Poll: Arizona’s Republican US Senate Debate, Deakin vs. Hayworth vs. McCain





  1. Did anyone else notice Deakin let us know he is a RINO. Saying he would run as an independent but too hard to do so in AZ. We now have two RINOs in the race.

  2. Deakin is not ready for prime time. With all due respect to his right to run for office, I think Arizona deserves better. He is far too emotional, and doesn’t seem prepared to navigate life beyond his own in Arizona.

  3. On another note, I’m not sure this poll can illustrate anything especially with Mcbloggers camping out and clicking McCain’s name. No wonder McCain accomplishes so little on Capital Hill, all his help is assigned to petty and benign tasks.

  4. Arizona Luke says

    I’m disappointed that JD and Deakin missed a HUGE opportunity in highlighting McCain’s record that he’s so ‘proud’ of.

    Things like:

    ~ McCain-Feingold ruled unconstitutional
    ~ His Cap-n-Trade bill
    ~ His recent attempt on vitamin ‘regulation’
    ~ Opposing Bush Tax cuts using same rhetoric as Obama (favor the rich, etc)
    ~ The fact he was endorsed by ACORN in the presidential primary
    ~ McCain’s contempt for the American Worker when he said he would hire Americans at $50/hr to pick lettuce in Yuma
    ~ His appearances at La Raza functions
    ~ His 2007 statement of “I’ll give them the damn fence if that’s what they want” (after saying a fence won’t work)

    Overall, the 2 failed to call him the dirty word – A “Progressive”, which we all know he is.

    Mr Senator, please keep in mind that “Pride” goes before destruction.

  5. I’m very excited that anyone who cared to see, finally got to hear JD’s record and plans for the office he seeks. In case you missed it, here is a recap:

    Question: Mr. Hayworth you were the recipient of the largest amount of Abramoff money in that scandal, what would you like to say?

    JD: shoulder shrug, heavy sigh, head tilt forward with one eyebrow up…”John McCain blah, blah, blah”

    Question: “What would you do to bring jobs to Arizona?

    JD: phony smile, head tilt, eyes wide….”John McCain blah, blah, blah”

    Question: Illegal immigration is a huge problem, what would you do?

    JD: pursed lip smirk, head tilt the other way and both eyes furrowed…”John McCain blah, blah, blah!”

    Note to Hayworth….it isn’t enough to be well rehearsed for the cameras as you run against someone, you have to actually run for the office.

    Huge miss. Plenty of rope.

    McCain wins by 40+.

  6. Ann you only wish. Maybe you want Amnesty, oh ghee the new name from McLouse is REGULARIZE”. JD won that debate hands down, even Mccain showed how old he was and could not think at certain times.

    Lets see you know the Justice Dept dropped the investigation, instigated by McCain’s own Committee, another use of tax payer monies for his own kind of justice. But you are trying to deceive just like your boss McNasty. Jd looked great last night, he spoke well and dynamic, McCain showed us his arrogance trying to keep power he helped hand over to the Dems with his pathetic campaign in ’08.

    We need JD in office, McCain needs to retire and give us all “hope and change” for our future.

  7. Poor Charlotte…again with the “A” word.

    I realize the 19% of the voters who support JD are focused on this topic. There vision is blurred and fuzzy; they share so much in common with the guy they would call Senator…. constant excuses for his poor record and even worse personal choices…but did you hear? John McCain wants amnesty!

    Don’t listen to the entire Arizona delegation none of whom support JD (they served with him and know him well) but have endorsed McCain. Ignore the statewide Sheriffs and Mayors who back McCain and ran from JD. The AZ Right to Life, the NRA, The Fraternal Order of Police…all corrupt I say…all corrupt!

    That whole amnesty thing is such a pile of hooey and you all know it but, when it is all you’ve got….because you sure as heck do not have a viable candidate.

    I also realize the over 50% of the public that have an unfavorable view of JD get the whole picture. And it doesn’t include him anywhere near the Capitol.

    McCain by 40+. Miss Mary should tell JD that he needs to drop out now and attempt to rehab what bit of dignity he has left. Losing by such a large margin will cost him any chance of ever running with a snowball’s chance to win dog cathcer!

    No radio show, no TV gig…he will be a big time, double loser. Oh yea, and unemployed.

    Save yourself, think of your family.

  8. The Mole says

    Lisa you are delusional. The McAmnesty bill was attacked by the whole country in order to stop it. It was NOT just an Arizona thing. You spinners can say what you want, but the people know amnesty when the see it.

    McCain = McAmnesty.

  9. Lydia D. says

    AZ Luke you make some great points, and I agree that there were lost opportunities both from JD and Deakin. But it seemed to me, in the interest of time allotted for the entire debate, they weren’t able to cover everything. I was sorry that JD didn’t come back when McCain (twice) mentioned his endorsement from AZ Right to Life. I wished he would have brought up the fact that HIS voting record on the issue of life was 100%, and McCain’s was FAR below.

    Bottom line, McCain is a shameless progressive/liberal compromiser, and this state cannot afford him any longer.

    What really made me sick was McCain calling himself a “Reagan Republican”. Did anyone catch his oft (borrowed) retort “There you go again” whenever JD confronted him on his past voting record? Real original there. It didn’t fool the rest of us.

    Amen AZ Luke. Pride does proceed destruction. It’s time for McCain to retire.

    As for Deakin, his heart is in the right place, but he is clearly an amateur, and as someone said, too emotional. He touts “Constitution” (and I agree with him) but he clearly did not state how his policies and plans would be implemented. Right idea, but still way too general and clearly no explanation. Better luck next time, Jim, brush up your delivery and state clearly what you intend to do, not the “I’m Jim Deakin, vote for me” mantra.

  10. SetUStraight says

    I can’t say that any candidate won but it abounded with missed opportunities. What it demonstrated more than anything is that ONLY ONE CANDIDATE has the goal of unseating John McCain, and that’s JD.

    Deakin cited that goal in the beginning, but since JD entered the race Deakin shifted his target to JD. His resentment of JD for “stealing my show” is clear whenever his audience tells him to drop out of the race rather than split the vote. Deakin will find in future years that Arizonans won’t forget who helped stick them with 6 more years of John McCain, and that’s a fact.

    Deakin doesn’t have much of substance with his continued “Follow the constitution,” “McCain and Hayworth have failed Arizona” and nothing more but most people won’t realize that. And his “I have a right to be in the race…” tells us whose interests he’s really serving.

    His public speaking has improved quite a bit since he began and he had some intense coaching for this. He should never have been included in the debate with his single-digit polls, but I have a hunch McCain insisted that he be included to set up a two-pronged attack against JD.

    Did you catch at the end how McCain patted Deakin on the head and told him something like “you did a good job out here for your first time?” Not a smart move from McCain, but typical of his arrogance–he now knows it doesn’t matter if people think he’s urging Deakin on.

    I think we’re sunk and will be stuck with 6 more years of McJerk. And then in 2012, Kyl will know that he can slide in as easily.

  11. On the Right to Life issue, JD Hayworth’s documented record speaks volumes of his support for the sanctity of life. His record is superior to John McCain. I would know. I was the longest serving Executive Director of the organization and only support strong pro-life candidates. And it’s not just me. There are other former Arizona Right to Life leaders who support JD Hayworth over John McCain. (Three former Executive Directors, four former PAC members including two directors, and former employees.) In fact, there are more AZRTL leaders supporting JD than the total number of people on the current political action committee!

  12. Michael Holliday says

    #Ann Says:
    July 17th, 2010 at 6:15 am

    Question: Mr. Hayworth you were the recipient of the largest amount of Abramoff money in that scandal, what would you like to say?

    JD Answer: I’ve been a target of $6 million in non-stop attack ads from the McCain camp. I will not waste yours or my precious time during the debate being diverted from the real issue, which is amnesty for illegal aliens through comprehensive immigration reform. Go to jdforsenate.com for more information and an explanation of John McCain’s dirty money Rothstein connections. Thank you!

    Question: “What would you do to bring jobs to Arizona?

    JD Answer: The first thing I would do is to adress the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, which is illegal immigrants taking American jobs, and for which John McCain is actually advocating for through the amnesty of comprehensive immigration reform.

    In a Great Recession, like the one we current are experiencing, those “jobs Americans won’t do,” as told to us by politicians like McCain, suddenly become jobs Americans need to survive.

    By reducing the competition for these scarce jobs, by reducing the number of illegal aliens taking these jobs, three things happen:

    (1) more jobs are available to Americans to help them through these tough times;

    (2) salaries are not kept artificially low through cheap illegal immigrant labor;

    (3) and the expensive costs of medicating, educating, incarcerating, and subsidizing these illegals are not passed on to an overburdened taxpayer because his taxes can be reduced by not having to foot the bill to pay for all of these services.

    Question: Illegal immigration is a huge problem, what would you do?

    JD Answer: Three part plan:

    (1) reduce the magnet effect that attracts them by sending a clear message that amnesty does not await you nor do jobs await you.

    However, you will be sent back to Mexico and prohibited from coming back because you tried to cheat the system and make legitimate immigrants get to the back of the bus so you could steal and go to the front of the line, so to speak.

    (2) Enforcement of the border through a virtual/technological barrier that consists of ground-based and overhead surveillance platforms, more troops on the border, a larger more technological fence and empowering law enforcement at all levels to enforce the laws on the books.

    (3) American jobs are the magnet that attracts them and to which they are addicted. Make employers who violate our laws liable to penalties and let them know that they cannot pay low wages to cheap illegal alien labor and make the Arizona taxpayer foot the bill to medicate, incarcerate, educate and subsidize illegal aliens any longer.

    We are broke, bankrupt and jobless. We need every penny we can get and cannot afford this madness any longer or we will become like Mexico: a failed state!

    Question: You are kicking McCain’s a** in the debates and gaining traction and will soon defeat John McCain and his cronies like Ann and LD17 at the polls. Won’t this lead to freak outs and mental breakdowns and psychotic collapse on their part?

    JD Answer: Listen. I’m a man of compassion and mercy. It’s simply not enough for me to mop the floor with McCain and his misguided crew of overpaid flunky consultants and McCain-bot followers. I have a heart and am a man of peace and good will.

    I have hired a PhD in political psychotherapy from Aardvark University, Dr. Whiskers, at my personal expense, to help John and his followers decompress and ease into reality without to much mental collapse and psychological trauma.

    We will sponsor group therapy sessions for John and his people. Included are free:

    1. Aroma therapy: consisting of incense burning sessions with the cool scent of northern Arizona Pines–where John and his team will soon be retiring to.

    2. Reality integration and acceptance lectures: where John and his team will be gradually inducted into the true nature of John’s destructive policies and how they’ve screwed America for generations to come. Included in this will be reality lectures and sensitivity training on how McCain fought JD Hayworth and his own party, yet defended Obamao and gave America a socialist President.

    3. Warm milk and Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip snacks and cartoon videos such as
    “The Smurf’s go to Disneyland,” “Maobama goes golfing for the 100th time,” etc.

    *Note: Here is a picture of the esteemed Dr. Whiskers, the McCain team’s new therapist:


  13. Mad Gramma says


    Get the facts before you open your mouth as a grandmother of a young man serving in Iraq our aged senator could care less about the cockamaime ‘rules of engagement’ that put our troops in danger. Or tell me what he did for the past 27 years to close our borders??? Befor you run off your uninformed opinion tell the member of my family who at 13 was raped by the illegal alien Chandler rapist in 2008 while Sen McAmnesty ran sans rheteric on border security. He who was for Cap and Trade and worked on it with Lieberman.

  14. Michael Holliday says

    SetUStraight Says:
    July 17th, 2010 at 8:18 am

    He (Deakin) should never have been included in the debate with his single-digit polls, but I have a hunch McCain insisted that he be included to set up a two-pronged attack against JD.

    No. I disagree. I’m 100% pro-JD but having Deakin accomplished several things:

    1. Not having him would have pissed off the Tea Party and conservatives who would have cried foul. Having Deakin dispels any doubt that a “common man” can be afforded equal opportunity. This is important to American politics for obvious reasons.

    2. Having Deakin allows JD and McCain to fight for Arizona and laser in on the issues and defend their past, present and future positions.

    3. This debate showed America what Deakin is about and just who the heck they are voting for. In this instance, Deakin did not seem prepared or instill confidence; hence, people who would have voted Deakin and had doubts, now have no doubt and will not vote for Deakin but for JD.

    In the final analysis, having Deakin in the debates helped JD. It also helped the voters. And should be instrumental in Jim Deakin setting himself up to accept that he cannot win this time around but can garner HUGE props, accolades and future support for a Congressional run by throwing his support to JD and helping defeat McCain and amnesty.

    Jim can now bow out with dignity and give a good cause to support JD: we must stop amnesty and McCain, now!

    Even the hardest of the hard-core Tea Partier realizes this.

    After tonight’s debate, the next move in the chess match is Deakin’s.

    Actually, I say it’s JD’s, but that’s for me to know and you to find out!

  15. Mad Gramma…

    As the mother of a son currently in service and the aunt of another who has served 4 tours, I appreciate and respect your opinion.

    I am not uninformed. I just disagree with you. I have my own life experiences, too.

    Mr. Hayworth was a laughing stock in his time in the House, couldn’t even get a bill to the floor! What did he do? NADA!!! A big fat zero.

  16. In 1994 Hayworth won in spite of himself on a red wave that did his work for him. In 14 years he had fun in the DC playground and got to feel important. There is nothing to admire in his record. He is fourth rate Limbaugh wannabee too stupid to stick to radio.

    McCain should have retired in 2008, and as amply noted here and elsewhere, looks beyond pathetic as he contradicts 30 years of service, some of it quite admirable. It hurts to watch, “I don’t really think of myself as a maverick.”

    As pathetic as McCain has become, unfortunately he will still trounce Hayworth next month by double digits, and even more unfortunately, he’ll squeak through the general as well, defeating a blue candidate not quite ready for this race.

  17. Wallbanger says

    John “Songbird” McCain is a TRAITOR (google it!)!! 32 propaganda films with the Vietcong is just the beginning of it!!

    Our military, law enforcement, and ELECTED OFFICIALS need to HONOR THEIR OATH TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!


  18. Dee Smith says

    The other day I needed to go to the emergency room.
    Not wanting to sit there for 4 hours, I put on my GREEN HAT, which says “BOARDER PATROL AGENT.”
    When I went into the E.R., I noticed that 3/4 of the people got up and left. I guess they decided that they weren’t that sick after all. Cut at least 3 hours off my waiting time.

    GO J.D
    Here’s the hat. Try it the next time you’re in need of quicker emergency service.

    It also works at DMV. It saved me 5 hours.

    At the Laundromat, three minutes after entering, I had my choice of any machine, most still running.

    Don’t try it at McDonald’s though…..

    The whole crew got up and left and l never got my order…

    GO J.D

  19. Mad Gramma says

    Ask you son to tell you about the rules of engagement as the mother of two who served,sister of three who served in WW2 and Korea, 3 uncles, grand fathers and father plus another grandson in the Navy and a military family going back to the Revolutionary War and every war since GET INFORMED MORE!

  20. Tom Dodson says

    When McCain mentioned with prids how he and his establishment whack jobs in DC were able to kill good legislation that JD was trying to bring to the floor is EXACTLY why we have the mess in DC and the financial crisis and massive private sector unemployment. Yeah as someone who has been engaged for 20 years and not some Johnny come lately I screamed at those who refused to allow sensible legislation to protect us from Fedzilla to see the light of day. It is still going on today and it is NOT something to be celebrated, it is something to be voted OUT ! Sadly it should have been done 15-20 years ago as now the establishment loyalist incumbents packing millions in campaign contributions from the Wall Street thieves who shape policy through these hollow and sold out ambitious incumbent politicians has increased our debt to a point we may never recover from. I was pleading with anyone who would listen 20 years ago that if McCain had his way our future was destined to have us begging communists in China for permission to do anything. Time to go John. Way past time. JD gets it, JD is going to put his solid and accountability laden legislation back into play and THIS TIME he will have the support of a new breed of elected, some fresh blood in DC who will be responsible to the people they serve and CO-SPONSOR and get the necessary legislation to the floor. Senator Russell Pearce supports JD and he summed it up best,”I am the gatekeeper,not the gift giver ! Government’s job is to protect the citizens and their possessions, not to give them things.” McCain never believed the oath he took and yes he wanted AMNESTY yes the “A” word. We don’t sell citizenship at Walmart. How long would it take for Obama and McCain to cook up a taxpayer funded program to pay the 2000K fee for those special circumstance financial hardships cases in some further Laraza social justice agenda ? Notice Obama wanted a massive health care control bill BEFORE he made 18-22 million more eligible for it in Amnesty ? Thats how I see it, that’s how JD sees it and he has my vote.

  21. Precocious says


    What pray tell, did John McCain do on behalf of those POWS and MIA’s left in Indo-China when called upon?

    You might contact former Congressman Bob Dornan (CA) and former Senate colleague Bob Smith (NH). I’m sure they’ll clue you in!

  22. Mad Gramma says

    Hey Tom

    See ya on the 27th guess who???

  23. How McCain lost the debate: Incumbent U.S. Senator John McCain did not win tonight’s debate against rival J.D. Hayworth.

    McCain kept repeating the phrase “facts are stubborn things” when his Senate record does not support his claim of being a “conservative” or a “Reagan Republican.”

    While Hayworth chose the high road and did not mention McCain’s dubious ties to convicted Ponzi Scheme felon Scott Rothstein (McCain accepted $1.1 million from the convicted felon during the ’08 presidential race), McCain immediately went negative with Hayworth on the challenger’s appearance in a free government money advertisement. McCain, whose career cannot be described as that of a conservative claimed Hayworth wasn’t really a conservative.

    McCain does not connect with an audience, nor does he project integrity. He came across as a tired man and career politician whose 28 years in Washington, D.C. has infected him with “Potomac Fever.” Those points were not lost on the viewers tonight.

    Only in this election year has McCain posed as a pro-lifer and a border hawk by donating $5,000 to organizations supporting those positions. In fact, his donation to border enforcement was only announced today. The same county sheriffs who supported Jon Kyl in his 2006 re-election bid supposedly for being tough on the border (he’s not) are backing McCain.

    McCain is a cold, calculating politician who tried to revise history and who claimed credit for leading the fight against Obamacare. Many others could claim credit for leading the fight and many others in fact did more to fight Obama — such as Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. When President Obama met with Republican leaders about health care he chastized McCain without getting a firm response from the Arizonan.

    As Hayworth pointed out, one of McCain’s old Vietnam flying comrades has withdrawn his support for the incumbent. Hayworth could have mentioned two other alienated war buddies.

    Hayworth did let an opportunity slip away by not pinning McCain down on the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. That’s the same law that stifled the ability of nonprofits like Arizona Right to Life’s PAC from advocating for life within 60 days of an election, the same AZ Right to Life PAC that endorsed McCain after his $5,000 gift last winter.

    Hayworth is frequently seen and active at Arizona Right to Life rallies, while McCain has been AWOL. That’s because McCain has expressed the pro-choice position during past campaigning.

    McCain did not demonstrate a command of the issues as well as Hayworth did either.

    As Hayworth pointed out, McCain is only a “convenient conservative.”

    That’s the John McCain who once called a conservative an “idiot” during a town hall Q&A at Mesa Community College.

    More defeat-inducing statements by McCain, who is no statesman:

    He claimed to be a footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution. When comparing the views of the two, McCain opposes many things that Reagan stood for. Hayworth told McCain that by going negative in the debate he violated Reagan’s 11th Commandment — speak no ill of fellow Republicans.
    McCain mentioned the Tea Party in a favorable light for the first time ever. The truth is he opposes almost everything the Tea Party stands for and he has no connection to these patriots.
    One final point about McCain’s performance: he blinked incessantly. Body language experts say blinking can be a sign of lying of stress.

  24. Jim Deakin at the debate was the best thing that could have happened to JD. He was an absolute TRAINWRECK. His candidacy is now over. If he’s smart, he’ll endorse JD and have a seat at he table. My guess is though he won’t, and he’ll forever be an outcast and a joke.

    Deakin will be lucky if he gets his own family to vote for him. Even the hardest core of the tea party movement will see he’s an embarrassment.

    JD clearly won the debate (although he won’t win any Miss Congeniality awards with his performance). McCain had way too many “Senior” moments, and Deakin imploded.

    Not a bad night for JD.

  25. Denny T. says

    During the first Debate. JD’s responses were refreshing and to the point. McCain tried his best to look conservative, but kept coming up with his same old tired answers.

  26. Jane 001 says

    When McCain starts with the “my friends” spiel, you know he’s frustrated and gasping for air. I saw a repeat of his 2008 effort.

  27. Stephen Kohut says

    Image that you first at bat in professional baseball is in the world series facing a Cy Young award winning pitcher with a MVP catcher standing behind you. That does not even come close to the pressure faced by Jim Deakin in the Senate debates with sitting Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain and former Congressman and professional media man JD Hayworth. I cannot even begin to imagine being in that spot going toe to toe with 40 years of entrenched political experience used to spinning questions selecting between memorized talking points to give non-answers. Jim Deakin, the citizen candidate, did so. With one, just one, televised debate under his belt Jim went head to head with Senator McCain and Congressman Hayworth and more than held his own in tonight’s debate. He demonstrated the wisdom of our founding fathers in their desire to have citizen legislators, not nearly ennobled politicians, representing the people in our constitutional republic. People who deal in the real world, not DC, know how it works and what works on main street and to whom The Constitution is not a buzz word, the hottest poll tested catch phrase. It is in their blood and it is their foundation.
    I wrote on many blogs that I had not yet announced who I would endorse as a PC, who I would get out the vote for. Continuance of Senator McCain progressivism while running every 6 years as conservative was unacceptable. I have lived in AZ throughout Congressman Hayworth’s career and always felt he did best as a sports caster. I could not see any difference between the two except Senator McCain is rarely eliquent and Congressman Hayworth takes 30 minutes to make a brief comment. I saw no difference between the two incumbents and their combined 40 years of political mismanagement. The question I had was could a citizen candidate step up to the plate and play at the level. Jim Deakin hit it out of the park this evening in the Tucson debate and reaffirmed my sometimes challenged belief in the ability of Americans to step up to daunting challenges. Jim earned my endorsement tonight and deserves serious consideration by all those of us who find the insanity of DC and the mismanagement of our great nation unacceptable.

  28. No guts, no glory says

    Will one candidate give us a few REASONS to vote for them?

    Deakin, no substance.
    McCain, bumbling, my friends, there you go again (give me a break)
    JD, needs to give us three reasons to vote for him.

  29. …………………….
    Ann Says:
    July 17th, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Mr. Hayworth was a laughing stock in his time in the House, couldn’t even get a bill to the floor! What did he do? NADA!!! A big fat zero.

    Hmm. Compare the damage that did to the United States versus the bills McCain got to the floor.

    If McCain had done NADA during the past 24 years, maybe I’d be more inclined to vote for him this election.

  30. Steven has always been a Deakin supporter while telling us he has not made up his mind. You have always taken up the mantra of Deakin. For those of us who have had many of your so called unsupported post praiing Deakin. Deakin is not the only loser, we the citizens of the United states will be too.

  31. Bob Liles says

    McCain is a ‘traitor’ and a sell out to the people of our nation. He’s a paper tiger and a wanta be President…the ilk of Hussein Obama. He was a Senatorial traitor along with Ted Kennedy, and the rest of the so called “progressives”.
    And, NOW he’s on the American Citizen’s side? I think he’s a liar!

  32. The Mole says

    Bob – of course he is a liar. He even admitted it and put it in his book.

  33. JD won hands down, I don’t know where Deakin got the word Tea Party supports him, last time I heard JD was the only one of support by tea party. Maybe Jim had a dream, or something. JD WILL WIN.

  34. John MCcain needs to retire, he will pay everyone money, by the way John, This 28 year military/gov is pushing hard and harder for you to retire, you did good John, but JD will get it back to the true/ethics leadership this country needs, and Arizona needs you to leave John, The veterans need you to leave Sir!!!

  35. Martin Sepulveda says

    You guys re-define blind anger in your alternate universe.

    JD had nothing other than the same old tired lines that don’t deal w/ facts; his favorite being Amnesty.

    How about foreign policy. JD thinks that ROE need to change. Quite bold from a guy who never even thought about serving in the military. But more importantly very arrgant to the point of being stupid.

    I believe that a couple of guys named Patraeus and Mattis have the ROE thing covered.

    One of the bigger jokes was JD’s “return” to the private sector. That sounds so voluntary. Let’s deal w/ the facts.

    Republican voters fired JD Hayworth.

    Jim Deakin had much more substance than your guy. So much for trying to bully him out of the race.

    All in all no surprises w/ your poll.

  36. McSame and Hayworthless says

    Nothing will change if one of the career monkey politicians get in. Do your research. Deakin is the best candidate for patriots and those who believe in limited government and the US Constitution. Deakin has my vote. JD Hukster and McSlave need to go home!

  37. whitneymuse says

    The mole said, that the whole country was against the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty bill 2006: for god’s sake the capitol hill switchboard was shut down because of the protest calls; all because McCain thought the illegally here would support his presidential nomination; now, McCain is paying for it. I’m a former resident of Phoenix and Tucson, too, and I, not having a vote in August am sending Hayworth $ for this race.

    Retire McCain and take this opportunist RINO, progressive out of politics.

    McCain does what is good for McCain, first, now.

  38. Want Amnesty? Vote McCain

    Want Secured Borders? Vote Hayworth

    Want to re-elect McCain? Vote Deakin

  39. Truth Teller says

    # 38: Well Said Carly!! LOLOL

    #35 Martin Sepulveda: at least JD can spell arrogant! Deakin in the one place where he SHOULD have memorized a brief speech, went TOTALLY blank for almost 10 seconds! By the way, MOST of the “Founding Fathers” did NOT fight in the Revolution, but THEY understood the “Rules of Engagement”.

    By your logic, you must be a “moron” to understand “stupid”!

    #36 ‘genius’ NOT!: If you believe that a committed lying and McCainlike politics is GOOD, then Deakin is YOUR man

    #37 witneymuse: very logical and well spoken word!

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