who has pledged himself to the people and under obligation to them to resign immediately if not re-elected upon a recall vote shall be subject to the laws of the state relating to recall of public officers, and may be recalled and his successor elected in like manner as a state officer.
    * B. The laws of the state relating to recall of state officers and recall elections are made applicable to the recall of a senator or representative.

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