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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please vote in this poll on whether Jim Deakin should be allowed to participate in a U.S. Senate debate with John McCain and J.D. Hayworth. Deakin has not been able to build any real base of support in the race. He has only raised $13,000, laughable in a Senate race this big, and absurdly goes around accusing Hayworth of being for amnesty. He has been asked repeatedly to drop out of the race, since he is taking votes away from Hayworth, which could ensure a McCain win. Someone this lacking in credibility has no business wasting time in a serious debate. Please express your opinion now.

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  1. Stephen Kohut says

    There is nothing to poll or debate. This is a done deal. yesterday the McCain campaign accepted a minimum of two and possible three debates with all three candidates to be organized by the AZ GOP. Dates, times and places are still to be set. Both challengers are on board. So, what anyone does or does not think at this point is irrelevant.

  2. SuzanneC says

    Jim Deakin is a spoiler, He has told me himself that he wants McCain to win he is more Conservative than JD. His wife told me if JD gets int the race Jim will not get out, that means McCain will win anyway. How two people can be so deceitful and arrogant with the lives of the voters of Arizona for self aggrandizement is beyond me. I have actually never known two more hated person in my life.

  3. Michael Holliday says

    Let him debate. It’s a free country.

    JD Hayworth is more than capable of taking all comers–McCain, et al.

    The people can see that JD is an honorable man capable of standing on his merits.

    By the way, I’m voting for JD Hayworth but I’m not so insecure with my candidate that I don’t believe he should be sheltered from legitimate candidates.

    Let JD get out there and defend Arizona!

  4. Michael Holliday says


    By the way, I’m voting for JD Hayworth but I’m not so insecure with my candidate that I believe he should be sheltered from legitimate candidates.

    Let JD get out there and defend Arizona! It’s what he does best!

  5. Oberserve says

    Look I’m a JD supporter, but, frankly, its none of your g** danged business who runs as long as they are law abiding and qualified according to the law.

    Sorry “azstatesmen”, but you’re wrong on this one. You are making yourselves and OUR candidate JD look bad.

  6. This guy doesn’t have the look of someone who’ll take suggestions. Let him get display his skills and depth in the debates to display to everyone what he’s made of.

  7. Deakin has no business in the race. He has done nothing to warrant the Party’s support. That said, he still has the right to run and no one can take that away. I think he is staying in to act as a spoiler and so he doesn’t have to face his wife Grendel. Conservative will remember his actions if he wants to run for something else. I’ll bet he doesn’t If McLame wins, Deakin get a cushy job somewhere.

  8. The Mole says

    I think JD has already debated Deakin several times. It McCain that was afraid to meet either until now. If Stephen Kohut is right, see them all three in a REAL debate should interesting. I didn’t think McCain had it in him. I hope it’s not just a controlled Q and A. Let them go at it!

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    Weeks of heavy calls to Michelle Schmidt, his campaign scheduler, by PCs, GOP club members and Tea Partiers might have something to go with McCain agreeing to debate. Michelle Schmidt was well and truly inundated. I love it when the grassroots take action. McCain might also have some internal private polling that he is worried about. Either way, the race is now truly on. Debate details should be ready about June 21.

  10. Is Deakin going to wear his hat??
    It’s perfect for him.

  11. SK will now take credit for the sky being blue.

    Debates are normal parts of a race. No one was intimidated into debating.

    I can’t wait to see all the loons at these debates!

  12. Stephen Kohut says

    Only if McCain wears a rug and JD goes to Trumps styalist.

  13. Deakin in the debate would be a waste of time. I have never heard of him.

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    It is a done deal. Stop whining. All three candidates will debate.


    Ask Michelle how it’s been going for the last month or so. Pinal County’s PCs, Tea Partiers and GOP Club members got their grassroots act together and played politcs the good old fashioned way. Hardball. Gotta love it when it works. It’ll get even better when we start to pull together a conservative caucus for PCs. Welcome to community organizing the conservative way. Did you think that only leftwingers read and understand “Rules for Radicals”? Strip out the politcal position garbage and, like any effective manual on tactics and strategy, the tools work regardless of the ends they are applied to. Do different than Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, Clauswitz …

  15. Jim should definitely be allowed to debate. It is only through this type of discourse that the electorate can assess which candidate best represents the ideas and principles they believe in. I have had the opportunity to hear both Jim Deakin and J.D. Hayworth speak. Jim is well intentioned but he is not ready to lead in a national office role. Like Alvin Green,a Democratic primary winner in South Carolina, I’m afraid Deakin will find himself in over his head. We need a conservative who can hit the halls of Congress running. J.D. Hayworth is that man. There is no doubt he is best suited to champion the conservative cause. Yes, J.D. has some baggage, but to his credit, he has owned up to it. In addition, if we elect Hayworth, he knows he can’t pull a “Maverick” and hope to be re-elected for a second term. On the other hand, if McCain is elected, he will turn his back on conservatives like he has done in the past. It’s amazing how short voters memories can be. McCain the author of ‘Immigration Reform” is now campaigning as a “Border Hawk.” I only hope a majority of the Republican party can see through his campaign fascade and vote him out. Arizona deserves better. America deserves better!

  16. No, if there is a debate, it does not need to include Deakin. JD has no basis for a campaign so he needs this to try and come up with some platform. No matter what comes from the debate, there is no way that many Republicans will look beyond the HORRIBLE past of JD. JD has no chance at winning because he is too corrupt!

  17. Stephen Kohut says


    The debates are a done deal. Details to come out by 6/21. McRINO is coming out to play. I wonder if his internally polling sucks or if a month of grassroots pressure by the Pinal PCs, GOP Club members and Tea partiers, all those feet on the ground GOTV folks was too much. What matters is that he has accepted a minimum of 2 and possibly 3 debates. Get over it son and move on.

  18. SK – What exactly is the proof of your playing “hardball”?

    By the way, I’m so proud of you for finally getting your library card. That’s special. Here’s a cookie.

  19. Yes the debates will happen and JD has given McCain enough ammo that it should be like shooting fish in a pork barrell.

  20. The Mole says

    It will certainly be fun hearing McLame explain the latest federal investigation into his campaign finances. It does go nicely with his Keating, Kennedy and Lieberman friends and of course TARP. At least he will have a lot to talk about. If he remembers…

  21. Stephen Kohut says


    Proof is in the results which is a minimum of 2 and possibly 2 debates my son.

    Incumbants with a safe lead in a contested primary DO NOT agree to debate because there is no upside for them. It is nothing but risk if they have a safe lead. For 2 months the McCain Campaign refused to accept the debate request issued by Marty Hermanson, PCRC chairman, while both challengers accepted. A month ago the Pinal PCs, GOP Club members and Tea Partiers started hammering Michelle Schmidt, McCain’s campaign schedule, on this issue. There has not been new public polling data for 4 weeks. On Wednesday, June 9, the AZ GOP notifies the Deakin and Hayworth campaigns that, out of the blue and after refusing to agree to any debates, the McCain campaign will now debate. So McCainiacs, WHY? Why accept a debate you do not need if you have a safe lead? WHY? Let’s hear an answer with a shred of sense that does not lead back to either political pressure or crap internal polling.

    I prefer my personal library for long term references. It’s not up to Jeffersonian standards but it serves me adequately.

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