Photoshop contest.

     Greg at Espresso Pundit has a good story on the misleading template fire union signs. Here is an excerpt.

Hershberger is the truest example of a Republican in name only.

Sure he voted for the employer sanctions bill and so did two thirds of the legislature.   He spends the rest of the time supporting his colleagues across the aisle and the Governor.

     We have decided to start a contest to Photoshop in a more honest comment. Here is our first entry just to get things started.

     We have prepared a JPEG file with the center already blanked out so you can save a little time. Right click on the image below and choose Save Picture As… (Mac users are on your own.) Send your entries to  If it is a good one we will post it. At the end of the week we will select the best entry.


  1. The same thing should be done for Kevin Gibbons. They weren’t even creative enough to come up with a new idea!

  2. Pointing out the Obvious says

    Let’s call Hershberger and Gibbons what they really are: liars afraid to tell people what they stand for.

  3. You can sure tell it’s August in the great Arizona desert!

    We’ve got a POTUS candidate touting what could be called “100 Days to Socialism” as his White House plan and we are playing games with signs. Oh well.

    If you wanted to really have fun, you could take out the candidate and leave both fields open. Now that might strike up some interest!

  4. GOP Spartan says

    How about:
    “Spending your money so you don’t have to!”

    “Borders? We don’t need no stinking borders!”

    “A face only a mother can love”

    “No pain no gain! – You’re pain, my gain”

    “Making Democrats jealous since 1998”

    “Mecha? You Betcha!”

    “Republican? What’s that?”

  5. “Hey, who put that elephant on my campaign sign?”

  6. SonoranSam says

    I still prefer:

    Pete Hershberger: Goldwater Republican.

  7. Kralmajales says

    Great sign, but are you all going to do the same for Tim Bee? He led the effort to break with the party and push through the Govs budget TWO YEARS IN A ROW.

    Double standard?


  1. […] elephant in the upper right corner has been replaced. That definitely qualifies as extra credit. Click here for contest […]

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