Photoshop contest – Photo Radar sign

     One of the worst parts of the Governor’s budget that Hershberger shepherded through the house is that it depends on Photo Radar to pay for the increased spending. One of our readers just sent this entry to us. You can join the contest anytime, directions here.


  1. Pete Hershberger has voted with the Democrats much more often than with Republicans, he has worked behind the scenes with the Governor against his own Party. He voted in ’04 for the Governor’s budget when a few Republicans, joined with the Democrats and voted the Governor’s budget out. And again last year and again this year. That is why they are working to keep Pete and get Kevin Gibbons who is running against the most Republican legislator in the legislature. The Governor will do what ever she has to, to keep her liberal majority in the House and the Senate. She will do all she can to keep Bill Konopnicki, Pete Hershberger, Tom O’Halleran, Carolyn Allen, Michelle Regean, Lucy Mason and those that can be bought for a few pesos. That is why Republicans are in trouble all over this nation and why we have lost seats, our Republicans have been betrayed by Republicans voting as Democrats. This Party actually stands for something and it is about time we hold our Republicans accountable. If they love the Democrat/Socialist/Pro Abortion/Pro taxes/Pro Open Border/Pro Big Government Party/Pro Illegal Employers/and Anti the Rule of Law they ought to join it and quit the deceptive practice of running as Republicans.

    By the way Last November we had 4 ballot propositions dealing with illegal immigrants, they passed by an average of 75% and 60% of Hispanics voted for them. How insulting to think that Hispanics that are Americans would tolerate or support illegal activity, when they are probably hurt the most by it. They are as much as an American as you or I and are against “illegal” immigration. That is why they started a National Organization called; “You Don’t Speak For Me” to fight the perception they support law breakers over law keepers and citizens Constitutional right to expect our laws to be enforced. They see the wages lowered, jobs lost, high taxes due to the cost of healthcare, education and the criminal justice system. They see the nation we all love being destroyed over the lust for polical power or the lust for money no matter how it hurts Americans and this nation.

  2. This one is hilarious and accurate.

  3. Jay Adams says

    How did Bill Konopnicki get into your mix. He DID NOT vote for the Governors budget. He also voted against her photo radar. Lets keep up the idea of eating our own party and give the D a big win in November. WHAT A WAY TO GO.

    The truth never hurts

  4. Jay Adams says

    Oh yes, Tim Bee voted for the Governors budget did you forget his name?

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