If you can’t come up with a winning issue on which to run just steal your competitors.

     Steve Huffman, who has little to no history on the border, is now running get-tough ads. He certainly has the money to redefine who he is but he may also be setting a trap for himself. Border enforcement is almost synonymous with Randy Graf. Since Steve is agreeing that the border as a top priority all Randy has to do is point out that he is the leader on the issue and Steve is late, very late, to the party. 

     Whether Randy will be able to exploit this gift remains to be seen but Huffman is clearly desperate for an identity beyond the mushy moderate that he was in the legislature for 8 years. 


  1. Huffman has missed like 10 votes on immigration in the legislature, including border security and English as the official language….TWICE!!!!

  2. kralmajales says

    Hmmm interesting. Maybe this is why Huffman has avoided public forums where Graf can lay into him. He may be hoping that he can just ride along convincing voters through tv and contacts without having to answer any charges. But an unanswered charge, as “swiftboaters” know, can stick as truth.

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