Politico: Schweikert not behind story about Quayle’s Sea of Galilee frolic

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Politico runs 20 minute special on Sea of Galilee Congressional skinnydipping scandal 

Politico Reporter Jake Sherman confirms that rumors coming from Quayle campaign blaming David Schweikert for leaking story are false

We are now hearing complaints leaked from the Ben Quayle campaign that David Schweikert provided the story about Quayle’s dip in the Sea of Galilee to Politico. It is unfortunate the Quayle campaign is resorting to such desperate last minute tactics. Politico reporter Jake Sherman confirms in the video below at the 13:40 mark that the story did not come from the Schweikert campaign. Perhaps Ben Quayle owes Schweikert an apology for falsely accusing him? Thanks to Tim Vetscher from Phoenix’s ABC-15 for spotting this.

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  1. I have to say that when I first read that the skinny-dipping story sprang from the Schweickert campaign, I was NOT convinced. First, I know Schweickert to be above that sort of thing. Second, I had no problem imagining that the Quayle people were capable of planting that false narrative to deflect from the truth.

    Exceedingly pleased to have my instincts confirmed.

  2. And yet even though it has been several days since this information has been available, the Quayle campaign continues to run its ads that say the the Schweikert camp is behind the Politico article, in which they accuse Schweikert of spreading lies. Well, by continuing to run the ad, it seems to me that the Quayle camp is spreading lies.

    Ah well, 3 more days and the inter-party mud slinging can stop and the “other party bashing” can begin.

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