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     With the news that the Senate Immigration Bill is back from the dead it is time to play Adopt a Senator. Each state is entitled to two senators. Since John McCain has abandoned his post in order to spend more time with his pals in the media we need to select a replacement. We could choose Jim DeMint or Jeff Sessions but they are already opposed to the immigration bill. A phone call to them would not make much difference. Likewise a call to Arlen Specter or Mel Martinez would be about as productive as contacting McCain.

     Michelle Malkin has a handy list of 15 senators that might go either way. Our efforts could be well spent adopting one of them in place of McCain. Then we can contact 2 senators and some chance that our voices are heard. Kyl is already on the list so that takes it down to 14. This is an Arizona blog so maybe a senator from an adjoining state would be good.

     Now we are down to three: Bennett (UT), Domenici (NW), and Hatch (UT.) Here is where it gets good. Domenici is up fro re-election in 2008. There is someone who might listen.

     Here is your assignment. Do some reading and pick your favorite for us to adopt as our second senator along side Kyl. Write the name in the comments section. When a clear favorite emerges we can start calling 2 senators who might still listen to the people and express our opinion on granting renewable residency after a 24 hour background check while citizens wait months for their passports. We will accept write-ins. Please explain your selection.


  1. The guy in row two says

    Senate contact information is here:

    This is crucial business, friends. Let our elected representatives hear from us! If you think you don’t have the time to make some calls, look in the eyes of your children or grandchildren.
    They deserve more than the politicians are carving out for their futures.

  2. I’ll go with Larry Craig of Idaho. He is also up for re-election and has usually been pretty conservative.

  3. Why stop with Republicans? The Bill was defeated by Democrats in the first place. Barbara Boxer voted “no” on cloture last time, she would also be a good target.

  4. kralmajales says

    They thought you all would be tired after having made all those phone calls and blog posts. They may be right…the blogosphere is fairly quiet in comparison.

    They also thought you wouldn’t mind if they divided and conquered. Give $4Billion up for border security…$4 Billion of OUR money…taxes…to pay you off.

    It probably will work.

  5. kralmajales says

    And Framer is right about the strategy. This bill died as much because it wasn’t liberal enough as it wasn’t conservative enough.

    Also, the thing I worry about this strategy is that last time there was an overwhelming number of calls to most every Senator…for you, leaning, or against. They WANT to pass this bill…and will now that you all are quieter.

  6. Does anyone else feel like we’re beating a dead horse? Very frustrating.

  7. Iris Lynch says

    I think we ARE beating a dead horse. THEY can not stop and ALLOW the states to take over and actually enforce immigration! Forget the Senators, they have been paid off. ALL of our Congressmen are up for election next year. THAT is where OUR power lies..if we still have any at all!

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