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                                                                                         Press Release
January 17, 2008
Contact: Paula Maxwell
Office: (520) 321-1492

Pima County GOP Ready to Accept Giffords Resignation

Dem flack questions Gabby’s ability to serve constituents “while also campaigning…”

TUCSON – Reacting to comments made by the Arizona Democratic Party’s spokesperson, who questioned whether Tim Bee can serve his constituents while campaigning for Congress, Pima County Republican Chair Judi White today said that her party was prepared to accept the resignation of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who also finds herself in elected office while seeking re-election.

“We in southern Arizona know that Tim Bee will continue to deliver for our area just as he has for years, while still mounting a vigorous and positive campaign for Congress,” White said. “However, if Gabby Giffords concurs with her party that the job is just too daunting, we are prepared to graciously accept the congresswoman’s resignation.”

Commenting on Sen. Tim Bee’s impending announcement that he’s entering the race for Arizona Congressional District 8, Phoenix-based Democratic spokesperson Emily Bittner said, “I don’t know how he has found the time to solve these complicated problems while also campaigning for Washington, D.C.” [“Bee to tell his plan to unseat Giffords,” The Arizona Daily Star, January 17, 2008.]

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  1. Good post.

    The Resign to Run conversation in the context of this election is silly. All three candidates have full time jobs and will have to work very hard.

    I cannot say whether Bee is a stronger candidate campaigning full time or remaining in the Senate. He explored his options and made the decision he made.

    Giffords resigned and devoted everything to the race last time. Bee chose differently. I respect both decisions. In less than a month, perhaps even a week, the whole resign conversation will disappear.

  2. Gabby is the incumbent. It’s obvious that she has the advantage, so the comparison between the two situations is ridiculous.

  3. Kralmajales says

    I agree anonimity…I, as many know, cared greatly about the resign to run stuff, when it mattered, because he was breaking the law…the spirit of it…etc. I think a lot of a laws are dumb, but many here are very quick to remind me that the law is the law no matter how you stretch and bend it. What I agree with X4mer on now is that, until the complaint is finished, he is now CLEARLY in legal territory.

    My objection, and where I think I agree with Anon above, is the practical effect. When facing an incumbent, pratically, you need every advantage possible…ever moment, every dollar, and a well organized candidate who has little distractions.

    Will Gabby be distracted while she runs, sure…but the distraction is MUCH more serious for a challenger.

    Second, the business that he hopes to profit from now is fixing a budget deficit that his party helped create. I, then, also think it is unwise.

    I don’t care…not sure he has ever read a post of mine. His ship will sink and these budget negotiations are NOT going to end in April folks…they will be in session, I bet, until even June and July.

    Your candidate may be doing a great service to Arizona by staying (or not…we’ll see how he handles the mess he helped create), but he is doing a big big disservice to you as a candidate.

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