Point of Clarification on LD 8 Senate Race

In my previous posting with the legislative district 8 senate race, I probably came off a little tough on Nathan Sproul. I have known Nathan since I was the Vice Chairman of the Southern Arizona Christian Coalition. I was even a candidate to succeed him as Executive Director in 2000. In the time that I have known him, he has done tremendous work helping the pro-life / pro-family cause and electing good candidates to public office. I applaud his efforts.

I also applaud his efforts working with the Protect Marriage Amendment to the Arizona Constitution and in his consulting the Len Munsil for Governor campaign. Though we differ on his endorsement of a certain pro-abortion senator in district 8, this does not mean he has lost his way or compromised on his values. My earlier post brought his motivations and values into question. I was too hard on him and should have never second guessed his endorsement though I vehemently disagree with it. He obviously has his hands full helping Len Munsil (who I whole-heartedly support) to get elected to be our next Governor. So in this post, I hope that the degree of frustration I expressed in the earlier post will be read as simply that – frustration. In no way did I mean to impune his values.

Another point of clarification I do need to make in reference to Judith Connell. Judy never served as the Executive Director of our organization. She served a short period of time as the legislative director before she left the organization to pursue other interests.

The bottom line in all this is Arizona Right to Life’s Political Action Committee has endorsed Len Munsil for Governor (read endorsement). He has been a tireless and faithful leader in the movement for over a decade and is committed to the cause of life. He will make an excellent Governor and all of us need to work very hard to help him get elected.

Please get involved with his campaign by clicking here.


  1. compromised his values

    What values? If he is endorsing Allen he has no moral compass. How can someone advocate for her and preach morality. Get real. Renounce Carolyn or suffer the consequences.

    BTW Nathan, you are hurting the very campaign that you are working for. Oh, I forget you are getting your $6,000 a month so what do you care.


  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually, you weren’t hard enough… This wasn’t an innocent mistake or someone who didn’t know better. This was someone who is supposed to be pro-life and Christian knowingly endorsing a former board member of Planned Parenthood. He’s shown himself to be in it for the money before and when he does it again, remember that you had been warned! Remember his support of Mike Hellon (pro-abort) for National Committeeman? We were supposed to believe that was just based on personal friendship and loyalty but that it was a one-time thing, remember? Hate to paraphrase Britney Spears but, oops he did it again!

    And come on, can you really say that by endorsing Carolyn Allen, he hadn’t compromised his values? If he had values, he compromised them. The only way he didn’t compromise them is if he didn’t have them to begin with.

    Why are you suddenly launching such a stirring defense of him? Did you get a phone call from someone important? Are you worried that it will blow back at Munsil?

    This doesn’t sound like you DSW! Get back to work and hold these sellouts responsible!

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