Phoenix sanctuary policy called into question.

According to this Arizona Republic article many Phoenix police officers do not like the restriction placed on them regarding illegal aliens. The Republic uses the term sanctuary twice in the article, putting the word in quotes. If you look at the URL in your browser you will see what they titled the story – 0921sanctuary0921.html


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, just complain about the illegal immigrant problem upon the death of one of his police officers at the hands of an illegal immigrant?

  2. Yes he did!

    But when it comes to policy, Phoenix’s hasn’t changed!

    The legal status of arrestees is not challenged!

  3. or better put, “questioned”!

  4. Jean McGrath says

    When an officer makes an arrest, it means he has to spend so much time booking the arrested person, that his shift is generally used up. If he makes the arrest close to the end of his shift, it means overtime and subsequent overtime pay. I have a feeling the cities are opposed to their resources being used in this fashion and discourage the arrest of illegals. They obviously don’t want to dedicate jail space or budget to a problem they like to pretend isn’t theirs. The solution appears to be increased pressure on city mayors and councilmen.

  5. McGrath,

    The first part sounds like the justification used by the old South slave owners spinning all the reasons why bad policy should be overlooked because of financial benefits.

    Cities are all run by Democrats or by Republicans in Name Only. That will continue until we return to the traditional practice of partisan elections in city elections.

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