Poll: CD-5 Republican Candidates

Please take a moment to vote in the Republican Primary Poll for Congressional District 5. This poll will close at midnight on July 31st.


  1. Apologies to Dr. Chris Salvino on name confusion! Now corrected!

  2. when are we going to see actual scientific data on CD5.

    these polls are fun, but they don’t give us any usable data on this race.

  3. i’ve been researching all the candidates. i’ve definitely decided Ward isn’t my pick, because even though he says he’s not for the term amnesty, it sure sounds like amnesty to me when he breaks down his “immigration plan”


  4. Oh sorry wrong video… Here it is…

  5. This video is also really good. Its Jim Ward’s path to amnesty…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnQ8cQ9xwkk

  6. I can’t believe that Susan Bitter Smith was endorsed by the Arizona Republic. That Newspaper has no credibility it was like they were picking the RINO guide for the Republican Primary.

  7. Steve Calabrese says

    AZ Republic specifically said they were picking Bitter Smith because, roughly, “she’s the only one moderate enough to beat Mitchell” in their rather biased view.

  8. The AZ Republic endorsed Bitter Smith? HA! That will doom her campaign for sure.

  9. Robert H. Stevens says

    If Jim Ward’s team at Lucas got him successfully removed from his job at Lucas within 12 months before he moved from San Francisco to Arizona run for Congress in our district:

    Do you think we can start a petition to remove Jim Ward from the ballot for lying to the voters of CD5 about made-up Fox News and Wall Street Journal articles:

    Or going negative first on Schweikert, after promising CD5 when he moved here a year ago that he was “A New Kind of Republican” that wasn’t going to go negative like 2008:

  10. I guess Susan’s decision to head up the Don Stapley Defense Fund nailed her The Republic’s support!

  11. Cookie Monster says

    And Lee Gentry closes in on Schweikert. This is entertaining!

    Go Lee!

  12. Either Lee Gentry has a more solid base of support than the other candidates or he has one heck of a social network!

  13. Its nice to see Gentry has so many devoted family members to keep logging on to SA to vote.

    I dont really get what the AZ republic is doing endorsing baby killer susan, dont they know whoever they endorse in a republican primary there will actually be a back lash against them. Thanks AZ republic for making sure the baby killer has no chance

  14. Lee Gentry LOL:)Libertarian out loud

  15. Annie Hoyle says

    Uh oh, David. You might as well drop out of the race… Lee somebody is polling out much higher than you!

  16. I’ll believe Lee Gentry is any sort of libertarian when I see the quote of him endorsing the legalization of marijuana.


  17. Lee must have a pale, pasty-skinned kid sitting in a basement voting over and over again by clearing the cache file and refreshing.

  18. Being a Democrat, I truly don’t care why you folks like/dislike your primary candidates. That’s entirely your business.

    But I have to say – even if he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of winning the nomination, Mark Spinks should have been included in the poll because he is on the ballot.

  19. “I dont really get what the AZ republic is doing endorsing baby killer susan, dont they know whoever they endorse in a republican primary there will actually be a back lash against them. Thanks AZ republic for making sure the baby killer has no chance.”

    johhny, spoken like to true right wing neo-fascist. You have no credibility in your posts, you have no idea what Susan’s platform is, you have no idea what her mission statement is. You, like the other slobbering Hitler youth, can only one shot on Pro-Life and call her a baby killer.

    Man up and post credible facts instead of resorting to baseless name calling.

  20. Fiscal_Hawk says

    As Lee Gentry would say, “Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling! Street lights, people, woooaaahhhhhh!” – Journey

    Go get’em Lee! lol

  21. RepublicanSOS says

    Who is Lee Gentry? I didn’t even know he/she was running.

  22. LD17

    It sounds like I really struck a nerve. Do you deny that susan is proabortion? She is the only person who doesn’t mind murdering babies. You can call me what you want but it doesn’t get more factual than that…

  23. “Do you deny that susan is proabortion?”

    This reminds me of a trial attorney that asks a defendant if he’s beaten his wife recently.

    The real issue I have is that, when people are concerned about keeping a roof over their head, paying their mortgages, keeping food on their table and securing the border, the only thing that a troglodyte like you can come up with is pro-life. Nothing else. Your stock answer for all of the State’s ills is…pro-life.

    Get over that issue and yourself. This is so low on the totem pole of voters needs and wants (with the exception of the very hardcore ultra-right)that it’s not really even an issue. We’re in the worst recession in history. Try to remain relevant.

    “She is the only person who doesn’t mind murdering babies.”

    Really. And you got this information from which conspiracy group? What proof do you have that Susan “murders babies”. This is the worst attempt at trolling that I’ve seen in a long time. Man up, become relevant with the current issues, or GTFO.

  24. Wow!!! Gentry got as many votes here as he will get in the election. What a great accomplishment. Imagine being able to get ALL you supporters out to vote on this poll at once.

  25. LD17,

    It seems like its who needs perspective “the worst recession in history”?? Worse than the great depression huh? You might want to learn a bit of history…

    Also if she is proabortion she by definition must not have a problem murdering babies… You can try and skirt the issue all you want but this is a major platform of the GOP, opposition to abortion, and baby killer susan doesn’t support it.

  26. no dog in this fight, but LD17 is right on the economy (even Schweikert agrees that it trumps social issues in his Marcus Kelly interview posted on this site). As for abortion, I noticed that Bittersmith says she’s against federal funding and partial birth abortions. She might not be pro-life, but that hardly sounds like “proabortion” to me.

  27. Cinco,

    You miss the point… All things being equal which they are not anyways because susan has other “moderate” positions but let’s say they were even on all issues and the only one they were different on was abortion… Even if the issue was not a “major” issue for you wouldn’t you be more inclined to support the one who supports life??

    And no she is not for partial birth abortions but you are talking about something that very few people are for. The bill that had included a health exception for the mother had over 80 votes in the senate previously. So that’s not some conservative position there, its main stream.

    So down play it all you want but there is a reason susan has no chance in this primary and her position in favor of abortion is part of her problem

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