Pima County GOP Chairmen Endorse Robert Graham for Chairman of Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX – Today multiple elected Republican Party leaders in Pima County endorsed Robert Graham for a second term as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Graham is actively campaigning for another two-year term in an election to be held at the biennial meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

“I am proud to endorse Robert Graham for his Second Term as State Chairman. Very few people can accomplish a feat such as Graham did this election cycle in ensuring that the Republican Party as a whole picked up every Statewide seat available. His willingness to work and support all candidates running for these positions showed genuine interest and a drive for accomplishing what is in the best interest of the party on a statewide level. Our Social Media presence and Communications has grown leaps and bounds in comparison to the old antiquated way of doing things. Young republicans and Millennial’s are now drawn to the party and want to be more involved as opposed to not wanting anything to do with our party. For the first time since Joining the Republican party I saw actual mailers being sent to people promoting our candidates not just solicitations for contributions. I was also privy to witnessing friends and neighbors being a recipient of these mailers as well. Under Robert Graham’s Leadership I have seen different coalitions formed in order to engage voters of all side of the spectrum. The AZGOP State Victory Bus Tour proved to be innovative and an asset in reaching Rural districts like Nogales, AZ that have not seen a Republican presence in more than 10 years. A proven leader, Robert Graham has shown a willingness to be anywhere and everywhere that is deemed a priority presence for the republican party as a whole. he has also shown a willingness to work with anyone wanting to help the party as a whole. In closing, I look forward to serving under Chairman Graham in the upcoming 2016 election cycle where his expertise and his proven tactics will help lead us to victory in a cycle that promises to be a crucial one for our state,” said Sergio Arellano, Chairman of Legislative District 2 Republican Committee.

“Robert Graham has brought a breath of fresh air to the Arizona Republican Party. Under his leadership, we are moving forward with positive results and an open attitude to all members. I strongly support the reelection of Robert Graham as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” said Robert Hancock, Chairman of Legislative District 4 Republican Committee in Pima County.

I am enthusiastically endorsing Robert Graham for the Arizona GOP Chairman. He has demonstrated strong leadership, has a vision, effectively represents the party and has helped us effectively use modern Information Technology. I am looking forward to working with him to build on our recent successes and do even better in 2016,” said Brad Johns, Chairman of Legislative District 9,” said Brad Johns, Chairman of the Legislative District 9 Republican Committee.

“I’m happy to support Chairman Robert Graham in his re-election. Chairman Graham has provided optimism to our party. He has brought tools and resources to help us do a better job on the ground. We need his leadership in the next few years as we turn Arizona a deeper shade of red and elect a Republican President in 2016,” said Parralee Schneider of Tucson, who currently serves as the First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.



Bruce Ash

National Republican Committeeman

Diane Douglas

Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect

Sharon Giese

National Republican Committeewoman

Seraphim Larsen

Pinal County Republican Committee Chairman

Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff

Delos Bond

Apache County Republican Committee Chairman

Russell Pearce

Former Arizona Senate President

Jonathan Lines

Yuma County Republican Central Committee Chairman

Gary Morris

Gila County Republican Committee Chairman

Eric Morgan

Legislative District 22 Chairman

Rim Country Republican Club Joan Lang

Palo Verde Republican Women President

Representative Brenda Barton


Donna Alu

Tucson Republican Women President

Lolly Hathhorn

Gila County Republican Committee Vice Chairman

Jeff Oravits

Flagstaff City Council Member

Representative Warren Petersen


Andy McKinney

Star Valley Town Council Member

Tom Forese

Arizona Corporation Commission Commissioner

Andy Biggs

Arizona Senate President

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